A million dollar refrigerator - what is it for?

A million dollar refrigerator - what is it for? Refrigerator for 1,000,000 rubles and above - what is especially in the device for the price of a car?

Are there really refrigerators for 1,000,000 rubles that someone else is buying? Yes, in fact, this is not a rare case. Believe me, the rich can also cry feel the torment of choosing this or that subject.

Let's look at what exactly they have to choose from, and most importantly, why?

КitehenАid, КСZСХ 20900L - 1,079,000 rubles

This is one of the smartest refrigerators around (though no surprise!).

I would especially like to highlight the following advantages:

  • A million dollar refrigerator - what is it for? Management is exclusively electronic.
  • Built-in model.

  • The presence of two cameras.
  • The volume of the refrigerator is 456 liters, and the freezer compartment is 260 liters.
  • Equipped with two doors.
  • Able to keep the cold closed without power for up to 18 hours.
  • There is a freshness zone.

  • Supports the fast cooling function - you bought food, placed it in the refrigerator, pressed the button and the device quickly cools everything to the required temperature level, which will be calculated automatically.
  • Maintain the required temperature level even when the door is open. It turns out that if you accidentally forgot to close the refrigerator door, then it will not beep, but will begin to increase the circulation and cooling of the air in such a way as to maintain the selected temperature mode.
  • Multi-temperature drawer - you can make it a refrigerator, or you can make it a freezer compartment.

For the manufacture of the product, only those materials are used that are of a high class and excellent quality, closers on the doors of this refrigerator are absolutely necessary, and you can also open the doors in both directions.

КitсhenАid КСZWХ 20900L - 1,111,000 rubles

This is not even a refrigerator, but an incredible wine cabinet with all the accessories.

In addition to the fact that it is able to maintain special temperature regimes, depending on which wine varieties you store there, the main thing is that there is vibration protection inside, which can spoil fine wines. In addition, the drinks themselves are protected from exposure to sunlight, and a special level of humidity is maintained for them (for each variety its own).

A million dollar refrigerator - what is it for? Below, under the cabinet, there is a freezer with the ability to freeze food very quickly. In addition, there is a vacation mode and autonomous cold storage up to 18 hours, and the entire system is equipped with "know frost".

  • There is also ventilation under the appliance or along the kitchen skirting board.
  • The door is inserted into a steel frame with a sturdy glass unit.
  • Soft closing of doors, open door indicator, party mode.
  • Energy efficiency A +.
  • The volume is 376 liters and the freezer is 96 liters.

Some of you, by any chance, are not a connoisseur and connoisseur of rare wines?

Asko RF 2826S - 760 500 rubles

There was already a refrigerator for 1,000,000, this one is a little cheaper, but also not cheap. In addition to the standard and already familiar functions, unusual design style and high quality materials, the refrigerator is also equipped with a double cooling system, as well as an unusual cold air cut-off technology for opening the door, a touch panel with graphics visualization. An icemaker is also available. In addition, the device will appeal to those who hate unnecessary noise in the apartment - everything works perfectly and without noise. Yes, rich functionality is made for really rich people.

SMEG RI76RSI - 835,000 rubles

The device has quite standard dimensions, and therefore is universal. The functionality is truly rich, there are many interesting functions, for example, the lock from small children and the "Vacation" mode. In addition, the equipment is equipped with LED lighting, which is uniform and bright throughout the chamber, and therefore the products will always be in sight.

Liеbherr ECBN 6256 - 301,000 rubles

It is interesting that this device is equipped with a freshness zone and can autonomously maintain a given temperature level without power supply up to 51 (!) hours. It turns out that if the light turns off, the temperature you need will be kept in the refrigerator for a little over two days.

Sound and light indication is triggered when the temperature level rises and the door is opened. The freezer does an excellent job with its functions, and there it can please with superfreezing and supercooling. In addition, the device is very economical - energy efficiency class A ++, which indicates low consumption of electrical energy.

Sub-Zero 700BR 400,000 rubles

This is probably the smallest of the described refrigerator models. Its height is only 0.

87 meters, but due to a well thought-out design, the volume is 150 liters. It is built under the countertop, and inside there are convenient drawers, and not standard and boring shelves for everyone. All refrigerators in the review are built-in, but according to the American type - they stand inside the cabinet, but are not covered by a furniture door. The best option is the second, because its ergonomics are at the highest level, the quality of plastic is excellent, and the most interesting functionality of all.