An interior that doesn't go out of style

An interior that doesn't go out of style An interior that will never go out of style + list of items for design on all times

The classic style of decorating a house or apartment is like wine - over the years it only becomes more valuable, and, despite the transience of trends in the modern design world, it will always remain in demand.

Let's look at what it is - an interior that will never go out of style.

The basis of the classical style in the interior of the apartment

The classical style was formed in the 16-19 centuries - this was the era of palace luxury. The style is based on various elements of baroque, classicism, empire and rococo. The modern classic interior was a combination of generally accepted canons, and is distinguished by particular rigor, functionality, and elegance, and it is also much more convenient for modern life.

Nuances of interior decoration in the classics

Consider a few basic rules:

  1. The use of natural materials for decoration and decoration.
  2. The flooring is made of valuable wood species - piece, artistic or inlaid parquet, engineering or solid board.
  3. Stone tiles - preference is given to marble tiles, which are made in compliance with all manufacturing traditions.
  4. If you are the lucky owner of a real stucco on the ceiling, then you should try to preserve it. With a low ceiling, you can simply decorate the walls with cornices (ideally plaster).

  5. For wall decoration, it is worth choosing paints and varnishes with a matte finish, decorative varieties of plaster or wallpaper canvas with an unobtrusive ornament. Silk or fabric, for example.

Now a little about colors

Typical color range

An interior that doesn't go out of style Pastel colors are quite popular for the classic style - white, all shades of gray and where without the universal beige! In addition, dense and noble shades of burgundy, purple, brown, olive and salmon will not be superfluous as accents. A single color scheme is also a good option.

Symmetry and center of the composition

In the classic type of interior design, the composition will be built around focal points.

This can be a fireplace, a dining table, an antique chest of drawers or a chic sofa. Furniture should be positioned around the center, and decor items or wall-mounted lights should be placed symmetrically. The classic style is proportional in everything. For this reason, if you visually divide the room into two parts from the central part of the composition, the objects will mirror each other - paired chandeliers, armchairs and even vases.

Light, light and light again

Historical it turned out that the source of light in a classic interior is large windows and huge pendant chandeliers.

But the times of luxuriously large halls are already in the past, at least for apartments, and the architectural features of residential buildings have changed strongly, so few people can boast of both the first and the second.

Modern lighting scenario in classical style:

  • The main light source is the central chandelier, which will be decorated with crystal.
  • Floor lamps should be on either side of the sofa.
  • Sconces or table lamps can be used instead of floor lamps.
  • Candles in candlesticks.

Everything is simple here, so it is worth considering in more detail the furniture issue for an interior that does not go out of fashion.

Furniture is like a work of art

Furniture items should be given special attention - it helps to enhance the luxury and nobility of the interior. A chest of drawers made of precious woods, upholstered furniture upholstered with expensive fabric or leather, an aged or antique coffee table helps to emphasize the status of the apartment owners (this is an additional task of the classic, which has historically developed). In such a story, it is best to contact a specialist - a decorator or antiquarian, so as not to miss the mark and not buy a fake. In this case, observation and good taste will not help.

Nuances of decorating a living room in a classic style

For a classic interior, the living room will play the role of a ceremonial room - important guests are received here or spend warm evenings with the family.

  1. The correct shape of the room and a relatively large area. If you have the ability to expand the space by connecting a room, then it is worth using it. This does not apply to the balcony or kitchen. Unfortunately, a classic living room has a traditional layout.

  2. Zoning the living room with pieces of furniture. We have already mentioned about the focal points, namely, that there can be several of them at once. For example, armchairs and a sofa around the fireplace, and the dining group will be near the chest of drawers.
  3. The prevalence of light shades and compliance with the color scheme for the apartment as a whole. This rule works only for classics, but not for national ones.

    In Britain, such a rule would definitely not work.

  4. Don't forget the principle of symmetry!

Now let's look at another room.

Classic Bedroom

The large bed with a decorated headboard is a true centerpiece in classic style. It will be complemented by bedside tables, a dressing table, as well as a nice chest of drawers and a bench. It is worth choosing pieces of furniture in the same style so that the harmony of the bedroom is not disturbed.

Also, don't forget about symmetry - this is really very important. When choosing fabric elements for decoration and interior design, one should give preference to textured and high-quality textiles, and also leave the choice in favor of flowing silk or soft-touch velvet in a single color scheme.We propose to create two lighting scenarios - a chandelier will act as the main light source and table lamps or sconces as local lighting.

