Advantages and Disadvantages - How to distinguish quality material from fake? Instruction + Video and Photo

Advantages and Disadvantages - How to distinguish quality material from fake? Instruction + Video and Photo What is flexible stone? It is a construction, natural, environmentally friendly material. Easy to use, but with a lot of good qualities. There is no need to mine wild stone.

It is enough to study the production technology. Sandstone is taken as a basis, which creates a unique pattern and shade of the finished material.

Next comes the fabric, fiberglass and high temperature polymer. Sandstone is attached to this base, which must first be cut and sanded to a perfectly even surface layer. This is followed by the drying process. The author of this technology is German designer Gernot Erlich.

Stone production

Two methods of flexible stone production:

This material bends well, hence the name - flexible stone. It is possible to manufacture in various thicknesses in the form of rolls or in the form of tiles.

After the completion of the work, the material goes on sale.

The advantages of flexible stone

Being flexible, the material is suitable for cladding of various shapes - round, stepped, etc.

Huge selection of textures and colors (selection of patterns for any style of interior). The possibility of using in residential premises due to the manufacture of safe, environmentally friendly materials does not emit harmful substances. Excellent breathability. It has high strength and fire safety due to the stone layer.

Installation. Easy to glue and cut. Sheet weight from 3 to 5 kg per square meter. Durability. Up to 35 years of correct operation.

Doesn't need any special care. Has a unique property of transmitting light. This allows the mounting of hidden luminaires. This creates the illusion that the surface seems to glow from the inside, demonstrating the unique beauty of the veins of natural stone.

Disadvantages of flexible stone


(approximately from 900 to 7000 rubles per square meter). A large number of fakes. Using cheap glue will cause the crumb to fall off.

How to get into the hands of scammers, how to distinguish quality material from fake:

  1. Advantages and Disadvantages - How to distinguish quality material from fake? Instruction + Video and Photo Low price. Think about it, a high-quality flexible stone cannot be cheap.

  2. Certificate of quality confirmation of the seller's good faith. Its absence is 100% guarantee of a fake.
  3. Twisting test.At the same time, the material should not crack or crumble.
  4. Having made a small cut with scissors, you can also assess the quality of the goods.

    High-quality flexible stone It is well cut, does not stick to scissors, does not crumble or break.

The use of flexible stone

Due to its versatility, flexible stone is rightfully considered a material for external and internal work. Given its high frost resistance (up to -40 degrees !!!), it is popular even in the northern regions. And given the quality of use at high temperatures (up to +650 degrees !!!) it is suitable for finishing stoves and fireplaces.

Perfect for kitchens, baths and even swimming pools, as it is absolutely not afraid of water and does not lose its appearance.

Preparatory work and installation of flexible stone:

  • Clean the surface from uneven dust, if necessary, putty.
  • It is imperative to prime and let it dry well.
  • A special PVA-based adhesive is applied to the surface using a construction trowel.
  • Then glue the strips of flexible stone.

IMPORTANT! When working on curved sections, it is necessary to use a special hairdryer to increase the elasticity of the canvas and to give the complex relief definition.

In addition to flexible stone in the form of rolls, there is a material in the form of tiles. When installing it, tile gaps appear. Grouting will help to remove them. At the end of the work, a special protective film is removed from the tile, which protected the material from damage during construction and repair work.

CONCLUSION: Flexible stone is an excellent material with a huge list of advantages.

And almost complete absence of flaws.