Are there fleas in the house? How to get rid of forever and What to do- The most effective ways to fight + Video and Photo

Are there fleas in the house? How to get rid of forever and What to do- The most effective ways to fight + Video and Photo What to do if there are fleas in the house? How to fight with your own hands? Throughout the history of its existence, humanity has been continuously fighting various parasites from the animal world. Today we will talk about fleas and how to get rid of them. Fleas are not just insects, they are extremely dangerous blood-sucking parasites that can cause serious harm not only to animals, but even to humans.

The most effective ways to combat parasites

Previously, when there were no insect repellents, fleas were indeed a threat, but now this is not at all the case.

The main reasons for the appearance of fleas in the house

The flea is extremely unpretentious in the conditions of its habitat, it only needs food.

For about 2-4 months she can be perfectly at your home, and you will not even notice her presence.

Let's figure out where fleas come from:

  • Hair of pets . The most common cause of fleas in the home is pets. Fleas settle in their undercoat and drink blood, causing wild discomfort to the animal with their annoying bites.
  • Unsanitary living conditions .

    If you find fleas at home, do not immediately throw the blame on animals, look at the state of your house, maybe it's time to clean up? Fleas feel pretty comfortable in a mess - it's harder to spot them.

  • Damp basements .

How to deal with fleas?

We figured out the reasons, now let's talk about how to remove annoying and biting insects. There are several reasons to remove fleas: firstly, living with them, to put it mildly, is not pleasant. And secondly, fleas are carriers of such terrible diseases as plague, malaria and typhus.

How to get rid of fleas from pets?

  • Fighting fleas in dogs and cats is quite simple. It is enough to purchase special shampoos, drops or collars at a pet store or veterinary pharmacy and be done.
  • However, if fleas are bred in rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs, rats), then the course of action here is slightly different. If fleas are found in rodents, it is necessary to immediately take the animal to the veterinarian, because fleas are red for them. They cause skin redness and inflammation.

    In this situation, it is better to consult a specialist, i.e. it is difficult to handle such small animals. Check your pet's cage for fleas in the litter. Most likely, they will be there.

    The cage must be thoroughly washed and the filler changed.

How to remove fleas at home

If you are fortunate enough to become the owner of fleas in your home, use the following methods:

  • Are there fleas in the house? How to get rid of forever and What to do- The most effective ways to fight + Video and Photo Fleas are extremely afraid of odors, especially they do not tolerate various esters and oils. Add some essential oil to a bucket of water and mop the floor.
  • Fleas evolutionarily do not associate with the smell of citrus fruits, it does not matter what kind of fruit you have at home (lemon, orange, lime), fleas in any case will retreat at the smell of juicy fruit. Cut any citrus fruit into a couple of pieces, place them on plates and place them throughout the house or in a specific flea habitat.

  • Wormwood, as a way to fight fleas, is perhaps the most common and budgetary. The grass grows in many places, so there should be no problems with prey. Just spread the grass in a room with fleas and they will soon leave the room.
  • To get rid of fleas, ventilate the room often. Fleas are extremely unstable to low temperatures, preferring warmth.

Arrange a general cleaning. In order to completely get rid of fleas, complete cleanliness is necessary, throw away all old and unnecessary things, vacuum the apartment and wash all surfaces.

  • If everything is serious, and your attempts to get fleas out of the house turned out to be a failure, urgently contact the specialists - this is not a joke. Specially trained people will rid the house of unpleasant guests in a short time.
  • In the fight against fleas, you can use special powders, solutions in aerosols, which you need to purchase at hardware stores.

Furniture and linen fleas

Fleas can exist not only in animal fur, but also in furniture, lay eggs in people's clothes, settle in rugs, curtains. Therefore, vacuuming and bathing the dog is sometimes not enough, heavy artillery is needed here:

  • Are there fleas in the house? How to get rid of forever and What to do- The most effective ways to fight + Video and Photo All furniture surfaces must be washed with a vinegar solution.
  • It is best to wash and iron all wardrobe items with a steam effect iron.
  • If fleas have settled in pillows, place them in the cold.
  • Sofas and upholstered furniture (mattresses) can be cleaned with carpet cleaner and then vacuumed.

Fleas in the basement

The methods of dealing with fleas in the basement are not much different from those in the house. Nobody lives in the basement, so here you can safely use various aerosols of the "dohlofos" type, but this does not mean that it is not necessary to ventilate the basement.


And so, today we talked about the main ways of dealing with such pests as fleas. In the fight against bloodsuckers, it is important to know all their weak points in order to know how to act. The main thing is to always keep the house and your pet in order, and then the fleas will not express a desire to settle in your apartment!