7 points to create the perfect kitchen

7 points to create the perfect kitchen Checklist of 7 points for the ideal kitchen interior + photos and recommendations

The kitchen is a place that is needed not only for cooking. Probably, this is the most favorite place for every household. It is here that it constantly smells delicious, in the kitchen you can leisurely sip aromatic coffee and chat with friends, as well as have dinner with your beloved family. Naturally, this particular room should be ideal in all plans. But how do you achieve this effect? A checklist drawn up by competent specialists based on experience, knowledge and feedback will help to cope with this task.

We offer you 7 points for creating the perfect kitchen interior. For those who already have a kitchen ready, we suggest checking and finding out if you managed to make the perfect room or if something needs to be improved.

What home furnishings are perfect for the perfect kitchen

Ideal set for the kitchen

Before buying this, and perhaps the most important part of the kitchen, you should carefully measure the room. This can be done using a construction tape. You will need to find out the following parameters of the kitchen - door and window openings, the length and height of the walls, as well as the distance between them, the dimensions of all elements that protrude from the walls (sockets, switches, heating radiators, pipes, etc.

). All the figures obtained are important to take into account for the state of the floor plan. After that, it is important to calculate exactly how many kitchen cabinets are required for the kitchen room, what kind of household appliances will be required for the kitchen and will be built into the headset. The budget allocated for its purchase is also extremely important.

Of course, a modular set made of natural materials will cost much more than furniture made of chipboard or MDF.

One of the best materials for making the perfect headset will be environmentally friendly solid wood. Fittings and decorative elements for the kitchen (in particular for the headset) must be of high quality, durable and reliable.

Ideal chairs and table

7 points to create the perfect kitchen Perhaps this is the first thing to look for when choosing an interior design. The most important aspect of choosing a table will be its shape. The classic version is a rectangle that fits perfectly into any interior and will be very roomy.

If the kitchen is small in size, then an oval or even round table will look great in it. The second, and at the same time no less important characteristic will be the material of manufacture. Naturally, furniture made of solid wood will look much more respectable and more expensive, but, unfortunately, not all people can afford it. Ideal chairs must be combined with the chosen table, as well as be durable, sturdy and comfortable.The seats must be soft and the backs as comfortable as possible.

Ideal home appliances

Probably the best option for every smithy would be built-in appliances. It is adapted to the maximum for the needs of homeowners, perfectly and even harmoniously fits into the existing interior, and also will not take up much space, which is often not enough (especially in Khrushchev houses). When buying new household appliances for the perfect kitchen, you should give preference only to trusted manufacturers who offer their customers high-quality products. In this case, you should not waste time on trifles, try to save money and choose analogs that are a little cheaper, because no one can guarantee their reliability.

Which layout suits best

There are different types of kitchen layouts, and therefore we suggest that you familiarize yourself with all of them first:

  • 7 points to create the perfect kitchen L-shaped kitchen (it is also called corner) - the kitchen set is placed in the form of the letter "G".

  • Two-row - a set of kitchen furniture is placed along two opposite walls.
  • Linear - furniture is placed along the walls in one row.
  • U-shaped - the headset is placed in the form of the letter "P".
  • Ostrovnaya - in this case, the kitchen set is placed in the form of the letter "P" or "G" with an addition in the middle in the form of a working island, which the hostesses love so much.
  • G-shaped - the set is installed in the kitchen in the form of the letter "G".

  • Asymmetric - in this case, all elements of the typeface are arranged in a different sequence, and it is also possible to move them from one place to another.

Before starting all the work, you should first prepare a sketch, as well as indicate on it the exact location of all household appliances and interior items. Such a drawing will help you in the future to correctly distribute every square centimeter of the room, and also apply it with maximum functionality in order to make the perfect kitchen.

If the room is spacious enough (and it should be that way, if you want to create an ideal kitchen interior), then you should give preference to the island layout - such a kitchen will be as comfortable and functional as possible.

Choosing the style direction of the interior

When you have a bright and spacious kitchen at your disposal, you don't have to limit your imagination.

Any interior style will look perfect in such a room. But some style directions will be especially unusual and attractive, because they are more associated with luxury and will help satisfy the most unusual desires of their owners. This is exactly what the colonial style of the interior became, which was able to combine several different styles at once for an unusual design of the kitchen.

The colonial style will surely appeal to creative individuals and those who are fans of eclecticism.It is such people who will be able to appreciate such a harmonious symbiosis of design directions, which individually differ enough from each other.

