Andalusia metal tile sizes and photos

Andalusia metal tile sizes and photos Andalusia Metal Roof Tiles - Colors and Features

Metal Roof Tiles are an excellent choice for creating coverage on various types of buildings. It has many benefits and is produced by many companies. An interesting choice is Andalusia metal tile, which is incredibly popular among developers and private owners. It is effectively used not only in the domestic market, but also in the foreign one.

Main advantages

The manufacturer offers really good metal shingles.

It has many positive qualities:

  1. A specific design - during the manufacturing process, Z-shaped grooves are made on both sides of the sheet, due to which there will be quick and effective fastening of two adjacent sheets, while such fastening is considered to be really durable and strong. Due to its practicality, there is no possibility that the coating will be destroyed or a pair of sheets that are adjacent to each other detach. Even strong wind loads will not cause one or a couple of sheets to fly off the house.
  2. The result is a sealed and waterproof coating that ensures a dry roof space, even with frequent heavy rainfall. If at the same time the roof is well insulated, and a high-quality ventilation system is created, then condensation will not collect under the roof.

  3. Andalusia metal tiles are installed in such a way that no holes are formed on the roof. For this reason, moisture does not get into the space under the roof through the areas where there are screws for fixing the sheets. This guarantees a long service life. It also provides a competent installation process, due to which each further row of metal tiles fully covers the fixing points, and therefore prevents moisture from entering the roof from the outside. This ensures reliability against the corrosive process.

  4. Ideal dimensions of the material - the height of the waves is considered significant, because it is approximately 7 cm, and this is much higher than that of other types of metal tiles. Due to this, the high strength of the material is guaranteed, which is extremely important for small sheet thickness, which is 0.05 cm.
  5. Due to the fact that all fastening elements are hidden under the coating, the installation of metal tiles does not require a careful selection of self-tapping screws, therefore, if their color does not fit the roof, and they still do not spoil the appearance of the roof covering.

It turns out that this material really has a large number of positive characteristics, thanks to which it is considered in demand.


Varieties and technical characteristics

Metal tiles of this brand are produced in different types:

  • Two-step.
  • One step.

Please note that if there is a non-standard roofing configuration that needs to be covered with metal tiles, then the purchase of a material on order will be considered optimal, for which you need to contact the production company. This guarantees a truly reliable, high-quality, durable and beautiful coating.

The main technical parameters of the material, on which its correct laying and service life depend, are:

  • Andalusia metal tile sizes and photos Sheet length no more than 8 meters.

  • The width of the metal roofing sheet is 1. 16 meters, and the mounting width is 1 meter.
  • High quality galvanized steel is used as a base in the material manufacturing process, which has excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • The thickness of the steel used is 0.05 cm.

  • The corrugation has a height of about 4.9 cm.
  • The step of the material will start from 15 cm.

Interestingly, some of the characteristics indicated above may vary greatly depending on the company that manufactures the material, and therefore finally all dimensions must be clarified with the seller during the purchase process.

General rules of installation

Installation of Andalusia metal tiles is considered a simple process, because all sheets have the same dimensions and characteristics.

For this reason, most owners of country houses prefer to carry out such a process on their own. Before direct installation, the installation instructions for metal tiles must be studied so that during the work there are no serious and numerous mistakes.

Before installation, certain preparatory work is required:

  1. Measure the roof.
  2. The molding process of the roof cake under the metal shingles, which is made of a layer of thermal insulation, vapor insulation, ventilation and waterproofing, is carried out.
  3. Next, a rafter roofing system is formed.

  4. It remains to make a crate for metal shingles, which has an optimal pitch, so that there are no difficulties with laying sheets.
  5. A marking is applied along which sheet fixation will be carried out, and this process is considered important, because it makes it possible to cut the material in such a way as to greatly reduce consumption.

It is recommended to purchase materials in advance with a margin of 5%, because there is a high probability that the sheets will be destroyed during stacking.

The direct installation process for tiles is divided into successive stages:

  • Andalusia metal tile sizes and photos The sheets are lifted onto the roof material, and at the same time it is advisable to make a ladder for this in advance.
  • According to the pre-created markings, it is required to cut sheets of material, and, moreover, it is advisable to use a hand-held electric saw, which is equipped with small teeth made of hard alloys, and it is also allowed to use professional scissors, the main purpose of which is to work with products made of metal.

  • Treat the resulting joints with a soft brush, and if there are small scratches left after cutting the metal tiles, then they should be painted over with paint that has the desired color.
  • Secure the starter brackets so that the distance between them should be about 0.25 meters.
  • Start at the bottom of the structural part by placing the sheet on the securely attached starting brackets and then gently pulling it up.
  • It is important to adjust the sheet so that it is parallel to the roof.

  • Bend gently the fastening tabs that are on the sheets of metal tiles.
  • The elements are directly fixed, and for this you need to use galvanized self-tapping screws, and it is not necessary to choose them by size.

  • Fastening is performed from the middle of the sheet to the very edges.
  • Each row is attached so that the lower part catches on the first row, and at the same time they hide the attachment points, which has an excellent effect on the waterproofing of the created coating.

Please note that it is unacceptable to use a grinder equipped with an abrasive disc for cutting sheets of metal tiles, because this effect will necessarily lead to the destruction of the top layer of the coating on the sheets, and therefore, in the near future, a corrosive process.

Installation can be started from the right or left edge of the roof, with the technician usually choosing the second method.

Recommendations for proper installation

The characteristics of Andalusian metal tiles are excellent, and for the installation procedure to be really high-quality and correct, certain tips must be taken into account masters:

  1. If you make a choice in favor of horizontal installation, then it is advisable to lay the second and further rows from the middle.
  2. It is not allowed to use any tools that heat the top coat to cut the sheets, because this will lead to the destruction of the material, and a corrosive process will quickly begin on it.
  3. During work, care must be taken that the polymer coating is not affected by mechanical shocks, because they can lead to destruction.

There are also no problems during the operation of the coating, because this material has a high quality and many positive characteristics.

When properly laid, the coating copes well with strong wind loads and a lot of precipitation. Periodically, you need to rinse the drain and remove the slopes.After the snow melts, you need to check all coatings in order to quickly find various minuses, rust or destroyed elements.