7 steps to making your dream come true + Photos and Videos

7 steps to making your dream come true + Photos and Videos The article talks about the possibility of self-erecting a log house from timber 150x150 with your own hands, we will tell you in detailed instructions with photo and video materials.

Some secrets are revealed to successfully complete basic home building activities.

How economically, but without losing quality, to acquire your own housing for many years.

What to look for and do the job right.

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How to realize the cherished dream of your own home?

It's easy to do it yourself.

It is easier to build yourself a house with your own hands from a wooden bar. Wood belongs to traditional materials, time-tested quality.

The production of ready-made softwood lumber in our time is represented by a wide number of options. If you have a finished project, it is possible to order material for a template.

Production will be time-consuming, but compensated during installation.

7 Steps to Realizing a Dream

After deciding on the construction of housing, it is necessary to carry out a number of preparatory measures.

7 steps to making your dream come true + Photos and Videos

The best time for this is late autumn and winter. It is necessary to spend a lot of time on all actions and it is advisable to guess this period by the beginning of the construction season from the middle of Vienna to early autumn:

  1. It will be determined with choosing the site .
  2. Order or buy a ready-made standard project for a house .
  3. Order and purchase basic material.

  4. Carry out preparatory work.
  5. Prepare consumables.
  6. Purchase tool.
  7. Conclude contracts with contractors.

How to build a house from a bar with your own hands

The first stage.

Preparation of the land plot

  • cleaning of debris and vegetation,
  • leveling is carried out using special equipment,
  • marking of the formwork under the foundation using pegs, a cord and level,

Important! You must use the service of a specialist. The quality of construction depends on this process.

Second stage. Foundation device according to the developed project

7 steps to making your dream come true + Photos and Videos Basic types of foundation

  • strip foundation ,
    for houses with a basement or cellar.
  • Pile foundation,
    for problem soils.

  • Monolithic foundation shallow depth,
    for a small house.

Third stage. Construction of load-bearing walls and partitions of a house from a wooden bar


The material used for self-assembly must be dry and light

  • 7 steps to making your dream come true + Photos and Videos Beam with a section of no more than 150 X150 mm. It is pretreated with a special antiseptic solution to prevent the occurrence of fungus and mold.
  • Jute compactor .

  • Wooden pins . Studs for attaching the timber to each other in crowns.
  • Boards . For the installation of jambs under doors and windows, for roof installation.

Required tools

  • Circular saw.

  • Drill with a set of wood drills.
  • Level and roulette.
  • Ax and hammer.
  • Nails and screws.

Process of work

The first crown is laid on the foundation along the perimeter.

Previously, the foundation is laid with roofing material, as waterproofing, and a layer of jute.

For information! The crown is called the rows of timber stacked vertically. Jute sealant is required to seal the joints between the timber.

Subsequent crowns are mounted according to the project layout. Wooden parts are connected with pins.

Through holes are drilled with a smaller diameter than the stud thickness. They hammer it with a hammer, cut off the excess protruding part under the base.

The bars are connected to each other, in the places of dressing with partitions using a groove-comb ligament. In the corners, the connection, for greater strength, is used in three types:

  1. 7 steps to making your dream come true + Photos and Videos using a root spike,
  2. joint in the floor of the bar,
  3. end-to-end.

Important! It is easier to cut the joints using a pre-made template.

The cuts are made taking into account the insulation allowance. The joints will turn out to be smooth and reliable knots.

Jute is also laid between the crowns and in the joints. On the second crown, beams are cut in for flooring. Under each part, at a distance of 1.

5 meters, supports are laid out of ceramic bricks. After the installation of the fourth crown, a rough flooring is made from boards with a thickness of at least 40 mm.

The subsequent rows of beams are laid identically to the previous ones, but taking into account the details for door and window openings.

For the convenience of work and safety, when lifting parts, slopes with a stopper are used. The device is made of two planks with padded wedge stops.

The slopes rest against the wall with the upper edge, and the lower edge is held on the ground by a stopper. With the help of a rope, the timber is lifted onto the wall along slopes by one person. Scaffolds are assembled inside the room.

Important! Each new row of the laid timber is controlled by the level without fail.

The final two crowns are mounted around the entire perimeter and over all openings.

The process of assembling a log house is completed by laying the ceiling beams. Then the Mauerlat is matted on them to assemble the roof.

We equip the openings of doors and windows with casing boxes made of boards with a thickness of at least 30 mm. We fasten them with simple nails. Cases play the role of expansion joints during shrinkage of the new building and do not allow the rows of the timber to deform.

Before the installation of the roof, the upper ceiling deck is sewn from boards with a thickness of at least 50 mm, the attic floor.

Fourth stage. Roofing device

For the installation of roof structures and coverings, it is necessary to use the services of a team of specialists.This is a responsible work, the result of which depends on comfort, coziness, the service life of the whole house,

The fifth stage. Installation of blocks

After the house has shrunk, window and door blocks are installed to close the perimeter before finishing.

Then the insulation and decoration of the outer walls. Insulation of the attic space.

Sixth stage. Finishing

7 steps to making your dream come true + Photos and Videos The final stage of all construction activities is finishing the interior walls, floors and ceilings. Installation of engineering life support systems.


When building a house with your own hands, you can significantly save at the main stage of building a building. Study other people's mistakes to prevent your own.

The assembly itself is not difficult to execute, it is enough to see once and follow the project correctly.

The result will be positive.

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