22 creative DIY makeover ideas for your home that will help you change it in 1 day + Photos and Videos

22 creative DIY makeover ideas for your home that will help you change it in 1 day + Photos and Videos Anyone have ideas for transforming your home? Probably, every person wants his apartment to be a stylish and cozy place, so that all friends, relatives and acquaintances who come to the house do not consider inexpensive furniture that catches the eye, in general, so that the interior of the house is visually more expensive than it actually is. business.

With the help of creative ideas for the home, this is quite possible.

№1 Painting linoleum

Absolutely every floor covering can be slightly transformed. Simple squares or Christmas trees (type linoleum) can also be changed.

To begin with, you should rinse the linoleum with water and soda, and after it dries, cover it with a primer, at the final stage with paint (we recommend using oil). Also use stencils for special and neat ornaments.

№2 Textiles

Simple things and books are capable of carrying functionality, but it looks generally not very beautiful. The best way to dilute this is to install a curtain rod with curtains.

# 3 Wires

All the wires that stick out of your wall look very ugly, so we recommend using one of the following options to get rid of them:

  • 22 creative DIY makeover ideas for your home that will help you change it in 1 day + Photos and Videos - Apply a special box;
  • - Place it on the side of the artistic image, using itself as a decor rooms;
  • - Remove the wires into the wall.

# 4 A second wind to old objects

This creative idea for the home can be realized with a simple colored tape or spray, for example, change the look of the refrigerator. Having painted it in one color, it will become brighter, if the shade is very bright, we advise you to diversify the colors. For example, repaint with polka dots, make in stripes, cover with a layer of paint with a slate effect. Make a real art object out of your refrigerator.


5 Ceiling

22 creative DIY makeover ideas for your home that will help you change it in 1 day + Photos and Videos Choose what color you want to see your ceiling. The fact that dark shades look gloomy, and bright ones are too strong is all a lie. Quite the opposite, experiment and choose your ideal one.

# 6 Cornice for a window

If your apartment has a small window, then with the help of a curved cornice it may appear visually larger. This option can also be converted = internal balcony with simple thick curtains, behind which an ottoman or an armchair will be located.

# 7 Wall

Walls that have been repainted by half can visually make your ceiling higher. Everything should be perfect, that is, white top, black bottom. Remember!

№8 High skirting boards

Idea for your home - decorating with skirting boards. With its help, you can transform the interior not only of the room, but of the entire apartment. The high plinth is very massive and effective, however, the price for it will be much higher.

We advise you to use a molding, its cost is much lower, and you can install it by means of fasteners above the original skirting board.We also recommend repainting it, and the decor element will look great throughout the apartment.

# 9 Armchair in a bright shade

22 creative DIY makeover ideas for your home that will help you change it in 1 day + Photos and Videos If you have there are old armchairs, then paint for textiles will help bring them back to life. We recommend repainting the fabric upholstery in a very bright color, for example, yellow, coral or blue. After the paint has dried, we advise you to repaint the chair legs, for example, in a white shade, only here be sure to use a simple paint.

№10 Glass vase

Simple vases made of plastic or glass are a very popular piece of furniture. Pick up a golden spray can and scotch tape and start pumping your simple vase, a couple of straight or curved golden lines on a simple vase can transform it and set the style.

№11 Graphic pattern

A graphic pattern on the wall can be invented and made using colored tape, or electrical tape. For example, you can use all the colors of the rainbow.

# 12 Curtains

Have you heard anything about designer curtains? For example, you can recolor your curtains in a gradient, or just a burgundy shade - this will make them stylish and modern.

Use a simple bucket and special paint for this. Dip the fabric gradually to adjust the shade.

№13 Candlestick

Almost every container can be transformed, the main thing is to stock up on a good creative idea for the home. For example, take plastic spoons and repaint them in a pleasant shade for you, then use glue to glue them to the walls of the container - this way you will have a beautiful candlestick.

№14 Rugs

With the help of cans of paint and so-called kraft paper, you can turn a simple carpet into very bright slices of fruit.

# 15 Floor lamp

22 creative DIY makeover ideas for your home that will help you change it in 1 day + Photos and Videos With the help of a mustache and gradient painting, you can transform a simple floor lamp into a fashionable piece of interior decoration. If you have a modern interior, then such a move can change your room and apartment as a whole.

№16 Headboard by the bed

If your wall is made in a light color, and the headboard by the bed is very small, then make it visually larger by gluing thick paper to the wall with drawings and photographs. If you don't have artistic skill, use stencils.

№17 Covers (knitted)

Transforming flower pots will be a great idea for your home - you can decorate them with knitted covers.

№18 Butterflies

The so-called glass cloche on a stand can seriously transform the room of a creative person. Inside such an object, you can come up with a large number of different compositions. For example, you can hang paper butterflies on thin wires.

№19 Gallery for the family

With the help of family photos, you can decorate the entire wall in the parents' bedroom, or in the corridor. We advise you not to use simple frames, but to order an original collage.

№20 Flowers

You can decorate the walls from or real flowers. For example, take a lot of feathers of different colors of flowers, and make a composition from them to your taste.

№21 Chest of drawers and decor

A simple chest of drawers can also be changed by carefully painting it in your favorite colors.

№22 Herbarium

From petals, leaves and flowers (in dry form) you can assemble a huge herbarium in an individual style. We advise you to glue it carefully and on a large glass with a special handmade frame.

This option is perfect for decorating a shelf or wall.


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