4 ways to open a kitchen facade

4 ways to open a kitchen facade Types of kitchen fronts and how they open

Kitchen fronts are truly the face of the room. The attractiveness of the entire headset and the overall impression that the kitchen produces will depend on how much the color and variety were chosen as a rule, as well as the features of the facades. Changing facades is an effective and simple way not only to change the mood, but also the style direction of the room.

The difficulties associated with the process of choosing furniture for the kitchen lie not only in choosing the ideal layout of the headset, as well as special storage systems, but also in choosing high-quality and stylish facades. They are the part of the kitchen furniture that will catch the eye and impress those who visit your kitchen.

It is for this reason that the first requirement for the facades of a set in the kitchen is their beauty and attractiveness.

Kitchen fronts - main characteristics and requirements

Helpful advice! Such a criterion as "like it or not like it" should be based not only on the desire to see certain facades in your kitchen, but also on the correspondence to materials and colors for the style features of the room.

The conditions for which items of kitchen furniture are created are much more severe - constant temperature drops and changes in humidity, constant splashes of water, fat and active use of mechanisms. A material that has been used for a long time in a bedroom or living room is not suitable for a kitchen.

It is worth highlighting the requirements that the kitchen facade must meet:

  • Resistance to moisture and water.

  • Resistance to high temperatures (this factor should be taken into account for cabinets that are located in the immediate vicinity of the oven or stove).
  • Durability and reliability.

Next, we suggest considering the types of facades.

Varieties of kitchen facades

In the conditions of the kitchen, from the other assortment of the furniture facade, varieties are most actively used that will simultaneously meet all the requirements listed above ..

. Each of the types of facades has some peculiarities, and for this reason, when choosing a particular option, you should carefully study the specifics of the application.

From solid wood

Wood facades are most often selected for the design of a classic kitchen, because it is in this style that the texture of the wood looks as organic as possible. Modern trends have the opportunity to use not only solid wood, but also veneered facades in order to design different styles - from modern to baroque.

There are two types of timber facades:

  1. 4 ways to open a kitchen facade Solid, that is, creation from solid wood.

    They are very expensive and require careful operation.Special types of coatings and protective materials are used as protection against cracks and deformation, but these will not guarantee integrity in kitchen conditions.

  2. Paneled facades in structure will strongly resemble two layers of wood and veneered MDF or chipboard filling. Such a combination of materials will not only guarantee an increase in the operational life, but also make it possible to significantly reduce the cost of the material and make it more accessible.

The facades of the kitchen set made of solid wood are environmentally friendly and safe for humans, and in themselves they can be a real decoration, and with proper care and careful selection of style, such a kitchen room will not lose its relevance over the next ten years.

But, despite the many advantages of a solid wood facade, they have certain disadvantages - these will be the main maintenance requirements (for example, a ban on the use of abrasive products and hard sponges), as well as certain restrictions on the creation of concave or complex radius shapes.

Coating facades with enamel MDF

Of modern materials, it is MDF with an enamel coating that is the most demanded and popular. This option makes it possible to make the kitchen not only functional, but also bright, because the range of colors to cover is large enough. Moreover, an incredibly large selection of colors, as well as facades, are attractive in several types of coatings - pearl, gloss, metallic, matte surface or mother of pearl - all options will be affordable and beautiful. Modern technologies for applying enamel to MDF surface makes such facades reliable and highly durable.

Useful fact! Coated MDF facades with enamel coating are quite expensive, and especially compared to coated with plastic or plastic sheets.

Facades with plastic coating

Such facade options are one of the most popular varieties for the kitchen, because they are characterized by high reliability as well as beautiful appearance and affordability. Such facades have a long service life, as well as are durable and resistant to sunlight. Furniture with such facades can be washed with aggressive detergents, and you also don't have to worry about the possible effect of water on the furniture integrity.

Note, that a certain dissonance will be introduced by the white back side of such facades, which makes them not very solid and organic.

