A mess in the kitchen - how to improve cleaning and avoid clutter: Review + Video

A mess in the kitchen - how to improve cleaning and avoid clutter: Review + Video Clutter in the kitchen: how to get rid of it, even if there is no time. What do we usually do in the kitchen? That's right, we eat and drink, come up with new recipes, get together with family or friends and celebrate something. Often we do a lot of things on it at the same time, and there is no time to search for some items. Therefore, many of us prefer to keep easily accessible a book with recipes, dishes, utensils, and although this can really be convenient, it all creates real chaos! You can save the kitchen from rubbish, and at the same time everything will be without unnecessary fuss and nerves (after all, hardly anyone wants to waste time looking for ketchup among the spices).

Plus, you'll know where and what to look for, making cooking easier.


If you cook healthy food, you will have more time and energy for your daily activities. When working on this part of the apartment and getting rid of the clutter in the kitchen, it is worth asking yourself: "What do you need to do to make cooking and finding the right item easier? If there are some items on the table that I do not use constantly, it might be better to remove them to a locker or another room / pantry? Is there anything in the kitchen area that distracts me from setting the table, cooking, washing dishes? "

Helpful hints in detail

Only 40 seconds

Although it seems that during this time do not have time, it is not.

  • Wipe the surfaces of the table and cabinets, as well as all external parts of small household items and containers.
  • Sharpen a couple of knives, and if you don't have a file, it's best to buy one. Sharper knives make cooking easier and harder to cut.

  • Look for mold on the food. If this happened, then everything should be thrown out.
  • Take any item that is clearly not in the kitchen and take it to where it should be.
  • Throw away all old food from the freezer. How do you know if a product has gone bad? Get in the habit of constantly writing down on the packaging the date when you put this or that product in the freezer, and then it will be easier to understand until what time you should eat it in the food that you decided to buy in advance.

    It is definitely impossible to eat something later than a year after the purchase, so it is better to get rid of everything that has been in the freezer for more than 12 months.

Consider another option for express cleaning to get rid of trash and mess.

Cleaning in 1 minute

There are more options here:

  • A mess in the kitchen - how to improve cleaning and avoid clutter: Review + Video Remove all dry dishes from the dryer and dishwasher.
  • Examine all the textiles in the kitchen (rags, towels, napkins, tablecloths) and set aside those that have holes or stains separately.
  • Wipe the outside of the table, cabinet or sideboard with drawer.

  • Gather all the forks, spoons and cups that are lying around the kitchen, put them back.
  • Unplug the toaster grill or electric kettle. Pull the tray out of the toaster where the bread crumbs are accumulating and throw it in the trash can, then wipe down the spill and return it to its place. If it is not there, then the device will need to be turned over over a sink or trash can and all contents shaken out.

Using rags

If you've turned kitchen towels and old T-shirts into rags, remember to use them.

It will be very convenient to use rags to wipe all liquids that have been spilled on the floor, rub shoes or silverware, wipe dust, remove cobwebs, wipe the surface of the walls, take something sticky and dirty, wash the car or just rub furniture with polish.

Cleaning in 5 minutes

The mess in the kitchen can be removed even in 5 minutes:

  1. Lightly slide your finger around the edge of each bowl and glass to make sure there are no chips or cracks. Discard all damaged items.
  2. Load and run the dishwasher, or rinse out all the dishes that have accumulated in the sink.
  3. Inspect all deep and flat plates and saucers.

    Throw away anything that has any damage or stains that won't wash off. If you have crockery that looks good, but you still don't want to use it, then you should put it in a box with things that you later donate to charity. Find a time when you can give your donation and put it on your to-do list in your diary.

  4. If you have many sets of plates, think about how often you use them, and if they take up extra space? If you have never taken out this or that set at all, it is better to sell or donate it.
  5. See where and how the kitchen utensils are placed.

    Are the garbage bags close enough to the waste bin? How close are the coffee cups to the coffee pot? Are there oven mitts near the oven? If not, then it is worthwhile to do the rearrangement of objects, and devote 5 minutes to each aspect to make it easier to use things.

Getting rid of trash by zones

As you can see, it's not difficult. We suggest further we consider getting rid of trash by zones, and not by time intervals.

Proper organization of space in cupboards

How much useful space is lost in kitchen cupboards if all the dishes are stowed away. When you need to get something from the very depths, you have to get everything that is already ahead.

At the moment, there are many devices that will help organize the comfortable storage of all kitchen utensils. It will be enough just to hang an organizer from the inside of the door, on which you can install all the covers. In this case, the pots can be placed one in the other, and thereby free up useful space.

