Apartment Cleaning: Housewife Tips- Review + Video

Apartment Cleaning: Housewife Tips- Review + Video Quick cleaning of the apartment - tips, that will save time and energy. Cleaning in no case should take up a lot of free time, especially if you have a busy schedule and practically no energy left for household chores. We are sure that each of you will find something more exciting than scrubbing floors. But it is not worth neglecting the maintenance of cleanliness, because dust in the corners and a pile of dishes in the sink will not be justified by the concept of "creative mess".

To make this procedure regular and quick, we offer you a cleaning memo, in which you can take on board a lot of useful tips.

We do cleaning only according to the rules

So, the main rule of cleaning is to move from top to bottom. He needs to be followed constantly. No matter how carefully you pick up the crumbs on the tabletop, some of them will still fall on the floor. Believe me, even wet cleaning of various surfaces in a house or apartment should be done before you start cleaning the floor. Another important aspect is drawing up the most efficient route.

Try to follow it every time so as not to miss anything and not come back again and again in the skipped sections.

Important cleaning rules

Determining the intervals

Most people clean the entire apartment at best once every week. But this choice is not the most effective, because different zones will be polluted at different rates. It is worth trying to create a cleaning calendar by zone at different intervals for each. For reminders, you can use different applications, for example, DGT GTD or any similar.

Using the right fabrics

Apartment Cleaning: Housewife Tips- Review + Video Do not use gauze or rags as a dusting cloth. The best option would be to use special microfiber cloths. They are not able to leave behind streaks and fibers, do not roll or shed, and are also able to absorb much more water and at the same time less liquid is absorbed into the fibers (this indicates a quick rinsing) and dry quickly. Also, they can and even need to be washed, but please note that they cannot be dried on a battery.

Wash the dishes right away

Once again, you should think about whether you need to buy a dishwasher, and if this option does not suit you (perhaps , because of finance), then you can simplify the washing process in the sink to the maximum.

Please note, that you should definitely develop the habit of washing dishes immediately after a meal and not wait until the sink is full to the top.

Although the advice is simple, many neglect it, although it is the sink that is overflowing that greatly frightens you. It will take a couple of minutes to wash a few mugs and plates immediately after a meal.If you are accustomed to the fact that your dinner is long, consists of several dishes and is accompanied by a leisurely conversation, then this life hack is for you - before you start dinner, you should take warm water into the sink and add a little detergent to it, and then you can add everything there so that the dishes do not have time to dry out.

Last cleaning of the stove

The dirtiest surface in the kitchen is the stove.

When you start cleaning your kitchen area, you should apply a cooker cleaner to the surface and leave it on for a few minutes. At the same time, you can start wiping the surface to the right of the stove and move clockwise. You can move in any other direction - this rule is not strict. The main thing is to avoid unnecessary trips to the sink to rinse the rags.

In addition, the tips for cleaning the apartment, and the kitchen in particular, say that until you get back to the stove, you won't need to make an effort to remove even the most stubborn dirt.

This is especially true if you do not neglect special means for cleaning plates, since they are more aggressive in composition than standard detergents, and they also cope better with removing dirt. At the same time, due to the fact that there are no abrasive particles, the plate cleaner will not damage the surface, unlike cleaning agents that contain soda. It is imperative to wear rubber gloves in order to protect the delicate skin of the hands from the effects of concentrated components in the detergent.

Keeping plumbing clean

Bathroom surfaces made of metal get dirty very quickly because they get splashed and drops. This can be very frustrating, especially when you consider that you need to wipe off rust and plaque very carefully.

For this reason, it is best to try to prevent contamination of plumbing fixtures between cleanings. When bathing or washing children / pets, wipe down the faucet again. Remove any toothpaste splashes as soon as they appear, because this will be much easier and will only require water. It is imperative to rinse the shower stall or bath with hot water after everyone has washed.

Bath curtain - don't underestimate

The shower curtain, which is made of polyester for the bathroom, also needs to be washed from time to time.

You may not have done this before, but it really matters. There are no special conditions - you should throw the product and wash it with all other things in not very hot water. Enough and 1-2 times a month. Also, do not forget to straighten it every time after taking a bath or shower to dry it and prevent plaque from appearing on its surface, as well as to avoid an unpleasant smell.

Down with all the extra tubes

First, we suggest examining your shelves in the bathroom.

Do you really need so many products? Shower gels, of several types, scrubs, bath foams, tonics, lotions. ... when cleaning the bathroom, it is required to rinse each tube and wipe the bathroom surface under it.

We suggest that you leave only those that you really use regularly. You should buy products that will combine several functions at once, namely shower gel + conditioner balm + mask or scrub. Those products that you use less often than once a week should be removed away in closed cabinets, where less dust will get into.

