all equipment for installation + Video

all equipment for installation + Video The question of how to make a spray booth with your own hands according to drawings comes to mind immediately after studying the prices of ready-made dye houses ... After all, there is nothing supernatural in them, which cannot be built by yourself, somewhere from improvised materials, but somewhere you can buy the necessary elements.

But this will result in a pretty good economy, which will make it possible to channel a large amount of the budget in some other direction, for example, in equipment for painting or in the material itself.

And this is a direct investment in the quality of future services. Let's take a step-by-step look at the option of creating a dyehouse for cars with our own hands.

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Painting booth. General

Where to start creating a camera

The base of a spray booth can be built from scratch, or you can start setting up even the most ordinary garage.


Now let's estimate what requirements the future dye-house should have:

  1. all equipment for installation + Video To prepare the vehicle for powder painting, its body must be sanded.

    This means that ventilation must cope with removing dust from the room and supplying fresh air to it from outside;

  2. In order to avoid poisoning the worker with vapors and particles of paint and varnish materials, there must be air filters in the chamber, sometimes a design with a water curtain is used;
  3. During the drying phase of the fresh coating, the air must constantly circulate and maintain a certain temperature.

Briefly about the criteria

Having collected the above criteria, we declare that the spray booth should be a closed room with a ventilation and heat regulation system, equipped with air filters and lighting.

Ventilation can be single-engine and twin-engine.

  • The first is aimed only at supply air purification, it is much simpler in execution, but much inferior to the second.
  • The twin engine cleans both the air inlet and outlet, which will be most effective.

    But in both cases, the air must circulate throughout the room, leaving no dead zone.

A regulated gas burner is usually used to heat the air . The heating element is located after the filter and fan.

Here it is very important to consider the safe distance between the heater and explosive substances and the trajectory of the hot air in order to avoid accidents. Heating should automatically stop when the ventilation is switched off.

all equipment for installation + Video Important! Fires in the process of working with paints and varnishes are not uncommon, therefore it is extremely important to clearly think over fire safety .

All finishing and insulation materials must be non-combustible, and devices inside the room must be protected from explosions.

Electrical appliances have earthed , and the heat exchangers are equipped with thermostats to prevent overheating.The box is equipped with a high-quality fire extinguishing system.

Taking into account the variability of the weather in our area, we add to the list of functionalities for the camera the condition of the need for good thermal insulation , which is also selected according to all fire safety rules.

Mineral wool is a good choice here.

Lighting ideally should be shadowless and not flicker, otherwise there may be unpleasant incidents in the work.

The presence of fire extinguishing equipment and a special thermostat ensuring fire safety will be mandatory in the box.

Control panel for blocking the air duct in case of an emergency and grounding system for electrical wiring.

Perhaps this is the entire minimum set required for a spray booth, allowing you to start working in it.

Of course, if you want, you can also add rails, and a vehicle that lifts and moves a car, hydraulic baskets, welding machines , etc.


As a result, the share of the budget for the construction of the spray booth is distributed approximately as follows:

  • 30% will be spent on the construction of a reinforcing frame (it will have to be done even if the camera is not built from scratch ),
  • 50% will be occupied by the ventilation and heating system equipment,
  • air purification devices will take at least 10%,
  • the remaining 10% should be spent on lighting.

As we can see, it is impossible to do without investments at all, in some places even quite large sums will be required, however, in general, a camera assembled on its own will still be more profitable than a purchased one.

DIY painting box step by step

Having collected the components of the future dyehouse in the list, you should perform the necessary calculations for each system separately and check their consistency in complex. Correctly make drawings and sketch out an estimate.

In general, the plan for creating a spray booth with your own hands will be as follows:

  1. all equipment for installation + Video The construction of the camera is described in the drawings . The utility room, the underground, and the main room should be described here. Their size and configuration. Arrangement of all necessary systems, equipment with several outputs;
  2. Construction of the camera .Arrangement of the underground, for the location of the exhaust and filtration system, the floor itself, output of the hood to the outside, installation of the metal sheathing of the floor;
  3. Finishing work using fire-resistant and heat-insulating materials;
  4. Installing the air exchange system;
  5. Assembling the frame of the metal ceiling and installing the upper air exchange pipes and the ceiling filter;
  6. Attaching the floor filter under the metal grill over the entire area of ​​the chamber, assembly of duct pipes;
  7. Outside the chamber, installation of motors using inlet pocket filters, installation of a heat generator and recuperator, fastening of control dampers;
  8. Equipment camera lighting;
  9. Installation of fire extinguishing equipment;
  10. Setting up an automatic control system with security control sensors.

The described plan is just an example that will allow you to orient yourself in your actions.

Tip! It is best to buy an air heating system with automation as a single unit. This will ensure the smooth functioning of all camera modes without unnecessary problems for yourself.

Spray booth schemes

all equipment for installation + Video

all equipment for installation + Video

all equipment for installation + Video


Creating a spray booth with your own hands no worse than a purchased one is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, but it will bear fruit in the form significant savings.

Only it should be understood that when you build your own dyehouse, you can still not save on any component.

The air heating system is one of them.

It is also better to entrust the installation and adjustment of this system to a specialist. Then the economy can be called reasonable, and the advantages of a home-made dyehouse are obvious.