A kitchen in gray that everyone will love

A kitchen in gray that everyone will love Gray kitchen in the interior - the best design options + photo

Recently, the gray kitchen in the interior has become more and more popular. It's not only about the beauty of the unique shade, but also about the incredibly huge possibilities that it presents.

Gray is a safe, calm, practical and simple color that is often used to decorate kitchens in a classic style.

It is not boring, and also has a large number of shades, and from the point of view of psychology, it is this color that gives a sense of peace, balance, and therefore is often used in the interior.

Features of a gray kitchen

A kitchen in gray that everyone will love Gray is capable of give a sense of security, gives comfort, soothes, but prolonged stay in a monochrome design can even create a feeling of fatigue.

The best option would be to use not pure gray for decoration, but only its shades, or include bright motifs in the interior that will help create non-standard accents.

Please note, that the described color is able to maintain its individuality when combined with any other colors, and thus will fade into the background. The whole secret lies in the fact that you should choose the right shade of the rest of the items in the kitchen, as well as the surface finish of the walls.


Gray when combined with green or blue can give the same feeling of calmness in the kitchen. A kitchen set, regardless of whether it is glossy or matte, will look great in any room in its area.

When combined with the pink color of the walls, the furniture will cheer you up and your emotional state will also improve. You can also complement the interior with accessories and decorative details. Regardless of what your lifestyle is, the nature of the inhabitants of the house or the location, the described shade has much more to offer than it might seem at first glance. Any kitchen set, regardless of whether it is made in a rustic, classic or modern style, has its own personality.

Matte headsets have conquered the market.

Most often, such furniture is made of MDF with pasting using a special film and applying a plastic finish. The disadvantage of such furniture is that scratches appear on its surface after a couple of months after use, and a material such as veneer is more resistant.

The most expensive option is solid wood. Such a headset will not only look rich, but also be able to serve for many years in a row. If this option is not affordable for you, then you should consider such an excellent alternative as acrylic panels.

Please note, that the matte coating has such a significant drawback as the fact that fingerprints remain on the surface, and because of this you often have to scrub the surface, but with glossy finish is no problem. The color richness of the matte furniture line is also wide.

Headset companion shades and colors

There are more than fifty shades of gray that the human eye can distinguish. Dark gray and light gray are very popular among them, and if you move down or up the spectrum, you can choose the perfect option for your kitchen. But it's not just mixing black and white in different proportions.

Now you have a great opportunity to choose a headset with a shade of green, blue, brown and other colors.

By the way, a photo of a gray kitchen will also help you decide which shade you like best:

  1. Gray-silver - this is elegant and a rich, classic shade that helps create a festive atmosphere in the room, and it contrasts beautifully with dark and light shades, and also goes well with any texture.
  2. A kitchen in gray that everyone will love Gray-beige . An excellent shade option, very thin, chic for small kitchen rooms. It is the perfect complement to any other neutral color.

  3. Black - gray - the color is warm and saturated. Suitable if you want to create depth of space, but it should only be used in large rooms because it needs space. A set in this color helps to create a feeling of comfort and also gives an atmosphere of hospitality.
  4. Yellow - gray . This shade is warm and will give you a sense of home comfort, and this tone is suitable for any kitchen size.

  5. Gray - blue - the color is even fabulous to some extent, reminiscent of French porcelain with a slight shade of blue and green. Perfect for kitchens with large windows, because for this shade a lot of natural light will be the perfect complement.
  6. Pink -gray - the most successful solution and combination, and is especially suitable for those who want to give the room originality, as well as create an atmosphere "a la romantic" from the inside. The walls can be ivory or just white.

Interestingly, h unusual decorative combinations will look great in tandem with traditional kitchen sets.

  1. Gray-green - a luxurious and deep shade that can envelop like a velvety fog. It is used to create a sense of comfort and safety in small spaces, as well as in oversized rooms or areas with little natural light.
  2. Red-gray - ideal for those with a constant fire of enthusiasm.
  3. Gray-orange - dynamic, bold, and gives a sense of warmth, and is perfect for the kitchen space.
  4. Gray-Turquoise is suitable for kitchens if you want to freshen up the environment and make it brighter.

    This shade is able to charge with positive emotions, as well as a great combination with blue and bronze.

By the way, there are other shades, for example, Guggenheim, which is elegant and at the same time just looks in matte finish. Such a background absorbs natural light, and therefore it can seem that at different times of the day everything looks different. We suggest taking a closer look at another shade, topaz is a middle between beige and gray, which creates a feeling of comfort, but this is definitely a bad choice for a studio or office.

