Alkyd varnish, its types and application features

Alkyd varnish, its types and application features Alkyd-based varnish - varieties and applications

Alkyd varnish is often used for treating wooden surfaces at home and outdoors. There are several types of such material, and therefore it is important to study in more detail the properties and scope of all types.

When such a varnish composition begins to harden, and also forms a fairly hard and transparent layer. Many people say that alkyd agents take a long time to cure. But manufacturing companies have developed products with special additives, through which they shorten the curing time.

This means that the surface can be applied after a short period of time. After polymerization, a matte or glossy film appears on the varnish of the alkyd agent, depending on which agent is chosen.

General information

The material that you plan to process with such a mixture will be provided with reliable protection against various irritants. It is quite simple to apply alkyd mixtures, because the product has a thick consistency, and due to this, the product will perfectly spread over the floor surface and other surfaces to be treated, forming a dense film layer.

What is it

So, the alkyd-based varnish composition is a mixture in which there are synthetic alkyd resins with organic solvents.

The product has an excellent degree of adhesion and a high level of moisture resistance. alkyd agents are actively used to work on various types of surfaces.

  1. Alkyd varnish, its types and application features End parquet. Alkyds prevent the ends from sticking to each other, and therefore surface stress will be eliminated.
  2. Parquet floor with "warm floor" system.

  3. Parquet made from unusual and delicate woods that have a higher level of sensitivity to the environment.

Advantages and disadvantages

The following properties can be attributed to the advantages of alkyds:

  • Solutions are resistant to temperature extremes, and also changes in humidity. There are no competitors for alkyd-type varnishes in this area.
  • Increased level of vibration resistance.
  • The composition will not be adhesive.

    For this reason, treated floors will not squeak with such varnish.

  • High decorative characteristics - the product can penetrate deeply into the wood, and thus highlight the natural beauty and texture of the product.
  • Convenient application due to thick consistency.
  • After polymerization, the lacquer composition will form a glossy or matte film.
  • Optimum indicators of resistance to mechanical stress.

  • Alkyd agents are resistant to contact with chemical compounds.
  • Fungal colonies or mold will form on the surface.

But among the minuses, users can note the following qualities:

  • The varnish dries for a long time. The curing process takes more than a day, but, as described earlier, certain manufacturers add special hardeners that will shorten the curing time.
  • Until the surface is dry, the lacquer composition will emit an unpleasant odor that can be dangerous if inhaled.

    In order not to harm your own body, you need to leave the windows open until the agent hardens.

  • Alkyd varnishes can wrinkle if you apply too much varnish to the surface. For this reason, it is important to strictly follow the instructions for use.
  • The service life of the surface is approximately 3 years.

Now let's talk about properties.


Almost all types of varnishes go through testing before they hit the counter. Each sample will be kept under standard conditions for 1/2 month prior to testing. Testing will consist in the study of external characteristics using special devices.

The device will determine the following technical characteristics:

  • The period during which the varnish composition fully solidifies.
  • The thickness of the varnish when applied in two layers.

  • Resistance to mechanical influences.
  • Resistant to moisture.
  • Consequences of contact with detergents.
  • Application period.

Only those mixtures that meet all the stated requirements are allowed for sale.

According to the established standards, the composition of the alkyd varnish must have a colorless structure, which, after being placed on the treated surface, creates a glossy or matte layer. Customers receive a high-quality and reliable product that, after application, significantly transforms the surface to be treated. For the implementation of internal work, it is important to rely on personal requirements that are required to achieve certain goals. As a rule, alkyd products are used for working with wood surfaces.

Alkyd-urethane varnishes can be divided into two main categories, namely parquet and yacht varnishes.

The latter material is used for painting ships. According to statistics, this product is considered the most popular. Buyers are attracted by the low price of the product along with its increased resistance to wear and tear. It should be remembered that yacht varnish is not suitable for indoor work indoors, because its composition will have a high level of toxicity. When dry, it emits poisonous vapor, and after polymerization, less hazardous volatile components.

The service life of the material is approximately 5 years.

Parquet varnish composition is used for working with wooden floors. Both varnishes are perfect for treating other wood surfaces.Yacht varnish is often purchased to work with verandas, gazebos and other forms of architectural design. Parquet lacquer is relevant for interior decoration of the room.

Apart from the floor, it does a great job with pieces of furniture, handrails, frames and doors.

Alkyd parquet treatment products can be divided into several types:

  1. Water-based solutions. Such a product is popular because it usually has no aroma. The advantages include such properties as environmental safety, as well as resistance to high temperatures. But such products are distinguished by a high price, which is not suitable for all buyers.