In addition, it is necessary to distinguish between three types of processing from the ends - from two sides, from four or edging by means of an aluminum profile.

But from the point of view of surface care, such material is not the most convenient every day - stains from fingers and the environment on the surface of furniture are very noticeable and require regular maintenance.

Frame facades from MDF profile

Facades, which are made on the basis of a frame made of MDF profile and filling in the form of plastic , Chipboard and glass, attracts the attention of designers and consumers at a low price, as well as the ability to create facades of unusual shapes and with design freedom. Frame facades are considered attractive in appearance, but not the most durable and not always easy to use. Most often, such facades are used partially - in order to make the kitchen unit lighter and add airiness to it with the help of glass.

Good advice! Due to weak fastening and insufficient strength of the film coating, it is better not to use such facades near a sink or stove.

Frame fronts made of aluminum profile

4 ways to open a kitchen facade There is another type of kitchen facades, which use an aluminum profile with arbitrary filling - from glass to MDF, but they are quite rare in the kitchen.

The fact is that the high cost and rather complicated mounting system repel potential buyers. Moreover, the fragility of aluminum, which not only fades over time, but also requires more careful and careful maintenance, makes such facades not the most suitable for the kitchen.

But it is possible to mount different glass facades in a frame, including those with different printed images, which make it possible to additionally decorate the room.

Good advice! aluminum frames with glass filling are often used for wall cabinets, because this makes it possible not only to lighten the load on the frame, but also to make the kitchen set visually lighter and more airy.

Chipboard facade with lamination

A fairly budget option for a laconic and very simple kitchen would be to create facades from laminated chipboard. This material is most often used in the kitchen as a base for cabinets, because it looks simple enough and will not satisfy the basic requirements of the kitchen.

Please note, that such material does not tolerate moisture and high temperatures at all, and also quickly loses its integrity and shape, which makes it difficult even with fixed fasteners in the boards.

Most often, buyers make a choice in favor of laminated chipboard only when there are no funds for better materials, or there is no need to buy an ideal kitchen set for the kitchen (for example, for a country house, rented housing or hostel).

Recommendations of professionals - what to consider when choosing

And now we suggest considering a number of useful tips from professionals:

  1. Choose one or another type of kitchen facades based on the style of the room - if wooden facades are appropriate for a Provence style kitchen, then for high-tech it is best to leave the choice on MDF facades covered with enamel.
  2. Coating with foil makes it possible not only to choose the perfect kitchen tone, but also to select a beautiful pattern or texture (for example, marble or wood).
  3. Lovers of materials of natural origin should pay attention to veneer made of natural wood, which will not only be more affordable materials than solid wood, but also more careful with respect to nature.
  4. Frame facades should be used with maximum decorative effect, and also combine different textures and colors.
  5. If you want to design a kitchen with curved facades, it is important, first of all, to focus on the choice of suitable MDF options, veneer or solid wood.

Next, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the methods of opening the facades.

4 ways to open the facade

It is known that there is only one way to close the kitchen door, but you can open several ways. Have you thought about it? But we became interested and we counted as many as four ways.

Open the facade by the handle

How many kitchen rooms exist, so many people open the cabinets on their own in this way, but the handles themselves can have many configurations. The choice of handles and other accessories will depend on the cost, style and convenience of the hostess.

Open the sash by the recess that is in the case

Although this is most likely a question of opening it for a recess in a special profile, which is integrated into the body. Such profiles are installed in modern kitchens. They can be in the color of the facades and in a contrasting color.

Hook the sash with your finger in a special recess in the facade

This option can also be called the "Integrated handle", although in fact as such pens in fact and no. But there are special recesses in the facade, and the deeper the depression, the more convenient it will be to use the facade.

Push the facade

The word "tipon" could become almost a familiar designation for a special pusher, which makes it possible to open the sash with a simple push, and therefore it is not necessary no pens. And if you add an electric drive to all this, then the facade will even close itself (though not swing, but only those models whose doors go up).

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