18 home decor elements that will make it unique - decorative elements that will make candy out of the house + Photo and Video

18 home decor elements that will make it unique - decorative elements that will make candy out of the house + Photo and Video 18 elements of home decor that will make it unique. Agree, sometimes you want to change everything in your life: go to the other end of the country, change your job, or at least make repairs in the house. But sometimes even the latter is not possible due to limited finances.

Believe me, it is not at all necessary to re-glue all the wallpaper and buy new furniture in order to update the atmosphere in the house.

It will be enough to add some decorative elements for the home, and your home will sparkle with new colors.

We have prepared for you a few simple ideas that will help you update the interior without hitting your wallet too hard.


Bright pillows are multi-colored accents that can easily change the perception of an individual room or the house as a whole. You can experiment with different colors and sizes of pillows, combine solid colors and patterns - this way the house will only look better!

Unformat - interesting mirrors

If you will choose a mirror of an unusual shape, you will not only be able to visually enlarge the space, which will be advantageous for small rooms, but also emphasize your individual style.

Multi-colored carpet

A rug with bright colors will liven up the room and will cheer you up, as well as add comfort. It is only important to observe one rule: if the room itself is dark, choose light shades, and if pastel shades prevail, choose a rug in bright shades.


18 home decor elements that will make it unique - decorative elements that will make candy out of the house + Photo and Video This buzzword came to us from the English language and literally translated as "mood board". She not only visualizes desires, but also gives an unlimited flight of imagination - you can make a panel that will convey your state of mind, or paste a magazine clipping, quotes that inspire, favorite photos. Such a board will perfectly liven up the interior, and will cheer you up whenever you feel sad.

Unusual lamps

Another element of home decor that will not cost you a fortune is an interesting lamp. At the moment, lamps not only fulfill their original function (to be a source of light), but also become an irreplaceable part of the decor.

Luminaires are chosen by the type of lighting (cold / warm light), experiment with mounts (table, wall, pendant) and select according to the shape (from eco-lamps made of wood to neon signs).

Wicker baskets

DIY home decor element is wicker baskets! Of course, it will be easier to buy a ready-made basket, but it's so nice when you have things made with your soul at home. Depending on the size and shape, the basket can be used for a variety of purposes. The main advantage of such decorations is that they look great in any room, are roomy and create a "natural" atmosphere.

Paper within

No matter how strange it may sound, you just need to take multi-colored paper, printed pictures and cut out pictures from magazines into a frame yourself for photo.

Thus, your walls will "come to life" and the room will look completely different. Moreover, thanks to this solution, you can create a new mood every day - you just need to update the pictures under the glass.

Vinyl Decals

At the moment, vinyl decals are increasingly used to decorate indoor walls. Thanks to them, you can update the annoying repairs, while not changing the color of the wallpaper.

Books in plain covers

When choosing a decorative element for your home, a great solution would be to decorate your home library by simply wrapping all the books in paper of the same color.

You can use several colors at once, and then the shelf will immediately catch your eye.

Decorating with colored tape

18 home decor elements that will make it unique - decorative elements that will make candy out of the house + Photo and Video scotch tape. Patterns and geometric lines look very impressive on the wall, although you can try to make a more complex pattern.

Garland for the New Year

Where is the rule that a garland is used only to decorate a Christmas tree? Small flickering lights will help make your home more comfortable. With it, you can decorate a mirror or write a word for the mood in the house.

Keeper of keys

You can collect already unnecessary keys, and make a beautiful panel out of them. This will bring a touch of nostalgia to the places where you lived before. And you can make a beautiful housekeeper in the hallway so as not to lose the keys. This will require instructions on the Internet and a little patience.

Stool in the hallway

When there is no money, and there is a violent imagination, hands from the right place and a little free time, you can build a stool in the hallway of.

... old magazines! To do this, take a large stack of magazines, tie straps, and a thin cushion that will be the size of the seat. Even without instructions, you will know what to do.

The result is a wonderful home decor item that is not only beautiful but also useful.

Jars for bulk

Very practical and compact - this all applies to containers for storing bulk products. If you put them in a prominent place, they will also complement the overall picture of the kitchen, making it more aesthetic.

3D letters

When you want to do needlework so that you have no strength, start making three-dimensional letters. You can put a word or even a phrase, and you can also hang such letters on the wall.


It would seem what a simple decorative element, but how much beauty! But it is even more interesting if you make such a vase from bizarre bottles that sometimes remain after a feast.

Organizers for papers

If your curbstone is constantly heaped with papers, trifles and office supplies, it's time to empty it, and at the same time refresh the situation.Make convenient organizers (take a glass as a basis), glue it over with beautiful paper, and put everything in its place. Have a good mood and a new design item in your pocket.


You can order many frames of different sizes, or vice versa, several of the same, and print your favorite pictures from Instagram - the sky, your favorite pet, friends.

You won't be able to "like" such photos, but admiring them is very simple.