advice on choosing a structure and equipment - How to build with your own hands? Types of fountains and pumps for them + Photo and Video

advice on choosing a structure and equipment - How to build with your own hands? Types of fountains and pumps for them + Photo and Video The fountain is a wonderful decorative structure that can transform a suburban area in no time. It is enough to put even a small fountain and decorate it harmoniously.

The quiet sound of water will allow you to tune in a positive mood and give you peace. In order to build a fountain in the country, there is no need to hire a specialist, you can do it yourself.

The main thing is to follow the installation instructions and prepare related materials and tools.

The procedure for creating a fountain in the country

To begin with

First of all, decide what size fountain you are want to see in your suburban area. This will allow you to select the material in the required quantity and size. Also, an important point is the stylistic design of the courtyard, and you can pick up any fountain, since the choice is now at the highest level.

On the territory of large sizes, mainly fountains of the classical type are placed, and for small areas ready-made fountains for giving in the form of small sculptures are suitable: seashells, figurines of heroes from fairy tales, decorative houses and pots.

Many designers claim that it is not necessary to buy ready-made figurines to build a small fountain, you can build it from scrap materials.

The simplest and most cost-effective construction is made of natural stone. They must be stacked on top of each other, holes made in stones with a drill, and strung like a necklace on a copper pipe. The pipe, in turn, will serve as a conduit for water to the top of the structure. The remaining gaps can be covered with pebbles and sealed with gaps.

How to choose a place for a decorative fountain for a summer residence

  • advice on choosing a structure and equipment - How to build with your own hands? Types of fountains and pumps for them + Photo and Video In order for the fountain to blend harmoniously with the overall look of your yard, several important points must be considered.

  • Do not install the fountain in an overly exposed, sunny location, as ultraviolet light will cause the water to bloom.
  • An area with large trees is considered an unsuitable place for a beautiful fountain for a summer residence. This is because growing roots can damage the bottom of the water tank, and flying leaves, fluff, seeds and fruits will constantly pollute the water.
  • Do not place the fountain close to a house in a short distance, as water may spray onto the walls.
  • An area with gusty winds is also not the best option for installing a fountain, because the jets of water will constantly scatter.

So, where is it possible to put an inexpensive fountain for a summer residence, if there are so many "not allowed" in this story, you ask. It is best to position the fountain in such a way as to maintain a good view from all sides. The ideal location for the reservoir will be a semi-darkened area near a flower garden or bushes.

Stages of work

Work on installing a fountain in the country includes several stages:

  • preparation of the tank for water;
  • installation of a pump;
  • installation of a fountain and its decoration.

Preparing the container for the fountain

The reservoir for the fountain in the country house has a functional purpose, it hides hydraulic equipment and water is poured into it.

To do this, you need to dig a pit, having calculated its depth in advance.

Note. Install the tank at a depth that will be below ground level, this will save you from the unpleasant consequences of eroding the ground around the fountain.

The next stage of work will be filling the pit with a thin layer of sand and strengthening the walls with bricks. Then, you need to cover the bottom of the pit with a waterproofing film.

The film is fixed along the upper edge, the seams are treated with a silicone-based sealant. Fill the hole with a layer of stones with blunt edges. It is important not to forget to drain water near the pit, which will help prevent an increase in its level in the fountain.

Installing the pump for the fountain in the country

advice on choosing a structure and equipment - How to build with your own hands? Types of fountains and pumps for them + Photo and Video The pump is one of the most important mechanisms of the fountain. Its function is the continuous movement of water.

The equipment works on the principle of water throwing out through a nozzle into a container, which then enters the pipeline, passing rough and fine cleaning, and in a cleaned state gets back into the nozzle.

It turns out a kind of water cycle.

The type of pump affects the operation of the entire structure

  • Submersible pump for a fountain in the country works like a centrifuge, located in the middle of a tank with water ...

    The equipment is not expensive, but it is reliable. To install it, you do not need to buy expensive fasteners, since the pump is heavy and will not budge. It is often used for small fountains.

  • The surface pump is a solid type that is mounted at the edge of the tank, at ground level. This unit is suitable for large fountains with complex structures.

Important! To enhance the operation of the pump, a pressure reservoir can be installed, which will ensure the pressure of the ox at a constant level.

Fountain decor

The use of ready-made solutions in the form of sculptures does not require additional decoration, this is an independent design. To install them, there is equipment for a fountain in the country, which should be supplied complete with a fountain. If you decide to make a fountain with your own hands, then the first step is to install metal slats, which are placed in a water container before that.

To decorate a fountain in the country, you can use various plants, flowers, stones, clay figurines and many others at your discretion.

Also, a backlit garden fountain for a summer residence looks very beautiful. To do this, look in stores for bulbs, lamps, LED strips, water lanterns.

It is important not to forget that lighting fixtures must be sealed, that is, protected from water penetration. Upon completion of the installation of the fountain, after checking everything, you can fill in water and start the reservoir.

Types of fountains for summer cottages

  1. advice on choosing a structure and equipment - How to build with your own hands? Types of fountains and pumps for them + Photo and Video Stationary fountain .

    Such structures are installed in public places and in suburban areas with a large area. An uninterrupted source of water for its functioning. For this, sculptures, statues, landscape decor are suitable. Garden fountains for summer cottages made of polystone are very often installed in summer cottages and suburban areas. For their construction, polymers are used that resemble natural stone, but their cost is significantly reduced due to this, although they look very attractive.

    The material has some advantages: light weight, does not deform or rot.

  2. Fountain by gravity. Stone fountains in the country house, through which water flows, have an excellent view. To achieve this, a hole is made inside a large stone and a hose is passed through. It seems that the water is flowing from under the stones, and the water source is hidden.

  3. Submersible Fountain . This is the simplest design of a reservoir that does not require large financial investments. The jets hit directly from the water source. To install such a fountain, select a spray nozzle that will also perform the function of fixing the pump hose. You can arrange multiple jets of water that rise and fall.

    You can also choose different nozzles to get a variety of trickles.

  4. Falling water fountain. It is a composition of a waterfall and a fountain. The stream of water rises and, falling, spreads along the stone cascade, and then returns to the container. It is quite simple to mount the structure, the main thing is to achieve harmony in the combination of a waterfall and a fountain.