Air humidifier for home - which is better to choose

Air humidifier for home - which is better to choose TOP 3 humidifiers for home in 2020

Did you know that children, and adults start to get sick in winter, not so much from contact with cool air (this is even useful at a temperature of -1 to -7 degrees), but from dry air in the house?

Overdried air begins to irritate the nasal mucosa and throat, makes the immune system weaker, and microbes only "add oil", because they develop well in such an environment, develop and easily weaken an already weakened organism. The way out of the situation is as follows - plants in the house, wet cleaning once a day, airing and in addition to this there will be a set of measures - installation of a humidifier.

This is required at least in the children's room.

General information

Also, along with a humidifier, you need to buy a hygrometer - this is so that you don't overdo it with humidification. The optimal indicator of humidity in the house is from 50 to 60%, and if higher, then this is an excellent environment for bacteria and fungi.

Also, the device is very important for humidifying the air where additional heat sources are used - convectors, radiators, because even in the most gentle mode they greatly reduce the level of humidity in the room. Humidifiers - which one is best for the home? They all differ in principle of action, safety and functionality. We have collected in the rating the best devices that have won both the respect of users and experts in this field.

Model overview


You can catch two birds with one stone - cleaning and moistening with one device. Designed for home, operates on an area up to 46 m 2 , automatic and night mode, and air consumption in cubic meters per hour from 24 to 330.

Noise level in dB from 23 to 50.

Advantages Disadvantages
Effectively cleans and moisturizes at one time.

Regulation of humidity level.

There is a pollen catching mode.

There is a remote control.

Ozonizer with electrostatic filter.

Adjust brightness and backlight.

Shutdown by timer.

There is a turbo mode.

Control of humidity level.

Intelligent operation mode.

It is mandatory to use water from reverse osmosis.

Drum humidification method.

There is no way to wash the tank in the middle.

The presented device is recommended for use in an apartment located in the center of megalopolises or industrial areas, in a room with pieces of furniture made of artificial materials, in a house with small children or allergy sufferers.

The air humidifier of this brand is aimed at complex step-by-step cleaning:

  1. Air humidifier for home - which is better to choose The catechin filter will trap dust particles, even small (up to 0.3 mkr).Fluff, hairs, pollen and solid microscopic particles will remain on it - this has an extremely favorable effect on the well-being of people and allergy sufferers who are faced with respiratory problems.
  2. One of the functions kills bacteria and viruses, ticks and dangerous microscopic organisms.
  3. The photocatalytic filter will capture and trap particles, while its titanium-coated side eliminates unpleasant odors.

  4. The Streamer System emits an electron beam that breaks down xylene, formaldehyde and toluene.
  5. Plasma-type ionization gives particles a positive charge, and due to this, the hair does not electrify, and in general a person feels much better.
  6. Deodorization is the last stage of cleansing. Even if the electrons and titanium did not fully cope with it, then such a filter will still make sure that there is pleasant and fresh air in the room.

A humidifier for home does not work just like that - as soon as the air becomes clean, performance will decrease.

Turbo mode helps only after a long period of inactivity, and it also makes it possible to clean the room of dust and unpleasant odors. The device actively collects dust - even dust that has settled on the floor. For this, the device has 4 fans that create a natural vortex, which will help the device to catch the smallest particles. There is also a timer shutdown setting - this can be done after 1-2-4 hours of active work. As a nice bonus, such a device has a beautiful backlight with brightness control.

The humidifier is very powerful and is designed to work in small spaces. And if we take into account that the size of a standard room varies and is approximately 20 m 2 , then the task of cleaning and maintaining the optimal humidity level in the room will be humidifying to cope with a bang. You can adjust the required parameters yourself, and additional convenience will be control using the remote control.

Operational safety and reliability are also important advantages of the device. All elements are perfectly secured, and therefore there is completely no concern that small children may be injured.

It should be noted that due to the adiabatic type of humidification, the device will not raise the humidity level above 60%. You cannot use maximum speed in a children's room and bedroom - the noise does not have enough time to rest, but at minimum speed there is practically no noise from work. It is also required to use water only after reverse osmosis so that there is no clogging of the water passage valve in the humidifier and the water tank. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to clean the device - there is no way to wash the tank from the inside.

Comment from an expert: The presented device is an efficient air purifier and humidifier, it greatly enhances numerous functions and intelligent operating mode that instantly respond to all contamination.

Panasonis F-VXK70R-K

Advantages Disadvantages
Ionizer with NANOE technology.