  2. Two-component. These types of products form a film on the parquet surface. They have a low price and a pungent aroma when dried. It is not possible to store the product in an open container for long, and therefore all the varnish should be used immediately.
  3. One-component varnishes.

    They can be stored for a long time in a closed container. Polyurethane mixtures are not afraid of contact with chemical substances.

Another such varnish composition can be divided into the following subtypes:

  • Semi-matt.
  • Matt.
  • Glossy.

  • Semi-glossy.

Matt formulations will be optimal for surfaces that get dirty quickly during use, because the matte film is easy to clean. Gloss perfectly reflects light, and therefore is suitable for use in dark rooms.


Overview of materials


Alkyd varnish, its types and application features PF alkyd varnish is considered a high quality product based on alkyds. It will create a gloss on the surface that is resistant to wear.

The solution is transparent and has moisture resistant and decorative qualities. such material is purchased for working from wood and metal surfaces, as well as for processing parquet inside the room.


This product belongs to the type of two-component varnish products, the composition of which is made of alkyd resins, urea-formaldehyde resins and acidic types of hardeners. If we compare MCH-0163 with the first option, then this type of varnish has increased characteristics:

  • High level of resistance to water.
  • Durability.

  • Resistant to abrasive substances.

Among the shortcomings, users highlight the darkening of the varnish when in contact with the sun's rays, the terrible aesthetics of the surface and the presence of a sharp odor and the appearance of bubbles during processing.


This brand is recognized as one-component alkyd-epoxy compositions that have improved characteristics. The element that has been improved is epoxy resin. The product will be characterized by increased hardness, as well as resistance to water and abrasives.

The varnish is used for the treatment of wooden surfaces, parquet, textured and decorative paper.It should be noted that there are no analogues of such a product abroad.


It is used to treat metal and wood surfaces, and when applied, the solution will form a high-gloss layer that has excellent decorative qualities. PF-283 is a mixture containing alkyd resins, vegetable modified oils, fatty acids of vegetable oils, tall oils in organic solvents. The components also include a desiccant.

Apply the varnish composition with a brush or use aerosol paints for such purposes.

You can find out more about the types of varnishes based on alkyd if you watch the following video.

Recommendations for selection

When choosing an alkyd varnish, it is important to decide on certain criteria:

  • Decide for which work requires a varnish composition - internal or external.
  • There are varnishes for wooden surfaces, as well as for metal processing. Certain varieties may be suitable for paints and varnishes.

  • It is worth deciding what load will be carried out on the treated floor surface. If only a couple of people live in the house, you can choose a water-based product. A product with dyes is suitable for processing the corridor. Such material qualitatively protects the processing surface from dust and dirt.
  • For the kitchen, you can buy an anhydrous polyurethane mixture, and the floor covering will perfectly absorb the product, and therefore no additional care is needed.

  • If you want to apply a varnish composition to a surface where there is intense stress, it is worth purchasing compositions that contain water-repellent components.

Most buyers choose tinted varnishes to get the most decorative effect from the surface. To make the floor effective, a colorless compound is used as the first layer, which helps to level the surface and smooths out all the flaws of the wood. To showcase the beauty of wood, apply the tinted mortar first.

Consumption of the composition

Most people are interested in the consumption of an alkyd-type varnish.

This indicator depends on the type of mixture and your talent. Experts recommend applying only a couple of layers. Each coat should only be applied after the previous one has dried. So, the surface treatment will take at least 3 days. The consumption of funds based on alkyds is from 50 to 75 grams per square meter.

If you apply more varnish than necessary, the drying time will increase. So you risk getting a less durable surface. Before use, certain types of products should be diluted to a working consistency with solvent or xylene. You can mix one of the preparations with white spirit in a ratio of 1 to 1.

Manufacturing companies

The following brands are very popular:

  • Parade.

  • Whitе hоuse.
  • Tikkurila.

Alkyd-urethane products from Parade were able to win a huge audience, because such a manufacturer sells varnishes with an increased degree of elasticity. Buyers leave reviews saying that the film that appeared after applying the product will not crack or deteriorate for a long time. Alkyd products can enhance the beauty and naturalness of the material and make the floor much more effective.

Parade offers mixes for indoor and outdoor use.

White hоuse was able to win buyers over with its cost and weak aroma. Manufacturers produce high-quality compounds that are distinguished by high wear protection, solidification rate and decorative component. The varnish can retain the natural color of the wood. As well as Parade, the manufacturer produces products for working with home and outdoor surfaces.

Tikkurila is a proven manufacturer of a wide range of materials. The brand has won the respect of consumers and is popular as a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable products. Tikkulira yacht varnish gets excellent reviews, which is distinguished by the speed of polymerization, and also by excellent spreadability. Low cost helps such a brand to become a leader among the manufacturers of alkyd-based varnishes.


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