Advantages and Disadvantages of Latex Paint

Advantages and Disadvantages of Latex Paint Pros and cons of latex paint

Today, paints have become the most popular method for renovating premises inside, and for outdoor surface finishing. Modern manufacturers offer a large assortment of paints and varnishes, among which latex paint is in great demand. It can be used to decorate the facades of buildings, as well as to paint various surfaces in the house and apartment.

Features. Latex is a juice from rubber plants, which acts as a dispersion of particles of natural rubber polymer.

But the use of raw materials that are natural in origin is expensive, and therefore this option is very expensive.

General information

Today, synthetic polymers are used to create latex, which has a positive effect on the price. Latex paints and varnishes are presented in the form of a liquid aqueous dispersion of any polymer with an artificial origin. This will mean that polymer particles do not dissolve in water, but its presence will prevent sticking. At the end of the surface staining, the water will evaporate, and the polymer particles will gradually stick together, creating a continuous film.

A strong adhesion of the surface and paint will also be carried out. The parameters of the latex paint will depend fully on the qualities of the polymer used to create it.

The choice of polymer will determine how the paint will behave under the influence of the sun's rays, with temperature changes, and also with chemical / mechanical influences. The color of the latex type paint will depend on the color presented as the paste. The product always contains a substance of the desired color.

An interesting fact is that latex was constantly used even in the days of Ancient Egypt. In the future, such material was used in painting, including when creating icons. Latex began to be used in construction work only at the beginning of the 19th century. Advantages of latex paint:

  1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Latex Paint The product is environmentally friendly - it can be used to decorate living rooms, bedrooms and even a nursery.
  2. Coating strength - the paint will create a reliable layer on the painted surface, but should be careful when leaving it.

    Do not often do wet cleaning of painted surfaces.

  3. Ease of use and low consumption - latex paints are distinguished by excellent hiding power, and therefore almost no sagging is formed during painting. For each square meter of the surface, from 0.1 to 0.5 liters of paint is needed.

  4. Lack of characteristic aroma - latex has become a compound of particles and polymers, and therefore it does not emit a specific odor.
  5. Cure Rate - After painting, everything dries quickly, and this process usually takes up to 5 hours, and the drying rate will depend on the air temperature.

Consider what types of paint are.


Varieties and applications

Latex paint has a wide range of applications. Depending on the type, it can be used for decoration outside or indoors.

Substances for facade coloring have a special compound that protects surfaces from the appearance of mold and fungal colonies. The following paints and varnishes are suitable for painting surfaces inside an apartment:

  • Acrylic is an ideal solution for painting wood.
  • Vinyl is the best option for painting walls and ceilings.
  • Textured - the ideal solution for making a relief print, embodying the most daring design ideas.
  • Heavy - designed for ceiling painting only.

  • Drop-free - makes it possible to hide all kinds of cracks and irregularities.

Depending on the appearance, acrylic-type paint is divided into several types:

  1. Matt is a washable latex paint in order to hide some imperfections on the surface. It perfectly masks small irregularities, and this tile is not afraid of the influence of the sun's rays, since it practically does not warm up. Its disadvantage is that it gets dirty very quickly. It needs frequent and careful maintenance, but it perfectly withstands contact with water, as well as friction.

  2. Glossy - the ideal solution to decorate a room for external or internal work. It makes it possible to visually increase the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe room, and such paint hardly gets dirty. Its disadvantage is that it can only be used for painting flat surfaces.
  3. Semi-matte - has become the golden mean between glossy and matte paint, and also combines the advantages of all types described above.

There is another classification of latex coatings, which will depend on the additives introduced into them.

Polyvinyl acetate

This paint is made on the basis of PVA (that is, vinyl acetate polymer). It is quite often called water-dispersion or water-based. The advantages of this paint:

  • There are no solvents in it.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Can be easily washed off your hands if it is not 100% dry.

  • Excellent grip.
  • Almost no aroma.

But water-based compositions can be washed off even after perfect drying, and therefore it is not advised to use it for external work. It has a chalky effect and can stain clothing if touched. This paint is ideal for painting the ceiling, as it is the best option for working with hard-to-reach places in a dry room.

It should also be taken into account that it is only suitable for operated housing, since it is not resistant to frost.

Styrene butadiene

This type of composition is referred to as latex water-based paints.The difference will be that such a paint is characterized by excellent moisture resistance and increased wear resistance. It is inexpensive and therefore in great demand. Its disadvantage is its low resistance to light.

