advantages, layout- Options + Photos and Videos

advantages, layout- Options + Photos and Videos Project of a frame house 6 by 4 + Photos and Review of projects. Your own cozy house in the suburbs or Moscow is the dream of every resident of Russia. At the moment, more than ever, the question of building your own house, and not buying it is ready, has become relevant. After all, what a pleasure it is to choose the location of the house on the site, the number of floors, interior, layout and exterior, that is, to do everything "for yourself". Moreover, such construction will cost you much less than buying a ready-made house.

If you have a small suburban area, then the best option would be to build a frame house 6 by 4.

Advantages of a frame house

The advantages of a small frame house include the following:

  • advantages, layout- Options + Photos and Videos Minimum construction time . Certain types of structures can be built even in a week. On average, such buildings take up to a month.
  • Small size, functionality .

    A house with parameters 6 by 4 is compact, which makes it possible to build it on small plots. Don't worry, compactness will not affect functionality in any way. You will have a comfortable living space with several rooms in addition to the kitchen and bathroom. There will also be space on the site in order to plant a garden or plant a vegetable garden.

  • Excellent thermal insulation performance .

    Due to this, it will be possible to live in the house all year round.

  • Beautiful exterior . Frame houses are very beautiful.
  • Low cost . Building a frame-type house will cost you several times less than building a similar structure, but made of brick.

    It is not necessary to use special equipment in the work.

  • Environmental friendliness . In the construction of frame houses, a wooden or metal frame is used. By itself, and that, and that option is environmentally friendly. The main structural material is wood, and the cladding material used is wooden lining, basalt fiber, drywall, lining and other materials that do not harm the environment.

  • Free layout available. You yourself can choose the location of the rooms and their footage.
  • Saving money and space when laying communications . All this can be neatly hidden under the skin.

The frame house is unpretentious, especially in terms of pouring the foundation.

Since the house itself is lightweight, the creation of a monolithic or strip foundation is not required. Also, the house is completely protected from moisture and cold penetration, it is like a thermos - in summer it keeps cool, and in winter it is warm. Heating costs are low, which means that this is a comfortable home for a small family.

Projects and layout variations

advantages, layout- Options + Photos and Videos Frame house project 6 for 4 it can be one-story or two-story.Many people prefer the second option, since the layout of such a house gives many more opportunities to create a cozy and comfortable home.

Usually the second floor is attic. Its main advantage is that it has a high ceiling. A staircase should lead to the second floor, which can be one-march and two-march. You can also place a terrace near the house, it will increase the convenience and beauty of the exterior. The terrace can be made with a fence made of planed timber, balusters, solid lining and other material.

Also, the terrace can have a separate roof or it can be located under the attic floor. The second option will make it possible to increase the area of ​​the attic floor.

In general, the area of ​​the house will be at least 35 m 2 . The ground floor can house a kitchen, a bathroom, and, for example, a living room. You can do all the same, but without a bathroom, in which case the usable area will be larger.

In addition, there must be a staircase on the ground floor, and the space around it will be considered a hallway if properly arranged. Most often, a bedroom is located on the attic floor, but you can divide the attic into two rooms, and then you can equip a living room and a bedroom or just two bedrooms. The space around the stairs on the second floor will become a small corridor.

As you can see, there are many layout options for even such a seemingly small house. It remains for you to show your imagination and build a comfortable house for your stay.

You can use a typical project for construction, but it is advisable to do the development yourself. So, when drawing up a project, you can take into account how many people the house will be designed for, as well as take into account your needs and financial capabilities. An individual project will make it possible to build such housing that will best suit your needs.

Construction stages

The construction stages are as follows:

  1. advantages, layout- Options + Photos and Videos Foundation creation. For a 6 by 4 frame house project, even unreinforced foundations are suitable, since frame structures are lightweight.

  2. Installing the frame. As mentioned above, the frame can be metal or wood. The first option is considered more reliable, but when using it, you will spend a lot on its manufacture and purchase of material. In addition, a stronger foundation is required for the metal frame. From the street side, the frame will be sheathed with clapboard or boards.

  3. Floor making. The floor will consist of several layers. The first layer will be of roofing material, and it should be laid on top of the foundation. In certain cases it may be necessary to use a building level. Between the logs, you need to lay the material for thermal insulation, that is, insulation, and only after that you can lay the rough or finishing material for finishing.

    It can be boards, parquet, and linoleum.

  4. Erection of walls. It is best to place them on a sub-floor. Also, when erecting walls, think about the location of the windows, since they will occupy about 17% of the wall covering. As for the windows themselves, it is better to give preference to double glazing.

    This will help to improve the thermal and sound insulation properties.

  5. Roof creation. Roofs should be installed immediately after wall installation work is completed, otherwise they (walls) may be damaged by atmospheric precipitation. Roof material should be chosen depending on your wishes.

Insulation of a frame house

If you plan to use the house as a country house, that is, only for the summer period, then insulation is not such an important issue , you may not even be doing it.

But for year-round living in a 6 by 4 frame house, thermal insulation is required. The structure will be erected from vertically standing racks, between which horizontal bars will be attached. Hollow cells are obtained between them, into which insulation must be laid.

Walls can be insulated both outside and inside. The second option is not so rational, since the house itself is not that big.

Inside the rooms, the insulation will only steal the useful space, while outside it will perform its main function. Also, insulation can be used as a decorative material. For walls and floors inside the house, you can use expanded clay or foam. The first option has the best performance, but it will cost you more. For finishing outside, you can choose siding or paneling.

From the inside to the outside, the insulation must be attached to the crate. From the inside, it will be covered with a waterproofing film, and it is also important to leave a small ventilation gap. The insulation should be hemmed with a layer of vapor barrier, and then the finishing material should be attached to the crate.

Cost in Moscow time and Moscow region

The price for a 6 by 4 frame house, completed on a turnkey basis, will depend on many factors. This includes the cost of purchasing materials, labor for workers, and shipping.

During construction, it is better not to save money, since materials of poor quality and workers without the required qualifications will aggravate everything - the durability and functionality of the house will decrease.

So, the construction of a frame house will cost at least 200,000 rubles. A lot will depend on the footage:

  • House for 40 m 2 , without a terrace - 220,000 rubles.
  • House on 51 m 2, with a terrace - 285,000 rubles.
  • House for 60 m 2 , with a terrace + balcony - 350,000 rubles.

The maximum price for the construction of a frame-type house may be 1,000,000 rubles. Everything will depend on the number of rooms, whether there will be a bathroom in the house, what materials will be used and much more. The final price will be known after the calculation for the project.

You can build a beautiful and functional house in Moscow, and at the same time it will be cheaper than buying a finished house or apartment in a residential area. Agree, it is better to live in a suburb, where the air is calmer and cleaner, while in a house that you literally create yourself!


Frame a house, the size of which is 6 by 4, is the optimal solution for construction if you have a small plot of land, or if you want to save space.

But in order to get a really comfortable and reliable house at your disposal, you should contact a good construction company, which will not only quickly complete all the work, but also give a guarantee on them.

( 4 marks, average 2.5 of 5 )