3D panels for interior decoration

3D panels for interior decoration Wall 3D panels for interior wall decoration - varieties, expert advice.

The term "3D" is ubiquitous these days. This concept came from a combination of words in English, which translated into Russian means "three dimensions".

For interior decoration, 3D back panels are an excellent solution, since such materials are suitable for decorative decoration, and the demand for them is growing every year.

Materials for making 3D panels + technology

For a start, it may seem that in 3D technology, or rather creating materials with such an effect, there is nothing complicated, but so

The following stages are usually distinguished:

  1. At the first stage, they are engaged in the development of the image relief, that is, they create a sketch and a computer model.

  2. After that, the designers are engaged in transferring the idea to the material and process it according to all the necessary parameters.
  3. And the last stage, at which the finished panel is finished.

At the last stage, the following finishing materials can be used to make 3D panels:

  • Paint.
  • Leather.
  • PVC film.

  • Veneer made of valuable wood species.

And almost every material is suitable for making 3D wall panels for interior decoration, namely:

  • Fiberboard.
  • PVC.
  • Particleboard.
  • MDF.

  • Aluminum.
  • Natural wood.
  • Plaster.

Overview of materials for 3D panels


Currently the most demanded material for creating 3D panels can be safely called aluminum, as it is more common than others. It is possible to apply a pattern to such a material, and this is done using perforation.

After that, a PVC film is applied on top of the drawing.

Such products have a huge number of advantages, namely:

  1. Light weight of the material.
  2. Not subject to corrosion.
  3. Fireproof.
  4. High level of moisture resistance.

  5. High level of durability.
  6. Ease of processing.
  7. Long service life.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

The second material after aluminum for making 3D panels for interior decoration is PVC, that is, polyvinyl chloride. Such a product has the same advantages as its aluminum counterpart, but costs much less.

PVC panels are available in several types, namely:

  1. Mirror.
  2. Smooth.
  3. Textured.
  4. Perforated.

Note, that each type of panel has its own area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.

For example, perforated panels are ideal for decorating radiators.

Smooth and mirrored panels, in turn, are ideal for wall cladding. even such products are used to create partitions, decorate doors and more.Plastic 3D PVC panels are lightweight and very durable. Such qualities will help to significantly simplify and facilitate installation work.


For the production of 3D wall panels for interior decoration, MDF is considered an expensive material. The peculiarities of the production are the effect of high temperatures and the pressing of the material.

Interestingly, that a mold is created for each new series of panels. This, in turn, necessarily affects the final cost of the product.

Since these MDF panels are also covered with a protective coating, they can last a very long time.

But it is worth considering that there is one, but a big drawback - the material does not tolerate contact with moisture poorly.

In addition:

  • For 3D MDF panels, the surface and its relief can be both glossy and matte.
  • It is possible to find on the market a variety of material that glows in the dark.
  • The choice of colors is unlimited, so you can bring any ideas to life.
  • Installation of MDF panels is simple, and the walls in the future will not require special care.

  • MDF wall panels are environmentally friendly and safe, so they can be safely bought and used to decorate the room from the inside, and even in the bedroom and children's room


Not so long ago, the opinion about the fiberboard material was that this material is not environmentally friendly, since phenol-formaldehyde resins are used in its creation. But at the moment, there is no need to worry, as all hazardous substances have been replaced with safe lignin.

It is a natural substance distinguished by its viscosity. It is obtained from wood by high temperature and pressure processing.

What are remarkable about fiberboard panels?

  • Manufacturing of material from wood fibers, which are pressed under high temperatures.

  • They perfectly withstand even high levels of moisture (but still, direct water ingress is undesirable).
  • The panels do not need any special maintenance, you just need to wipe them occasionally with a damp cloth, and then wipe dry.

Important! It is not difficult to make sure that 3D wall panels for interior decoration made of fiberboard are safe, since when you buy you can ask the seller for a certificate of quality.


And another interesting material from which 3D panels for wall decoration can be made - known to everyone chipboard. The chipboard material actually looks more than original.

  1. With the help of these plates it is possible to make various amazing compositions. It will be difficult to pass by the walls, which were finished using panels.
  2. Chipboard panels are made as follows - large chips are pressed at a high temperature.
  3. After that, a protective film is applied to the product so that the panels will serve for a long time.
  4. But there is also a drawback - the elements cannot be used at high humidity.

  5. Such panels are also not suitable for finishing balconies and bathrooms.
  6. Products do not withstand temperature extremes, since the strength is worse than that of natural wood. Even during processing, the elements may begin to crumble, and this will complicate installation.


