90% of people have it - where to hang a TV in the kitchen: Review + Video

90% of people have it - where to hang a TV in the kitchen: Review + Video Where is it better to place the TV in the kitchen + photo and recommendations from the designer. The kitchen is a room that must be cozy, practical and functional. To make the atmosphere of this room much more welcoming and pleasant, most people make the decision to allocate space for the TV. It will fit perfectly into the kitchen interior, which is filled with utensils and pieces of furniture / household appliances appropriate for the room.

Let's find out the same about where it is better to place the TV in the kitchen, as well as what is important to pay attention to when choosing it.

What is important to consider when choosing a TV

A TV for the kitchen is an excellent solution, and most people prefer just such an addition to the kitchen interior. Fortunately, at the moment there are many different models of such equipment on sale, and when choosing the perfect TV, you should definitely take into account a number of certain features.

Ka k it is customary to consider that TV monitors with a diagonal of more than 20 inches (50.8 cm) will be convenient and very comfortable to watch if you maintain a distance of 2-3 meters. E If you choose a TV with a smaller diagonal, for example, only 15 inches (38 cm), then the distance should be at least 2 meters.

Based on these parameters, you should choose a TV for the kitchen, because the room can be different in size. For example, if you are a happy owner of a 15 square meter kitchen, then it will be better for it to choose a device with a diagonal of 14 inches.

Please note, that there is another equally simple technique that experts often recommend - multiply the wall length by 6 and as a result, you will get the optimal diagonal size for the future electronic device.

In addition, it will be important to take into account the angle of the selected instance. Such a parameter will demonstrate the fact at what angle you can look at the surface of the screen so that the images are not distorted, there are no glare and other defects.

It is recommended to choose movable types of brackets for the kitchen TV, because in very rare cases people spend time in the kitchen, sitting in the same place. The viewing angle of modern LCD-type models is much weaker and easier than that of plasma or LED-type devices. By the way, we recommend checking the devices in the store and be sure to look at the images from different angles.

An equally important factor for a kitchen TV is the volume of the selected device. In the same living room, there is much less background noise, but in the kitchen there is more than enough of it - this is an extractor hood that is almost constantly working, and cabinet doors slamming, and a working multicooker or a microwave oven.

All of the factors listed above can cause unnecessary noise that can even block out the sound of the TV.This fact must be taken into account when choosing a particular model.

Also, when choosing the ideal TV for the kitchen, you should consider all of its parameters and characteristics. We suggest you familiarize yourself with a small list of types of such devices.

Types :

  1. 90% of people have it - where to hang a TV in the kitchen: Review + Video Liquid crystal.

    Where to hang the TV in the kitchen is one thing, but choosing the model you want to get started is. Reliable and at the same time inexpensive LCD type models are not always suitable for a kitchen room due to some features of the built-in matrix. A really beautiful and clear picture on such a screen can only be observed from a certain angle.

  2. Plasma. When buying a plasma TV model, you will receive a picture of excellent quality, which will not be distorted and refracted at different angles.

    But keep in mind the fact that LED screens have quite a few drawbacks. The fact is that they are expensive, heavy, difficult to install on the surface, and they get very hot.

Please note, h that such models are best chosen not for ordinary kitchens, but for those that are combined with the living room.

  1. Built-in models. These types of TVs can be built into a kitchen cabinet or pencil case without any problems.

    Such devices are complemented with a high quality cooling system, and therefore the back wall will not heat up in them when they are in a closed type of space. it is recommended to buy built-in TV models for small kitchens, where there is practically no free space. It is important to consider the fact that such options are more expensive than standard ones.

In addition, when choosing a particular TV model for the smithy, you should also consider its functionality. Some people prefer to install equipment so that it plays "in the background", while others use all configurations and it is very important for them that the selected TV model has a USB port, a tuner, a high-quality picture, as well as functions from SMART-TV.

In addition, it is important to take care in advance and decide on exactly how you will use the TV in the kitchen and what functions you would like to receive from the device. Only after that you can go to the store to buy the perfect model for yourself.

Basic rules for placement

Before you start looking for a place to place a brand new TV, you should familiarize yourself with a number of fairly simple rules that will give the ability to avoid serious errors in the use of technology and installation.

Rules :

  • Do not fix the TV near the refrigerator, because the vibrations that come from the refrigeration equipment will badly affect the operation of the rest of the equipment.
  • The screen must be positioned at least 0.

    6 meters from the surface from the stove, and this should definitely be borne in mind.

  • Never, never install the TV near a sink. Such equipment should be located at least 0.5 meters away from it.
  • If we are talking about a small TV, then its distance from human eyes should be at least 1.