Regulation of humidity level.

Equipped with wheels for movement.

Adjusts the brightness of the backlight.

HEPA filter presence.

Built-in eco-system.

Mega Catcher function.

The mouth of the water tank is quite wide.

Stylish design

The front panel can be easily removed.

Problems with dry and dirty air are solved in a complex - in this case, the efficiency will be as high as possible.

It is for this reason that the presented device was able to take the leading positions in the TOP of air humidifiers. Panasonic is a climate complex, and it also adjusts the microclimate in the room and maintains all indicators at the required level for a long time. The device does not just humidify the air, but also cleans it from allergens, household dust, harmful microscopic organisms and viruses. Wondering which is the best humidifier for home? This one is definitely TOP, because the filtration system is perfected:

  • Air humidifier for home - which is better to choose Coarse filter - removes large contaminants, pollen, fluff, pet hair and more.
  • The combined HEPA filter is made of an antiseptic catechin, antiallergenic and antibacterial layer.

  • The carbon type filter has a deodorizing effect, eliminates the smell of tobacco smoke, chemical compounds, waste and others.
  • NANOE ionizers generate negatively charged particles - the efficiency is much higher (from 6 to 10 times) than that of ions. There is a neutralization of allergens, bacteria, viruses on every surface in the room.
  • The water-type filter is engaged in the final purification, namely "flushing" the air. At this stage, it will be moistened.

Thanks to the Mega Catcher function in the Panasonic device, the most polluted area of ​​the room is cleaned first of all (distance 0.3 meters from the floor). Thanks to this, dusty air does not rise, but will be immediately cleaned by a multi-level system. The user can customize the required parameters (air intake force, humidity level) or calculate an automated eco-function. The latter not only keeps the air condition in the room under control, but also regulates the consumption of electrical energy.

With strong human activity, the intensity of the climate complex increases, and the brightness of the backlight will directly depend on the illumination in the room.

A very modern humidifier that fits perfectly into all interiors. The manufacturer has carefully thought out the design - it is laconic and at the same time looks very stylish. Hidden LED backlit display, control sensor is an interesting addition to the device. The convenience of care should be announced - the water container will have a wide neck, which makes it possible to often wash it inside.

One should be vigilant if there are small children in the family. The front panel can be easily removed, which is great if you need to replace filters or clean the device. But children can turn such an advantage into a disadvantage.

Expert opinion: the climate complex is developed on the basis of a system with high filtration efficiency - it solves three tasks at once (ionization, humidification and purification).

Venta LW25 White

Advantages Disadvantages

Comprehensibility and ease of use.


Manufactured in Germany.

Quiet operation.

The drum is dishwasher safe.

Equipping with the required functionality.

Shutdown if there is no water in the tank.

Easy to disassemble and assemble for cleaning, service work.

The required humidity level is not set.

Non-separable drum design - difficult to clean sipes.

There is no speed indicator brightness control setting.

The backlight does not turn off.

The device is a true "activist" in the fight for children's health, and will also become a "hero" in the fight against allergens, viruses and bacteria. The most interesting thing is that the filter in it is ordinary water itself. Passing through the device, the air inside it will be cleaned by means of drum disks that rotate.

Humidification directly occurs by the method of cold evaporation. Because of this, the optimum air humidity for the living space will be maintained from 44 to 55%.

The humidifier for home is characterized by a trapezoidal type casing - the side panel area is specially made slightly larger so that the device can handle a huge volume of air. The control panel with LED illumination helps the user to set the settings, and a separate indicator will inform the user about the water level in the tank. What are the best air devices? Naturally, those that serve faithfully, have the required set of functions, do not create problems for users during operation and maintenance.

Performance and simplicity are the main definitions for such a brand.

The model has a minimum set of functions, during operation there is no condensation and snow-white bloom on furniture. The volume of the tank of the device in 5 liters is enough for a long time of continuous operation, and it also processes a couple of cubes of air per minute. If there is a lack of water in the tank, the humidifier is automatically turned off. Maintenance is also easy - it can be easily disassembled, the drum can be washed, for example, in a dishwasher, as well as assembled back to its original state.

Since dust particles are heavy and sink down, it is best to place the device on the floor. It is also important not to cover the fins for drawing in air in order to ensure efficiency and serviceability for more than 10 years, which are given on the device under the official warranty.

Expert opinion: humidifiers of this type work without filters, and are very hygienic and efficient. Water will make it possible to humidify dry air and clean it from contaminants up to 10 microns in size.