When exposed to the rays of the sun, it will quickly change color. It can be safely used for interior work. It is ideal for a corridor, hallway or storage room.


This option is perfect for painting facades. It is resistant to the influence of light and moisture, and is also characterized by increased vapor permeability.

This paintwork material acts as an ideal substitute for silicone and silicate paints. It has similar properties to silicate, but it is cheaper, and therefore there is always a great demand for it.


A very expensive option, but it has excellent operational qualities. It can be used for facade decoration of buildings or as interior enamel. It retains its beautiful appearance under all circumstances.

Most buyers agree that it is better to buy expensive acrylic paint and paint the room 1 time for a long time than buying a cheap analogue every year, and then start painting again. Latex paints are versatile because they are suitable for painting various surfaces. They fit perfectly on gypsum board, plaster, foam concrete, and even on plastic window sills. But which latex paint is better?

Color palette

Initially, such formulations are presented in white, and the manufacturer independently tints the formulations to obtain the desired flowers. Sometimes, even in stores, tinting is done "to order".

The peculiarity of latex-based products is that they are not presented as bright colors. Only pastel colors can be obtained through the color scheme. Latex black paint will deserve special attention, as it is rarely used, but can add new notes to the interior if it is applied correctly. Bright colors look spectacular and beautiful on a black background, and black paints make it possible to eliminate excess variegation. When choosing this or that color, you should pay attention to what kind of surface will be obtained after painting - glossy or matte.

To hide small defects and errors, matte paints should be used. Glossy options make it possible to visually make the room larger, but the surface for application should turn out to be flat.

Manufacturing companies

Advantages and Disadvantages of Latex Paint Today, latex-type paints are in great demand and popular. Most of the popular manufacturers offer durable, quality and reliable options. There are many positive reviews about the products of the companies Tikkurilla, Dufa, Dulux, Pufas, etc.

Among the manufacturers in the Russian Federation, the companies "Tex" and "Lakra" should be distinguished. Finnish materials from Tikkurilla have an excellent reputation.They can be used to paint putty, painted, plastered and concrete surfaces. The company offers an incredibly large selection, so you can easily choose the ideal one depending on your use. LKM "Eco Joker" is based on acrylic, which does not contain organic solvents.

The washable matt surface attracts attention with its silk effect. It is ideal for painting different types of surfaces and looks beautiful on wood, wallpaper or concrete. Perfect for painting cardboard, brick, plastered and plaster surfaces. It can be applied to both new and previously painted surfaces - in the bedroom, living room or children's room. Another advantage is that it dries quickly, and after 2 hours a new layer of paint can be applied.

"Euro 2" has become a good solution for painting the ceiling, as it is based on a copolymer dispersion. The paint is matte and at the same time environmentally friendly. It can even be used for a child's room or bedroom. Euro 3 is ideal for painting wood or fiberboard surfaces. "Euro 20" is suitable for damp rooms, as well as for painting heating radiators.

Dulux, a company from England, offers products with excellent hiding power. Tinted materials can be used to create stylish room designs. They differ in the speed of drying, and also in excellent viscosity. For painting wallpaper, a material from the Easy series is the ideal solution, and for painting coatings that require frequent washing, you should buy V Sheen paint. The German manufacturer Dufa is among the best manufacturers in Europe.

It offers products for indoor and outdoor use, regardless of the surface.

Products from the German Pufas became famous on the Russian market. The brand offers a wide range of color solutions, ease of use, affordable cost and versatility. Latex paint "Matt-Latex" is safe for health, as it contains no solvents. It is economical, elastic, highly resistant to moisture, durable, gives shine to gloss, and it dries perfectly in 24 hours.

Products from the Swedes (Parade) have been in demand for many years. The brand offers high quality products at reasonable prices, offering a large assortment for interior decoration and for facade work. Diy paint is waterproof and therefore ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. It fits perfectly on the surface, and at the same time has a low consumption. The moderate cost will appeal to all buyers.

You will find all the advantages of latex paint in the composition of "Lacra". It is needed for interior and facade treatments, and there is also a large selection of colors, ideal quality, elasticity and strength. Most consumers leave only positive reviews about the brand's products. The Russian company "Tex" offers high quality acrylic-based paints.The advantage of the product is that the composition does not drip or drip.

The painted surface is perfectly breathable, not prone to the appearance of fungus and mold. If we talk about the disadvantages, then before using the product, a primer must be applied to the surface before painting. If you want to cover wood, you need several layers of the product to completely hide the wood pattern.