Wood is a valuable material for creating 3D panels for interior decoration, but not all species are used, but only some:

  • Alder.
  • Maple.

  • Oak.
  • Cedar.

Before starting installation work, wooden panels are covered with a layer of wax to protect the material from moisture ingress. There are some peculiarities:

  1. Wood wall panels are sure to make any room beautiful and respectable. The material does not need special care.

  2. To increase the service life of the panels, it is recommended to regularly wax them or cover them with a special protective compound.
  3. Wax will help protect the product from cracking.
  4. If the room has high humidity, be sure to make a ventilation gap between the panels when finishing. It should be located between the panel and the wall.
  5. Wood panel is the material that is suitable for cladding any type of room, and regardless of the interior it will look advantageous.

  6. The main advantage of 3D wood panels is environmental friendliness and beneficial effect on the human body.

Please note, that such elements can keep wood warm for many years. You cannot get this effect when using substitutes.


The use of 3D effect panels made of gypsum is still a new, but already successful direction in the world of interior decoration and design.

The features of the products can be called:

  • 3D gypsum panels for interior decoration are distinguished by their diversity and aesthetics.

    You can choose absolutely any color, and due to the product there is an opportunity to perform many design tasks - to make a classic interior, or retro, exotic, and this is not the whole list of possibilities.

  • 3D panels for interior decoration Installation of gypsum panels can be done on any surface, and the only important condition is an even base.
  • The elements are not afraid of moisture, and therefore you can use gypsum panels to decorate any room.

Advantages of 3D gypsum panels

  • There are no difficulties during installation.
  • The room receives additional sound and heat insulation.

  • High level of fire safety.
  • After finishing, the panels do not require special attention and maintenance.

Subtleties of material

Even in the times of Ancient Egypt, they began to decorate walls with three-dimensional images.The first types of elements were made of plaster, and now the long-standing idea is embodied by thousands of craftsmen around the world from many other interesting materials. Thanks to unique technologies, it is possible to make unique, complex volumetric images.

3D panels are the material that is versatile and convenient, and is suitable for decoration in any room.

The atmosphere of comfort and luxury will be where you need it:

  • In the store.
  • At the hotel.
  • At the bar / restaurant.
  • In the house.

  • In the apartment.

Installation of wall panels for interior decoration of a house with a 3D effect is carried out on a wooden lathing, and you should not waste time on leveling the walls and ceiling. Often, a layer of thermal insulation is mounted in the space under the panels, and you can also lay cables, ventilation system, electrical wiring there - it all depends on what tasks you have set for yourself.

Why does it make sense to buy 3D panels and use them for your interior?

There are many reasons:

  • The products are unique in design and look dignified.
  • The material has a rich assortment - any texture, shade and pattern to choose from.

  • The panels come in different shapes and you can find a solution for any interior.
  • If desired, you can change the color of the panels, or even make the elements gilded.
  • 3D panels are made only from safe and environmentally friendly materials.
  • It is worth paying special attention to the issue of fire safety.
  • Elements are distinguished by the fact that they do not absorb odors, unlike other materials.

  • Reliable protection against mechanical damage.

And as a conclusion, we can say the following - panels with 3D effect are becoming more popular every year. They managed to displace many materials from the construction market, as they look modern, beautiful and give a sense of luxury and style for little money.

Life hack: if you want to impress, you just need to trim the volumetric panel with a mangrove mahogany veneer and the effect will be amazing.

Finishing 3D panels

For finishing, use the following materials:

  • PVC film .


  • Fine wood veneer (beech, ebony, oak, walnut, Canadian cedar, mahogany and wavona root, etc.).
  • Enamel.

  • Luminescent coating.

The types of coatings described above are strong, durable, and they must be impregnated with fire retardants. And while the materials are environmentally friendly. With the help of PVC film, you can make an imitation of natural material, for example, wood, enamel, leather, etc.

Enamel panels can be easily coated with a luminescent coating that does not pose any danger to humans.

It works according to the following principle - light energy accumulates during the day (6 hours are enough), and at night the panels glow.This charge will be enough for 9 hours without any problems, and this is more than enough. Such a coating can be used both for panels and for any part of the element, which is an invaluable find for apartment design.


Wall panels for interior decoration with a three-dimensional effect have become an interesting option for the manufacture and installation of cladding in any room. They will not only decorate the walls, but also add visual effects to the room, the main thing is that everything is correctly selected and mounted.