5 important conditions for the selection of curtains for the interior + Photo

5 important conditions for the selection of curtains for the interior + Photo The article tells about an important element of home decor, curtains for curtains. Their types, characteristics, fastening methods and basic materials of execution are described. These structures can be installed independently, but it is necessary to heed the decorator's advice.

Curtains with curtains are in the foreground.

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Curtains for curtains in the house.


Windows in any room play a role not only as a source of daylight and fresh air, but also as an important detail of the interior. Their design completes the overall picture of the design solution.

Curtains on the windows are matched to the decoration of the walls and the layout of furniture. Curtains are designed for hanging curtains and are selected as an independent element of the style of the room.

Curtains for curtains have several characteristics, color, material, mounting method.

5 important conditions for the selection of curtains for the interior

No. 1. Forms of curtains

  • 5 important conditions for the selection of curtains for the interior + Photo Round guides are used as an independent link in the interior. The ends are supplied with separate elements with finials.
  • Baguette lamellas , a decorative strip is installed to hide the main curtain mechanism.

  • Profile cornices , can easily change shape to fit the interior when attached. Refers to systems of hidden installation.
  • String constructions . Outwardly, they look like an independent elegant element, but can be included in a set with a baguette.
  • Rail cornices .

    The hooks move inside the rectangular profile. Flairons are not used. Form

No. 2. Material and color of execution

Steel curtains.

Materials used:

  1. thin walled flexible steel.
  2. thin strong string.
  3. elements forged from steel.

No. 3.

Primary colors

These are copper, bronze, metallic. Matt and glossy finish.

  • Aluminum profile curtains . You can easily change the direction of the rail by bending.
  • Wood products .

    The breeds are oak, coniferous, cherry, walnut. Their appearance ennobles the room. The color palette is varied, selected in accordance with the design. The coating can be lacquered or in a calm style, without gloss.

  • Plastic curtains .

    A budget option, the colors are different, they imitate the shapes of more expensive cornices.

No. 4. Mounting options

  • 5 important conditions for the selection of curtains for the interior + Photo Wall brackets . They are made in the form of hooks or corner pieces with holes.

    Attached to the wall with self-tapping screws and plastic dowels in a pre-drilled hole.

This attachment is applied to steel and wood curtains. Suitable for baguette construction.

  • Fixing directly to the ceiling . A good solution for concealed installation of curtain structures behind a multi-level ceiling.

For conventional ceilings, it is used for string, profile and baguette curtains.

The fixing is arranged with countersunk head screws into a plastic dowel.

  • Fastening to the window slope by means of latches. Applicable to blinds and Roman blinds. These designs are completely mechanical.

  • One-sided mounting with swivel mechanism. Curtains are made of metal tubes and are installed on blind windows.
  • Mounting in spacer The guides consist of two tubes of different diameters, a spring is installed inside. Such structures are mounted between the walls.

Curtain rods can be easily installed independently.

This process will not be difficult.

By the number of guiding elements, all curtain designs can have a different number of guides:

  • Single-row . Designed for hanging single or double curtains with sliding in different directions. A simplified version, used mainly in the kitchen.
  • Double-row curtains.

    You can combine heavy, blackout curtains, for the outer row, with light, sheer tulle curtains in the background.

  • Multi-row cornices. Complex constructions. As an option for a design solution. They are used for hanging several rows of curtains made of different fabrics and differing in color and texture.

No. 5. Control methods

  • Manual control. To facilitate the process, it is complemented with a cord or a thin pole, to match the style of curtains.
  • Electric drive control.

    Commands come from the wall unit or from the remote control.

Curtain attachment devices

  • Double-sided hooks. They are made of metal and polyethylene. They are used for hanging curtains on string structures.
  • Combined hangers ring with plastic hook for round curtains made of wood and metal.

  • Combined roller hangers with polyethylene hook for rail and profile curtains.
  • Combined hangers with a ring with a clip or a rail with a clip.
  • Eyelets. Steel or plastic rings are pressed into the curtain fabric.

General characteristics

The thickness and diameter of the guide elements, as well as the characteristics and number of brackets, directly depends on the quality indicators of the curtain fabric.

Heavy curtains are hung mainly on reinforced curtains with wall-mounted brackets.

Lighter fabrics fit on string and rail fixtures.

Ceiling curtains, in combination with long guides and matching curtain sizes, can visually increase the volume of the room. This effect looks good with multi-level plasterboard ceiling structures.

Motorized structures require careful attention and periodic maintenance.

There is no separate preference between curtains, in which rooms, what is better to install.

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