Convenient baskets and boxes can be placed on the shelves in the pencil case to store small items.The size should be chosen exactly according to the width of the shelves so that there is no free space on the sides, which will be empty due to unnecessary use.

Pay special attention to corner cabinets - if necessary, you can equip them with swing-out structures and rotating sections, with the help of which you can force even those places that are remote. You can even install them in finished furniture, and it will take no more than 15 minutes.

Clearing surfaces from debris

And what to do with the working surface? Here you need to place everything so that important items are at hand. If borscht is boiling, and there is no time to dig in search of spices or look for a knife for cutting. Do you really need to sacrifice comfort for a clean countertop and comfort? An excellent solution would be beautiful roof rails that need to be attached in all important places in the kitchen space.

if you doubt how this or that design will fit into a modern, classic or ethnic style, then know that manufacturers are trying to produce filling for absolutely any interiors. These are baskets from textiles for Provence, and chrome-plated shelves for high-tech, and hooks for minimalism. The result will delight both practitioners and skeptics.

Organization of storage on open shelves

Even in the photo, the mess in the kitchen is depressing, especially on the shelves. Also, in recent years, many are abandoning open storage systems and opting for closed lockers.

It's much more practical, leaves less room for weekly cleaning, and what's more, you won't see clutter behind the doors. But what about those with a headset with many open shelves? Here the European experience will come to the rescue, when beautiful jars made of glass, metal and plastic, as well as baskets from vines and boxes are used. If you choose the right combination of items, the overall picture will be great.

Transparent containers make it easy to find the contents and you will see at a glance which jar you need. Fruit can be stored in wicker baskets, and ventilation will only prolong the freshness of the food.

Wooden drawers are often used for large kitchen utensils and are appropriate for upper cabinets as well as for the floor. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Floating banks - simple and non-standard

A mess in the kitchen - how to improve cleaning and avoid clutter: Review + Video To implement the following advice, you will need to make some effort, but the result can definitely please you. It will also help save space in the kitchen cabinet, and it also looks quite unusual and original. To do this, you need some pretty jars.

Screw the covers onto the wood plate and attach it to the bottom surface of the wall cabinet above the desktop surface. Then you just have to fill the containers with cereals and pasta, and you can enjoy the result.

Organization of space for household appliances

Most do not buy modern appliances just for the reason that there is nowhere to put them, and at the same time, the internal spaces are littered with various graters, additional attachments and manual types of mills. The solution will be to buy one unit, which will make it possible to get rid of many devices. Finding a place suitable for the appliance is also a problem, but since you already have a countertop free of small things, and storage is organized in lockers, it will be possible to completely fit a multicooker or a friend of the equipment that you need.

By the way, the selection of equipment should be approached carefully. For example, it makes sense to buy a coffee machine if you love green tea, and a microwave oven can be replaced with a device that can be both an oven and a microwave. Devices that you rarely use should be removed from the kitchen altogether.

Please note that if you bought a new kitchen appliance, it is worth getting rid of the old equivalent. You should control the number of items, and also throw away all cracked dishes and mugs without handles.

This is tough advice, but you will immediately feel its effectiveness.

Secret nuances for putting things in order

In addition, we have found for you some more useful tricks that no one else will tell you about will tell you, but these techniques are quite effective and help out in organizing a comfortable space in the kitchen.

Emergency box

To avoid clutter in the kitchen, it is worth getting yourself a box or emergency box, into which you can remove the scatter with one movement of your hand small things. It helps a lot if guests come any minute, but do not forget that everything needs to be put in place. This technique will work not only in the kitchen, but also help for a teenage room, or in the hallway.

Make it a habit to spend at least 15 minutes a week clearing up all the rubble.

Fridge door

Notes and magnets that are older than you are all very nice, but try to shoot it all from the surface, and immediately replace how the kitchen becomes neater and more restrained. Pay attention to the fact that you will not see such elements on the facade of the refrigerator in any design project.

Dividers and organizers

Convenient dividers and organizers help you organize the storage of all cutlery, knives, boards and all other accessories. These inexpensive and uncomplicated tools will help you organize all your kitchen utensils.

If there are much more items than the crossbars in the organizer, then buy additional trays and containers, but such things should be purchased only when really necessary.

Washing the dishes

Train yourself not to store the dishes in the sink - only 1-2 cups can already create an untidy effect, and dirty things are best rinse immediately and put into the dishwasher or rinse immediately by hand and put in a clean place for storage.


And one more useful tip for those who want all things to be kept in their places. Take inventory, throw away anything you don't need, follow all the tips, and immediately notice how much easier and more comfortable it will become in the kitchen. We really hope that the recommendations will help you organize the space correctly and get rid of the mess.