Putting things in order in their own things

A huge number of things require additional attention - they all begin to be covered with dust, and for this reason each of these, you have to pay special attention when cleaning. For this reason, if there are about a dozen cute things on the shelves in your apartment, then you should definitely reconsider which of them are really useful and dear to your heart.

Please note, that keeping things in order is an event, but not a one-time event. This "elephant" should be eaten piece by piece.

Make sure you have a closet cleaning schedule so that you clear one of the blocks each week. Let all the essentials remain on the shelves, and the rest can be cut up or sent to the trash heap, and without unnecessary regrets. There is no need to get attached to things and in the future, try not to litter the house with trinkets.

Simplified choice

Tips for quick cleaning of the apartment touched on the topic of the wardrobe. The wardrobes of many women (and today more and more often even men) are full of things that have not been worn for several months or even years. Too much variety results in you wasting time every morning when deciding what to wear. To make it easier to make the choice, as well as the cleaning itself, you should reorganize your own wardrobe. So, we propose to try the following plan of action:

  • Apartment Cleaning: Housewife Tips- Review + Video Remove all the clothes that are out of season for storage.

  • Choose only those items of clothing that you constantly wear and place them so that they are not wrinkled in any way and are immediately ready for use.
  • Choose a few things that have been waiting for their own "high" hour for a long time and find a reason to wear them in the next couple of weeks.
  • The rest is better to put in a box and date it. After a month, return to the box and get rid of those things that you never needed.

Washing in a gentle mode

In fact, a long wash, and even in hot water, makes sense only if when you wash towels and linens.

Modern washing powders are quite effective and if you do not cover your clothes, you can wash everything even in cold water or at a water temperature of 30 to 40 degrees. An additional advantage of washing in cold water is that the paint will not wash out as much. In addition, it is better not to neglect the fabric softener - after it the clothes become softer, easier to iron, and also accumulates several times less static electricity. Just try not to overdo it with its amount, so that there is no too strong smell. In addition, it is recommended to set the spin mode not to the maximum (it is not necessary to completely turn it off, just reduce the number of revolutions).

In this case, for most things, the need for ironing will disappear, and it will be enough to dry them in a straightened form.

Floor cleaning

The floor is probably the largest object in the house. It will cause despondency only at the thought of how much to wash. But in fact, this part of cleaning is the simplest. The main thing is that you are provided with the correct inventory (we will talk about this below).

Bonus life hack: to keep the floor in the entire apartment as clean as possible, you should try to put things in order in places where the greatest accumulation of dirt (near the front door, next to stove and sink in the kitchen, near the cat's tray). For example, you can wipe the floor near the front door once again, or collect the sawdust that the fluffy scattered. It will take only a couple of minutes, but the floor in the rest of the apartment can be washed much less often.

Buying a high-quality and powerful vacuum cleaner

First, if you are a lucky owner of carpets, you should think about on the purchase of a more powerful cleaning unit, so as not to waste extra time and effort on useless and unnecessary movements. Remember that a more powerful vacuum cleaner will be a real energy savings, not just electrical energy consumption.

Also, remember to clean the dust container as often as possible, as the suction power gets smaller and smaller as it fills. And it is better to use special vacuum cleaners that are equipped with an aquafilter. Even if you do not have allergies, it is better not to provoke it by regularly inhaling dust.

You shouldn't save on a mop

One of the important tips of a housewife on cleaning the house is to buy yourself a high-quality and a good mop. Cheap products are made from materials that actually do not pick up dirt well, leave lint behind, and also begin to wear out after a few uses.

Trust me, cleaning the floor with a cheap mop is a real pain! That is why you often have to walk over the same place several times, and sometimes even collect all the dirt with your hands.For this reason, it's best not to be greedy at the counter, because that isn't that much money. The choice of product shape will largely depend on the geometry of the rooms and your style.

    • Rope spin type mops are more suitable for those who like to be very fast and also climb into all corners of the house.
    • Rectangular microfiber mops are suitable for those who prefer to wash line by line in a measured way.

    Choose the appliance according to your taste and go!

Use of high-quality detergents

You should think again about buying the most common detergent for washing. It is worth trying some of the alternative methods for ecological cleaning. You'd really be surprised how big the difference is if you have only washed the floor surface with popular supermarket products. You will not need to wipe the floor again with a clean rag because the floor will not be sticky. At the same time, it will be enough to walk the place once and the floor will already be clean.

In addition, the consumption of funds from the mass market is much higher than that of luxury compositions. And this will not only more than compensate for their seemingly low cost, but it is also not very useful for your children or pets, which to some extent still eat part of what is on the floor.


To make cleaning not only quick, but also enjoyable, you should listen to music or audiobooks while cleaning. And it's better to put on your headphones right away so as not to miss interesting parts of the recording or the chorus of your favorite song, when the water makes noise or you go to the balcony. When you dance to your favorite songs, you will do the cleaning much faster, and the plot of the book will make you look forward to the next cleaning!