The interior of an ideal kitchen, which is combined with a colonial-style living room, is able to combine richly inlaid furniture of Moroccan origin and carved Indian objects, as well as classic-style wall painting in Japanese style with decoration in the form of an elegant African flowerpot.

For the colonial interior of an ideal kitchen space, items that are stylized in the style of "ethno" or are made by hand are perfect. An excellent option for the "highlight" of the interior would be a rather popular "animal" theme - for example, the legs of the dining table and chairs are made in the form of lion's legs, non-standard dishes with African motifs, ceramic pots with large exotic plants, and so on.

Photos of the perfect colonial-style kitchen renovation make it possible to note the fact that exotic wood is used to make furniture for such an interior - mahogany, Asian walnut, teak or ebony. The ideal materials would be water hyacinth and rattan, from which beautiful wicker chairs, hanging shelves, tables and other types of objects are made.

Colonial-style furnishings need rich and beautiful decoration. The corner sofa and chairs can be decorated with velvet soft pillows, which will be embroidered with gold patterns, as well as using natural mats. On the surface of the walls of such a kitchen, gilded beautiful dishes that remind many of the breath of a hot desert will look appropriate. Colonial-style interiors, where the kitchen and living room are combined, can also contain exotic plants - palm trees, bamboo stems and orchids.

Interior color palette

Choosing a color that will dominate the kitchen interior is extremely important to create the perfect room.

In this case, it will be difficult to give specific recommendations, because all people have their own specific preferences, favorite shades and colors that may seem more attractive and pleasant. But the fact is that not all shades will look equally good in the kitchen interior - this is especially true for those cases when it should be perfect. In this case, it is worth making a choice in favor of universal color options that will never go out of fashion, and will always look expensive, attractive and respectable. Now we are talking about beige shades.

To make the kitchen look more interesting, you can combine such shades with richer tones - for example, Marsala, mahogany, chocolate and golden yellow.

The use of high-quality materials for decoration and expensive textiles in the same colors will help make the kitchen ideal in every way.

Choosing the finishing of the room for the arrangement

Finishing the surface of the walls

To arrange a beautiful kitchens should abandon the use of such material for decoration as washable wallpaper. It is worth giving preference to more expensive materials such as decorative plaster. It helps to perfectly cover the walls, and you can choose a beautiful beige shade to paint them. For finishing those parts of the wall that represent the working area, it is worth using ceramic mosaics.

It will turn out to make a beautiful apron from it - it will be attractive in appearance, durable, presentable and practical.

Finishing the floor surface

As a floor covering, it is best to use a material such as porcelain stoneware. Such material can be made in any shade, and it also perfectly imitates different types of natural stones. Moreover, such a coating is characterized by high strength, reliability and wear resistance. He is able to last for many years, and also remain as strong and outwardly attractive.

Ceiling finishes

The ideal kitchen cannot be so if you don't make a beautiful ceiling. This part of the room should be perfectly flat, and you can achieve this effect using a stretch ceiling (there are other ways, but this one is the simplest). It can be both glossy and matte - the choice will depend on the chosen interior style, as well as on the taste preferences of the homeowners themselves. As for shades and colors, it is worth making a choice in favor of a purely classic white color, which is suitable for any interior, and also greatly raises the ceiling and helps to fill the kitchen with light.

Decor items

The main decorative items for the kitchen can be non-standard, exclusive or simply beautiful sets of dishes.

Perhaps, unusual plates can be bought when resting abroad or bought in a regular store - it is important that they are correctly used as a decorative decoration. Painted beautiful dishes can also be placed on special walls or shelves, or beautifully displayed in a sideboard, which is stylized in antique style. You can safely implement all the most non-standard ideas. Textiles are another important element for a perfect kitchen. Correctly chosen curtains will create a mood for the entire room as a whole, make it more expensive, more interesting and respectable.

Contrasting curtains made of soft fabric, beautifully draped with wide satin ribbons, will look quite interesting against the background of walls in light shades in a spacious kitchen. Another way to decorate is to equip a kitchen apron. To make this part of the interior look perfect, you should use only the most expensive high quality materials.Tempered glass with photo printing, ceramic mosaics, or natural / artificial stone are also perfect, or you can try solid wood for it.

Creating the perfect kitchen lighting scenario

You can't get the perfect kitchen if you don't have good lighting on it.

You should carefully think over all the little things - equip a central chandelier, which will serve as the main source of light, and also make additional lighting through spotlights. As for the main chandelier, it is definitely not worth saving on it, and it should be a luxurious product that is made of metal (and gilding is welcome) and crystal or glass. The best option would be hanging models to be the centerpiece of the kitchen. Bras will help to emphasize luxury.