Classic style kitchen

An interior that doesn't go out of style Interior that never goes out of style is great for the kitchen. There are two extremely important tasks here - the noble canonical interior, as well as the preservation of functionality (after all, we do not cook in ovens, as in the 17th century).

Built-in technical items will help to kill two birds with one stone - stylized modern models for classics with many functions will not stand out against the background of classic facades. In a classic kitchen, the kitchen is often made from hardwoods (cherry and oak) with a stone countertop. There is a kitchen island in the center of the room, which will separate the dining room into a separate functional area (if the size of the room allows). Usually the dining room is located separately. And again, if space permits.

You can solve the issue if you arrange the dining area in the living room.

How to arrange an office

In a classic office, the atmosphere is comfortable and suitable for full immersion in the work process, and it was in such offices that issues were resolved " war and peace ", and also signed all important papers. English classics are the most popular style in the design of the office; the interior of the room has a predominance of dark tones. If you use wallpaper for wall decoration, then it is better to choose a strip, a cage or even small ornaments. We offer you another must have - wall panels.

And what a study can be if it does not have a massive work desk, upholstered furniture covered with leather and bookcases on the entire wall.


The bathroom will be the most modest in size, but even for its design, you need to follow the basic principles of the classic style:

  1. Use natural materials for wall surface finishing, namely stone, marble or even ceramic tiles, which will imitate the texture and pattern of natural material (but you should be careful with this technique).
  2. Think about how to decorate the mirror. It will visually increase the area of ​​the room and will become a great accent, and especially if the set includes a pair of spectacular sconces.
  3. Opt for stylized plumbing, fortunately this is not a problem at the moment.

Now let's talk about some myths

Several myths about the classic interior

Myth # 1 - classic = pretentiousness

In fact, the interior, which is decorated in a classic style, can be calm, laconic and strict. Only a few of the decorative elements can emphasize the high standard of living of the owner of the apartment and his prestige.

Myth No. 2 - a classic interior will be appropriate only in large rooms

If the apartment is not as spacious as palaces in earlier times, and there is also no high ceiling height, do not give up on a classic interior. You can always be inspired by two or three techniques, and then use them on any area (stucco decoration and symmetry, as well as stylistic unity will not interfere even with a one-room apartment in a panel house).

Myth number 3 - the classic interior is usually chosen only by people in mature and old age

Although most often it is true, but this does not mean that the style is old-fashioned , it's just time-tested! The apartment, which is decorated in a classic style, is suitable for both married couples and young girls. The classics have too many moods, from frivolous and festive to unrealistic prim. Everyone chooses in his own likeness. The classic interior will not need to be transformed and changed in pursuit of new trends in the design world. A noble and calm environment will not be tiresome or bored, and if you wish, you can easily refresh the interior, as well as dilute the classics with modern decorative elements or pieces of furniture.

Interior items that will never go out of fashion

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and the furnishings, which have been decorated according to the latest design trends, after a couple of years it will be obsolete. But some decor and furniture items will help make a versatile interior that will not lose its relevance.

Wooden parquet

This floor covering is ideal for creating an interior in an eco or classic style. Such a coating will always be relevant, in addition, a high-quality parquet floor is durable and, with proper care, can last for more than a dozen years. For an apartment, you should choose natural parquet or parquet boards.

The latter are usually larger in size than block parquet and therefore will have a pronounced wood pattern. Moreover, the board is much cheaper. To protect against external types of influences, the parquet must be covered with several layers of varnish at once. A safe and environmentally friendly way is to use oil-wax. A low-cost replacement for parquet can be a high-quality laminate.

Expensive laminate floors or parquet floors help to give the apartment a special comfort and maintain a well-groomed appearance for a long time.

Multilevel lighting

Installation of several luminaires is a fairly practical solution, which makes it possible to achieve different degrees of illumination depending on situations. As an incredible element for the main lighting of the living room, you can choose a crystal chandelier or an imitation of such a valuable material - this will help to achieve soft overflows and smooth lines of light.

A sconce or floor lamp is perfect for reading. Lamps mounted on tripods can not only function as additional light, but also dilute the interior with a full-fledged decorative element.

To add some variety, we suggest adding bright and unusual shades. Spotlights near mirrors make it possible to visually expand the space, as well as fill the room with lightness and air.

Spacious dining area

A small kitchen, where the whole family can hardly fit, makes you constantly feel uncomfortable, as well as embarrassed. Naturally, not every layout has the opportunity to equip a separate dining room, but in a large area, separated from the kitchen, you can receive guests and easily gather all relatives at one large table. It is best to choose classic wood models - a table and laconic chairs without unnecessary decorative elements.

This design will help to achieve maximum space in the dining area.

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