Applied thread: elements, sketches and drawings

Applied thread: elements, sketches and drawings Applied woodcarving + sketches

Each of us wishes that a personal country house looked like chic, to some extent even semi-antique. The use of overhead woodcarving helps to make such a dream come true. This is one of the simplest techniques in terms of facade decoration. Although it combines certain directions of types and threading techniques, even a beginner can handle such a simple task in the manufacture of overhead elements. Also you will find a selection of sketches for making overhead threads.

Below we will analyze the main points, as well as the secrets of this art.

Wood carving in the Russian Federation

From time immemorial, artisans have been engaged in this type of activity, like house wood carving. The masters made magnificent masterpieces, from which you cannot take your eyes off. They are able to fascinate with their subtlety, originality and grandeur. House carving was one of the most affordable ways of earning money, because such building material as wood, and even more so on the territory of the current Russian Federation, is in large quantities.

But how did they do all this?

And what exactly does the phrase "laid on thread" mean. She almost speaks for herself. The drawing is made of individual elements that are applied to the base and attached with an adhesive or small nails. The photo shows a wooden interior pattern made with applied carving.

The manufacture of such elements is carried out by combining the techniques of slotted and simple carving on the surface of the wood.

We suggest you understand in more detail the method of creating a product. The principle of creating pictures:

  • Applied thread: elements, sketches and drawings First, make a layout on paper for the product as a whole.
  • After that, you need to divide it into small fragments.
  • Drawings need to be transferred to the surface of small boards. Of the tools, several chisels with different types of sharpening, an electric drill and a jigsaw are important to you.

  • After everything is redrawn on the board, it is required to add volume to the drawing by means of chisels and cutters. The photo shows an example of a pattern that is varnished and made in the form of an applied thread.
  • Those places where, according to the idea of ​​the masters, there should be holes of the through-type, are drilled with an electric drill and a jigsaw and cut along the general perimeter.

Please note that you do not need to chamfer the back of the workpiece to give the impression of a solid piece after placing the element on the background.

After all the overlay elements are prepared, you can proceed to making the base.


Preparatory stage of the background

A board with large width or several fragments that are glued together butt-to-joint.The background element needs to be sanded and cut to the required size. There is a little trick in the preparatory stage of the foundation, and if you paint the background elements in dark colors, and the drawing is left light (or vice versa), then the perception of the visual type of the product will slightly increase. It turns out that overhead element types will attract more attention.

Also, one should not forget that objects made of wood for exterior decoration need to be covered with protective compounds so that their appearance is preserved for a long time.

Various primers, impregnations, which can always be bought in hardware stores, are perfect here. There is another direction of using wood carving - decorating house facades, carved pieces of furniture and door frames inside the building. In building stores you can find kitchen sets with massive facades. Such pieces of furniture are extremely expensive, and an overhead thread will come to the rescue.

Certain subtleties

Applied thread: elements, sketches and drawings Everyone knows that 100% making, for example, a cabinet door made of wood is more expensive than assembling it from several elements that are repeated (have a similar pattern).

Certain manufacturing companies go further and make doors from cheap lumber, which they use to create the body, and the applied carving is obtained by simply gluing wood elements to create an ornament. This helps create the illusion of an expensive, rich solid wood facade. If everything is done carefully and correctly, then you will never distinguish a couple of products from a distance of one meter, one of which is with an expensive facade, and the other using such a technique. In the platbands of interior-type doors, the elements of the overhead thread are simply an irreplaceable thing. Usually, all openings have different parameters in width and height, and therefore it is almost unrealistic to use any standards for streaming production.

The way out is quite simple - the bases, or as we noted above, and the backgrounds are made in one size. They can be easily sawed off in fact, at home, and the drawings can be pasted after. It turns out that we will get a visually expensive, rich product at an acceptable cost. An important advantage is the fact that you can buy the required elements of the picture individually and in any quantity. The technique of making flat-relief carving is interesting.

By the way, elements can be used to decorate the door itself, arches in open openings and other objects, forming a single style of the room as a whole.

Fields of application

In order to make ornaments and patterns of wood carving, only your imagination is required. Wooden furniture items (beds, chairs, sofas and garden items) are only a small part of the items where it is used. Certain craftsmen make whole panels using the overhead carving technique.It is not a shame to give such a masterpiece as a birthday present or even as a gift to rich businessmen.

The presence of wooden objects in the home interior brings coziness, and also emphasizes the status of the owners. Carving for houses has always attracted people with its incredible sophistication, and today art schools teach lessons in art wood carving. Children learn basic techniques in different areas of this art. Modern master designers have become even more likely to include wood furniture in projects, because wood is the most sustainable material in the construction industry, and therefore it will always be one of the most valuable products.


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