The color described helps to add additional shades to the interior of the kitchen, and is also able to easily adapt to different patterns and textures.

Gray and bronze give many possibilities for choosing an openwork type decor. Smoky grays, on the other hand, are soothing, and when combined with bold accents, they create an unconventional modern design. When using furniture made of natural wood, namely solid wood, you should pay attention to the bluish-gray shade.

Pay attention, to especially small kitchen rooms in apartments, you should consider an alternative to a perfectly white tone and try to take a headset with a gray tint. This helps to visually expand the room, and also retains the natural color and does not absorb it.

Stylish solutions

Gray kitchens have many design options. It will be possible to make it in a rustic style, as well as use new directions; the headset will look great in minimalism. Designers give a choice of many style solutions, when this shade can become the main decoration of the room, you just need to choose the right choice.

Like many other neutral shades, gray can be combined with almost every other shade in the spectrum. In the design of the room, it is often used together with hazy blue or brown, and for the classics, black and white would be the best option.

As a background, gray not only helps make the rest of the colors better, but it also makes the paintings, furniture, and the shop window stand out.

The soft gray tint of stainless steel appliances helps to make the kitchen modern and stylish. Traditional design with well-thought-out lighting scenarios and chairs help add chic to the urban flair.

Gray kitchen sets go well with floors in a neutral shade or imitation of natural wood. An imitation of brick or natural stone will look great on the walls.

Light shades of gray help to add tenderness to the atmosphere and look great with pastel colors.

Blue, yellow and brown create a warm combination with gray, and the kitchen is cozy, beautiful.If the room is more white, then you should choose a kitchen set in a cold gray shade.

How to choose a shade for the interior

A kitchen set is either chosen for the existing style of the room, or the rest of the space is created for it. Recently, kitchens with bright accents are very popular.

Gray color with a cold shade of blue walls looks modern and non-standard. A darker shade of gray will look incredible when paired with marble countertops and floors. Brass or other metal fixtures will help to complete the look.

A dark gray color of the kitchen unit will go well with steel, silver or even white walls. This combination is ideal for very small spaces because it gives the feeling of extra space.

If you want an interesting and bold design, then choose a headset that combines gray and lilac / purple. In this case, the island or countertop can be finished with natural stone, but not marble, because despite the strength of the material, it is porous and it is difficult to remove stains from it. Walls can be painted lilac, but only the shade should be one tone higher / lower than that used in the headset.

Please note, h if in the kitchen you decide to use a standard black and white palette, this does not mean that the gray kitchen will look out of place. The most important thing is that you choose the right shade.

In this case, no other colors should be included - only white and black, and by mixing you will achieve the required additional color. The ideal option would be a light gray shade.

Silvery wallpapers look incredibly beautiful on the walls, which, with sufficient lighting from the horse and the correct arrangement of lamps, will shimmer in different shades throughout the day. In such a kitchen, it would be wise to use cold gray headsets. You can visually stretch a small space in height if you use furniture in dark colors.

If it seems to you that this option is gloomy, then it can be diluted with white on the ceiling and walls. The warm tones of wood lamps will also give the right balance. But the warm tone of the drapery of pink or other delicate color will perfectly compensate for the cold shade of gray kitchen set.

Gray and brown are ideal companions for a rustic look. Cold and warm colors complement each other in such a way that the room looks traditional, even slightly primitive, but at the same time modern.

If you use this set with green walls, you get an atmosphere of airiness, light, and a feeling of lightness will appear inside.

Ideally, this design will have sufficient natural light in the room.The soft gray color with shades of brown makes it possible to make the kitchen welcoming, cozy, and in such a room you want to spend more time. Gray wallpaper in combination with the same set, but in a darker shade, makes the design elegant. You can use this combination when decorating a classic interior.

Another interesting option will be when the headset has gold-plated handles.

Upper cabinets will have glass doors, but not transparent, but covered with white foil. The walls between the top and bottom are finished with brickwork, but painted white. The composition can be completed with a white washbasin and a natural dark wood look.


This color of the kitchen set is intended for people who are crazy about modern solutions.

If you combine it with the whiteness of the walls, you can create an atmosphere of elegance. When combining gray, remember to do it right, because despite the monochrome effect, you can get an unintentional cacophony, namely imbalance.

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