    5 meters, and if the screen is large, then the indicator increases, and the minimum allowable distance will be 2.5 meters.

  • The TV in the kitchen is strongly recommended to be installed so that there is only air flow to it. Otherwise, the equipment will not receive adequate cooling and will start to overheat, and this is definitely not good. In most cases, equipment can be useful for mounting on special brackets.

  • Equally important is the height of the TV set from the floor surface. The top of the device must be positioned flush with people's eyes. If only the hostess, who prepares dinners and lunches every day, will watch the screen, then it can be placed a little higher, and if the TV will be used to watch TV programs and movies while eating, set it lower.

Now you know where and how to place the TV in the kitchen.

How to fit in the kitchen interior

There are different ways to install a TV in the kitchen.

It is allowed to hang it on an unoccupied wall surface, place it on a flat surface of a cabinet that stands in the corner of a room - in fact, there are a lot of solutions. When choosing a specific location for placing the device, you should also consider the design of the kitchen. The TV should blend beautifully into the design, furnishings and emphasize the style direction of the interior.

In a kitchen set

One of the most popular and fashionable solutions at the moment are TVs that are built into the kitchen set (rectangular or corner). As a rule, he fixes such equipment near the dishwasher and other required devices in the kitchen.

With such a placement, the system can be made open and closed, and the latter option implies hiding behind the cabinet doors. This solution will be quite relevant for an interior that is designed in a classic or Provencal style. In such an environment, modern technology will not look harmonious, but if you hide it, it will not spoil the overall picture.

Above the surface of the table

Placing the TV above the table for eating is definitely not the most successful. E If you still resort to such a solution, then when you eat, you will definitely not be able to look at it with all the comfort, because it will be located very close to the eyes of your family.

It can even be bad for your eyesight.

Please note, that it makes sense to install a screen above the table only if you are unable to choose any other suitable place.

Above the refrigerator

Most people are keenly interested in whether it is possible to install TVs above the refrigerator in the kitchen. Such solutions, too, cannot be called the most practical and successful. Moreover, we do not recommend installing the TV directly on the surface of the refrigerator.

This can lead to the following negative consequences:

  • The consumption of electrical energy will increase.
  • The likelihood of damage to both the TV and the refrigerator increases.
  • The negative influence of the electric floor on the quality of the products.

Instead of placing the TV on top of the refrigerator, it is best to opt for other placement options. For example, you can choose a type of refrigeration equipment in which there will be a separate special niche for other types of devices or fix the TV over the refrigerator using a bracket for this (though in this case the TV will be very high).

Other ways

There are several other options for where to hang the TV in the kitchen, let's look at them:

  1. 90% of people have it - where to hang a TV in the kitchen: Review + Video Under the ceiling. This solution is the best option if the kitchen is very small and home people are used to dining in a separate dining room or living room. If people are used to spending a lot of time at the kitchen table, then this method will definitely not work, because the equipment will be located very high. Installing the TV under the ceiling is best for those housewives who often cook.
  2. Bottom.

    If you use this technique, the screen will attract more attention, and will also look more original and interesting.

  3. On the surface of the wall, opposite the dining area. This is the most common and optimal solution. In this case, it will be quite convenient for the owners to watch TV and eat at the same time.
  4. Above the headset.

    If it works, then you can hang the TV over pieces of furniture where there are no mezzanines. If the furniture set does not include upper cabinets, then such a solution will be appropriate.

  5. In the corner. If we are talking about how to organize small kitchen rooms, then you can install a TV in the corner. The main advantage of the methods will be an excellent overview from all sides.

  6. Headset on the surface. If the headset is large enough in length, then on its surface, you can place not only cooking devices, but also a TV.
  7. On a special shelf. Not a bad, practical solution for the kitchen. Most people resort to this type of TV placement, and this option is relevant when you are buying a custom-made headset.

    Sometimes the shelves will be made separately from the main set.In this case, make sure that this component is in harmony with all other pieces of furniture.

And now it's worth considering the other examples in the photo.


The kitchen is one of the most important and frequently visited rooms in any home. Everything should be useful and beautiful here.

most people want to put a TV in this place, and select the optimal placement for it.

If the TV will be used only by the hostess who wants to be distracted by it while cooking, then the equipment should be installed at a high altitude and you can even above the dining area, near the chairs and table.

This will suit any room size. So, on an area of ​​15 square meters, you can place a straight set in a cream shade, a round glass table and tall beige chairs with dark legs. A medium TV can be hung over the chairs.

Large kitchens with tiered white ceilings and wood floors allow you to hang a wide TV above your work surface.

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