A profitable way to build a cheap frame house with a minimal budget + Video and Photo

A profitable way to build a cheap frame house with a minimal budget + Video and Photo How cheap to build a frame house? You have decided to build a frame house for permanent residence in it. And many questions immediately arise. How to build cheaply? Where to start? From whom to order a project? Where can I find reliable suppliers? What materials to choose? Hire a team or on your own?

Still need to calculate the cost of water disposal, set up an electrician. And much more.

Where to start?

Just as a theater begins with a coat rack, construction begins with geodetic measurements and earthworks.

On your site, markings are made, and after that a pit is dug under the foundation. Or marks for driving piles are selected. It all depends on the ground on which the house will stand.

What can you save on by building a frame house?

Choosing a foundation

The classic version of a foundation in Russia is a strip one. It is suitable for almost all types of soil.

It takes little time to mix and fill. And for the price, this is a fairly budget option. The formwork is exposed on average to a depth of 1 meter; for sandy soils, it can be made smaller. It is better to choose class AIII fittings for one-two-story buildings. Typically, the project already contains grades and types of materials.

You can easily navigate by them.

Important !

It is undesirable to move away from the estimated parts of the project and engage in amateur performances. The strength of the support of the house, its reliability depends on this.

When choosing a foundation, many stop at the columnar version. Yes, it will save money.

The device is quite mobile and affordable. Does not require deepening. Ordinary roofing felt can be used as insulation. But do not forget that this type of foundation for a frame house is a temporary version. It is more suitable for suburban buildings.

Before installing the frame, many construction companies suggest paying attention to screw piles in order to minimize the cost of time and money. They have proven to be excellent in swampy areas or slopes. They enter the soil easily, like self-tapping screws, thanks to the screw thread.

Important !

For a two-story frame house with an area of ​​about 60 sq. m.

choose piles with a diameter of at least 100mm. The bearing capacity of the screw pile is 4-5 tons.

Water disposal

But before choosing and installing the foundation, it will be more correct to determine the location of the well or well. Water disposal and sewerage are calculated in advance. This is one of the most important construction costs.

A profitable way to build a cheap frame house with a minimal budget + Video and Photo We need to decide where the water will get into the house from. And where to display the used one. Equip a container or closed-type septic tank . Find out the cost of sewage disposal. Plan for future service fees or taxes.

Digging a well, drilling a well on your own is expensive. Regular cleaning of the building is also at your own expense. As well as pumping equipment and its depreciation. But the water is yours. Completely free.

If an autonomous system does not suit you, carefully analyze all aspects of connecting utility networks from the city highway. After collecting all the necessary documents and receiving the technical specifications, you need to approve the project in all organizations that will conduct their communications to the site. Tariffs are different everywhere. In addition, it will be necessary to pay for the work of contractors and special equipment. Buy at your own expense pipes for drinking water and sewerage.

Connecting fittings, reinforced concrete rings and, of course, a meter.


To install the meters correctly without specialists, you first need to decide on the wiring diagram of the electrical wire and the locations of the shields.

Attention !

Be sure to find out what network power was allowed to be allocated for your frame house. Is the network one or three phase? The total energy consumption of simultaneously switched on devices depends on this.

Having carried out the marking work to find the sockets and lamps, decide on the method of installing the line.

Open, with fastening of all parts in a cable channel, over the walls. Or a hidden method, involving camouflage in grooves, baseboards or false ceilings. Both options have their pros and cons. Cables over wallpaper look less aesthetically pleasing, but they can be easily and quickly repaired. A new branch point can be added instantly.

Well suited for timber frame houses. More economical, due to the absence of difficulties in electrical work.

Reference !

All switches are installed strictly at a distance, in accordance with regulatory documents. In damp rooms, sockets are not installed, but taken outside for safety reasons.

However, it is not worth saving on high-quality electrical materials.

Opt for non-flammable or self-extinguishing products. When buying a cable, calculate its cross-section. Although for a home, 2.5mm is usually enough. sq.

, withstanding current 25 A. But it is better to play it safe. An electrician is not a place for hopes for “maybe.” Without elementary foundations, it is life-threatening to meddle in here for a layman.

A brief overview of the frame installation

After carrying out the preparatory work, when all the documents are in order, the project is in hand, you can start assembling the frame of the house.

The lower harness is laid on the foundation, the corners are checked. And pre-assembled walls are installed, propping up with beams. Some immediately make the floor. Next, prepare the upper harness for roof rafters will be installed on them.

A profitable way to build a cheap frame house with a minimal budget + Video and Photo All elements are fixed with brackets or use ordinary nails.

Practical use metal corners and screws . If the assembly scheme of the house provides for the presence of jibs, they additionally enhance the strength of the structure. The corners are formed from support boards, since they bear maximum loads.

The inner walls of the house are assembled identically to the outer ones. there is no load on them.

The only serious requirement, is the thickness.This plays an important role in the installation of insulation, which can also be a sound insulating material.

Help !

In regions with a predominantly cold and humid climate, it is permissible to lay not just waterproofing between the piping and the foundation, but also synthetic insulation.

After the successful construction of the frame of the house, you can install windows and doors according to the project. The door frame is cheaper to assemble yourself.

And the windows and the installation itself must be ordered from the manufacturer.

One question remains regarding the choice of a roofing system. At first glance, the simplest solution is a flat roof, but later it will require a lot of effort and money. Accumulating rainwater or snow will certainly damage the coating.

The single-slope option is more profitable.

But it is preferable both from the aesthetic and practical points of view, after all, a two-pitched solid roof, with a roof slope of 20-30 degrees without additional reinforcement and installation.

An economy-class frame house, made competently, will serve your family for 30 years or more. The average service life is seventy years.