Aqua color in the interior. The psychology of color. Combinations with other shades

Aqua color in the interior. The psychology of color. Combinations with other shades Being surrounded by sea elements away from the city bustle is possible not only on vacation.

It is quite possible to create the atmosphere of the underwater kingdom at home by adding aqua color to your interior. Currently, these shades are very popular with designers.

If a few years ago blue flashed on all the catwalks, now marine-style shades have become increasingly used in the creation of interiors.

Marine shades can be easily combined with many different colors.


Psychology of Color

This color is obtained by diluting green with blue.

It is, as it were, in the center of the green-blue spectrum. A variety of marine shades are achieved by mixing in different proportions of these two colors. Dilution in white is possible.

Aqua color in the interior. The psychology of color.</p><p> Combinations with other shades The aqua color is also called cyan. It is a deep green-blue color associated with the sea in a thunderstorm. Marine color can be light, warm and calm.

This color scheme is especially popular when creating designs in the Mediterranean style, as well as in classic interiors with combinations of beige and gold shades. This color is quite versatile. It can be used in almost any design. However, it is important to choose the right tones.

The influence of color on the psychological state of people has long been proven.

Shades of the sea are most often chosen by people with a strong nature, who love travel and freedom. Shades of cyan, on the one hand, are relaxing, and on the other, they act on the stimulation of the nervous system, contributing to the accumulation of energy and directing it in the right direction.

Note: Marine is suitable for both bedroom and bathroom and study.

Through the color scheme, you can give the interior tenderness and sleepy tranquility or fill with energy. The nautical design is conducive to pacification, stress relief and relaxation after a hard day.

Cyan is the main shade of Mediterranean design, associated with the sea, clear skies, tropical vegetation and fruits. By letting a piece of the sea into your home, you will be forever protected from blues and fatigue.

Combination with other colors

Marine goes well with almost any standard color. The main thing is to prioritize qualitatively, use accents and bright spots, and calculate the proportionality of colors.

Aqua color in the interior.</p><p> The psychology of color. Combinations with other shades Blue-green shades go well with neutral colors. A very winning option would be a combination with gray, white and beige tones.

This color is not a pure color, so it will look good with both warm and cold colors.

Cyan is considered a very popular combination with white. A mixture of blue and green, shaded with white, draws an illustration of a white ship swaying on turquoise waves.

Paired with yellow it associates with blue sea water and sandy shore. Together with gray tones, it recreates a calm, relaxing composition.

In combination with black - it will give the interior a playful mood, with coral tones - it will add brightness, immersed in the depths of the seas.

Combining with colors similar in tone, such as green, blue and light blue, will add depth and tranquility to the space. Combinations with contrasting bright colors, on the contrary, are able to give energy.


There are already reliable combinations of the marine shade:

  • Aqua color in the interior. The psychology of color.</p><p> Combinations with other shades Marine with gold . A fairly frequent combination in a classic style. Maybe in combination of gold accents with turquoise on the wallpaper or curtains.

  • Marine and beige . This duo will add light to the room and create a gentle, calm atmosphere.
  • White ician . And here it is better to use bright white and sterile shades. Cyan itself can be in different tones.

    This design will call for order, rigor

  • Marine with black . It is important not to darken the interior and choose only light cyan tones. It is best to apply black in detail, without allowing too much dark.
  • Combination with any tones of red and yellow. This connection is the most win-win.

    It is possible to use warm shades - peach, orange, coral, lemon, and colder ones like lime and burgundy.

  • Greens and purples with marine . Such colors are inherent in oriental styles.

Marine color with brown. Gives order to the interior.

This is a good solution for a living room or bedroom. Brown is best used in softer and warmer tones to add home comfort and warmth to the room. Cool shades like dark chocolate and wenge will feel good on the floor and underneath the furniture.

  • Combination with pink . This combination looks great in a nursery designed for a girl.

How lighting affects color

Cyan has a light absorption feature. With its use, the room located on the north side can be darkened even more, and too sunny, on the contrary, diluted with freshness and coolness.

Marine shade can distort artificial lighting. So this color is better to choose for well-visited rooms with large windows. Moreover, the use of thick curtains and blinds in such a room will be superfluous, replacing them with transparent tulle, which will contribute to filling the room with air.

Interior solutions with cyan

Aqua color in the interior. The psychology of color. Combinations with other shades furnishing the guest's interior shades of cyan are a wonderful find.

And here they are only welcome. To create a more restrained atmosphere, combinations with white and black are used.

Cyan is well suited for decorative items, paintings, curtains, carpets.To cheer up and make the living room cozier, you can add yellow and light green details. Aqua can be used in the kitchen in combination with wooden furniture.

Note: Shades of green-blue can reduce appetite and normalize blood pressure. It can help dreamers lose weight.

Using a similar color scheme for the bedroom, you can create a calm and comfortable environment. The use of warm peach, brown or golden is advantageous. A win-win option would be to use cyan in the elements of textiles and decor.

This color is recommended for those with sleep problems.

Important: Dark marine shades should not be chosen by people who are depressed. Deep blue colors are suitable for cheerful people, while lighter options are recommended for the rest. Cyan is considered the most suitable for bathrooms. Walls in turquoise colors in the bathroom will remind you of summer holidays all year round.

For the walls of the children's room, the canopy over the bed, more delicate shades will be suitable. Marine color is especially suitable for a boy's room.

When using cyan for a hallway or corridor, there are some points to consider:

  • Aqua color in the interior. The psychology of color. Combinations with other shades Walls in green and blue tones can visually reduce the space of an already small corridor. This problem can be solved by diluting the room with mirrors, lighting fixtures and furniture.
  • When the hallway is combined with the room, the aqua corridor will visually separate it. And in the case of a hallway divided by walls, it is better to use light colors.

  • The more lighting fixtures in the hallway, the freer you are in applying dark colors. In the hallway, aquamarine floor tiles with light walls are a winning solution.


In order to create a harmonious interior, it is necessary to choose the right combinations, add light to the space and properly dilute with accessories.