All about a shed roof for a bath with your own hands - How and from what to make + Photo and Video

All about a shed roof for a bath with your own hands - How and from what to make + Photo and Video Single slope roof is the simplest solution for roof construction. This option does not require large financial costs, since the rafter system will be quite simple. A pitched roof can be finished with any roofing material. For a bath, it is convenient because it can be an extension of the roof of the house.

The slope of the roof depends on the weather conditions and the region in which your sauna is being built.

The more precipitation, the greater the slope. The stronger the wind, the less the slope.

Shed roof construction

Everything is very simple here. The slope is created by using different wall heights . When creating an attic, it is necessary to install additional beams in a horizontal position.

The roof is supported on the rafter system. The rafters fit onto the walls of your building. Special grooves are made in the walls in advance. The rafters are laid at a distance of sixty centimeters to one and a half meters. Sheathing, waterproofing and roofing are installed on the rafters.

If the length of your roof slope is more than four meters, then you need to install support beams under the rafters. Their lower end should be supported in the floor beams.

Let's move on to the choice of the roof covering material. Good for a pitched roof:

  • All about a shed roof for a bath with your own hands - How and from what to make + Photo and Video Soft roof,
  • roofing felt;
  • Metal tile ,
  • professional flooring.
  • Ondulin.

  • I do not recommend choosing rigid materials, since these materials are heavy.
  • It is better to use stone or mineral wool for thermal insulation.

Before starting the construction, you should draw up a drawing of your bath. Calculate the difference in the height of the walls, the length of the roof and its slope, calculate the material required for construction.

To perform this work you may need:

  • Boards for the rafter system (thickness forty - sixty millimeters)
  • Lathing boards
  • Waterproofing materials
  • Roofing
  • Insulation
  • Screwdriver
  • Knife
  • Hammer and etc.

Special solutions for wood processing are also required.

This is due to the fact that the bathhouse is a structure with high humidity and without treatment, its service life will be reduced.

Stages of work

We proceed to the installation of a pitched roof. It consists of several stages:

  1. When building your bath, you must remember that the walls should be of different heights. If your bath has a rectangular shape, then I advise you to make walls of different heights that are longer.

    This will reduce the surface of the slope, the roof will be more durable, and you will also save building materials.

  2. When building a bathhouse with an attic, it is necessary to make recesses at the level with the lower wall. Ceiling beams are installed in them. All depressions must be treated with special solutions for wood materials.
  3. The next step is to cut the beams and rafters.

    It should be carried out strictly according to the dimensions specified in the project. A board works well for this. The ends, which will rest against the beams, must be treated with polymer mastic, for the effect of waterproofing, and then wrapped with a film or roofing material. We install the beams into the recesses and fix them with brackets.

    Rafters should be laid on the upper beam and fastened with pins or metal plates.

    As mentioned earlier, if the slope surface is more than four meters, then additional support beams must be installed.

  4. Fastening of the gables of the bath is carried out using the same material from which the bath or the boards are made. When building a bath with an attic, it is necessary to make a window for ventilation in the pediment. If this condition is not observed, condensation will form, which will lead to damage to the material.
  5. Over the rafters, point waterproofing films so that it sags a little.

    We fix this film with a construction stapler. On top of the film layer, we install a small bar, and to it we attach a solid sheathing of plywood, or not a solid one of boards with a distance of thirty or sixty centimeters. The choice of lathing depends on the roofing material. Solid installs under a soft roof that is thinned for tough materials such as metal shingles or professional decking. It is worth laying out the roof following all the manufacturer's recommendations.

    I advise installing metal tiles or professional flooring overlapping the previous one. We fasten these materials with washers to the lathing in the lower layer. Ondulin, on the contrary, into the upper one with the help of nails. The soft roof is fixed with a special backing layer and a special hair dryer. Roofing material is glued to the specialty.

  6. Install the planks and skate. Be sure to leave a ventilation gap to avoid condensation. When building a bath with a chimney, you need to pay attention to the device for the passage of the pipe through the roof. The distance from the pipe must be at least twenty centimeters.

    The pipe is sheathed with metal plates, and the space inside is filled with materials that are not exposed to fire, basalt wool is well suited for this.

    When removing the pipe from the roof, it should be waterproofed


  7. The next step is roof insulation. A very important point when installing a roof for a bath! If you do not make thermal insulation, then the time to reach the desired temperature will increase significantly. When building a roof without an attic, the slope itself should be insulated. This is done by filing the insulating material from the inside.

    They are laid between the rafters, you need to remember that there should be no gaps during this process. I advise you to lay the insulation in two layers to cover the joints of the previous layer. We fix it with rails, and then cover it with a special metallized film, shiny side out.We fix the film with a construction stapler, install small beams on top of it and then attach the materials of the inner lining to them.

  8. Consider the option of building a bath with an attic.

    In this case, we insulate the ceiling itself. In order to insulate the ceiling, a subfloor is attached to the floor beams, a waterproofing layer is attached to the bottom, and then, like the insulation of the slope, the ceiling is insulated. From the inside, vapor barrier is carried out, then the inner lining of the room is made.

This completes the installation of the pitched roof!


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