10 items spied on at the furniture show - Review + Video

10 items spied on at the furniture show - Review + Video 10 items spied on at the furniture exhibition. Moscow and other large cities constantly host some of the largest annual furniture exhibitions, and everyone should visit there to see all Russian novelties (and not only). In the meantime, we suggest you take a look at what was previously presented earlier - 10 chips, spied at last year's furniture exhibition, and which will help make the kitchen more interesting and convenient. They are all commercially available, so keep in mind and enjoy! All of the options presented will suit different budgets, but most of the items are quite expensive.

But since enough time has passed, now they are more affordable, which means you can dare!

Fashionable and non-standard mixer

There is a rather interesting brand Omoikiri, which recently presented quite interesting concept models of mixers at a furniture exhibition, some of which have already gone on sale.

This is a great thing, which is equipped with a function for heating drinking water - yes, you will no longer need a kettle! In addition to their practical use, such mixers are also functions of a decorative element, because they look amazing.

Internal drawer for the kitchen

10 items spied on at the furniture show - Review + Video This thing is not a novelty, but still surprises many people, so the inner drawer for the kitchen should be! It helps to organize storage in the kitchen as best as possible. Firstly, it all looks very interesting and beautiful, and secondly, it is really convenient for organizing storage in the kitchen. It makes sense to install such configurations of boxes if the dimensions of the locker are larger, from 0.8 to 0.

9 meters in length.

What is the advantage of such a device in comparison with the standard placement of boxes, when instead of the inner one, two of the same height are installed? Under the inner drawer there will be a fairly high lower drawer that can be pulled out, and you can store not just small things, but even huge pots in it!

Drawer in the "plinth"

The most budget-friendly option for such a box, in which the facade will be opened by pressing with the foot, will be a box that is installed on ball guides.

Yes, it can be opened with a kick of the foot and it will be hidden in the base of any cabinet. There are other options, more expensive (and at the same time deeper) for cabinets in which the oven is located. More specifically, the cost of such a box is 10,000 rubles.

Retractable sockets

10 items spied on at the furniture show - Review + Video This feature will help those people who either forgot to install additional sockets, and now it is too late (when expensive repairs have been made), or just for those people who like this option.

There are quite budget models for 2500-3000 rubles, which can even be built into wall cabinets or a countertop, but it is not recommended to take them - there are big doubts about how durable they are. Reliable sockets will cost at least 5,000 rubles.

Non-standard kitchen appliances

Which of the household appliances will be unusual is up to you to decide. For example, in the kitchen, a non-standard food processor or even a Thermomix can often draw your attention.

Someone admires the customer's Neff oven, in which the door opens and disappears. Therefore, it is worth following technical innovations - you can surely find something that will delight you and surprise all guests.

Bottle holders

Although it may seem that 10 chips, spied on at a furniture exhibition, cannot and should not even include bottle holders, this is not so. Yes, the element is simple enough, but you can think of an interesting use for it. For example, you can store all the cutlery in it, simply by folding them into any container that suits the size.

In this case, you do not need to take up space in the kitchen in a drawer, which may not be in small kitchens. They can also store a baking sheet and towels, and there are also baskets for storing other utensils.

Electric drive

Sash without handles that open upward is problematic to close, and you have to constantly look for unusual solutions. But European manufacturers think about people, and therefore came up with an electric drive instead of fittings. The facade is closed by pressing the button.

The pleasure is expensive, but very convenient.

Push mechanism

If the doors can be opened with your hands, but the drawers with your feet, and this is not a joke at all. Can be placed under the oven and it is very convenient.

TV in the closet

Sometimes there is no place for a TV in the apartment! Placement above the table will be inconvenient, and all other walls will be occupied by kitchen furniture. In this case, you can hide the TV in the closet or even build it into the facade.

Rubber floor and drawer mats

The velvet rubber mat from DuslŠ°r has proven itself to be excellent. These are special coatings for drawers and shelves, and if you still do not have them, then you should definitely lay them down - the dishes will definitely not slip, and the furniture case will remain intact, because moisture from wet objects will not even get on it. They are also much more hygienic.

( 31 grade, average 1.58 of 5 )