Are types of siding used for exterior wall decoration of a private house? + Video

Are types of siding used for exterior wall decoration of a private house? + Video After the completion of construction work on the construction of a house from various materials, the question arises about the external decoration of the walls. You can leave everything as it is, or decide on the types of siding for the exterior of the walls of the house.

Now on the market of facing materials there is a huge selection that can satisfy everyone. There are materials of economy class, middle price segment, and there are also more expensive ones.

This article is for those who are interested in choosing siding for exterior wall cladding at home.

Find out which siding is best for cladding a house.

What are the characteristics and maximum service life of acrylic, vinyl, aluminum, wood, metal, ceramic siding, as well as what is the basement siding for, and what are its functions.

Siding. General info

First, let's figure out where this name came from, which is unusual for our vocabulary. Side - translated from English means side.

The logic of the name is that the facing material is attached to the walls of the house and has two functions: protective and decorative.

A variety of colors on the market will delight everyone, moreover, the material has differences in structure. Siding is able to protect the walls of the house, as well as the insulation under it, from snow, wind and rain.

The appearance of siding for home decoration resembles an ordinary clapboard. These are sheets of different materials that are fixed to the walls and create a single concept.

The material does not create an airtight structure, allowing the insulation and walls to "breathe", thus, condensation does not accumulate under it, and moisture is safely escaped.


Siding made of quality materials can be used for about 50 years with proper care, which is extremely simple.

Siding maintenance consists in washing with sponges, special detergents or watering with a hose.

Types of facing siding

Almost all known materials suitable for wall cladding are used for the production of siding.

Acrylic siding for outdoor decoration

This material is made according to the same technology as vinyl. The main differences are only in the preparation of substances and components. The outer layer is made of acrylic polymers, to which ASA polymer substances are added, which help to resist siding to ultraviolet radiation, external damage, and temperature extremes. It also contains biochemical stabilizers, fire retardants, antistatic agents, and special reagents. Such a composition allows acrylic siding to have the following characteristics:

  • Are types of siding used for exterior wall decoration of a private house? + Video Resistance to mold, mildew, and therefore suitable for plinth trim .


  • Resistance to damage, weather conditions, aggressive chemical compounds.
  • Ability to withstand temperatures of -50 ° C + 85 ° C.
  • After installation does not settle, keep its shape, does not fade in the sun.

  • Fast installation of panels on walls.

Vinyl siding for outdoor decoration

List of characteristics

This facing material is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and has a number of remarkable characteristics:

  • elasticity;
  • does not fade in the sun;
  • does not deform or crack;
  • light weight;
  • ease of attachment;
  • environmentally friendly material;
  • not affected by air temperature drops;
  • anti-corrosion properties.

The flexibility of outdoor vinyl siding allows for easy wall cladding work. The material is produced with a wide range of color variations and is based on the addition of pigmented paint. That is why it is not difficult to choose the material for covering the house in such a way that it is in harmony with the overall exterior of the yard.

Types of fastening

Vinyl siding can be fastened both horizontally and vertically. In the production of this material, no solvents or substances that can emit toxic gases are used. In the process of installing vinyl siding for outdoor wall decoration, it is necessary to underlay insulation, which will allow you to get the desired result. The disadvantages of the material include exposure to mechanical stress, and there is no way to replace one bar without removing the neighboring ones.

Aluminum siding for exterior decoration

This type of facing materials is made from aluminum sheets.

It attracts the attention of buyers with its strength and at the same time lightness. Of course, it is slightly heavier than vinyl siding, but definitely smaller than other types. The material is often used for single-storey buildings where the effects of weight and wind can be significant.

Wall cladding with aluminum siding does not take much time and is done without any problems. The material may put off buyers a little because of its high cost, and its performance will really pay off all the costs.

It is known that aluminum has anti-corrosion properties, therefore it does not need additional coating with protective agents. Also, it is not exposed to high temperatures, for example, in case of fire, it does not melt or burn. Aluminum siding is able to withstand fluctuations in air temperature and does not deform. The palette of shades is wide, and everyone will like it.

If required, the aluminum cladding sheets can be changed without consequences.

Buyers can choose from wood grain aluminum siding, which looks very attractive and believable. It is easy to take care of the material, and cleaning is even easier, for example, with a hose.

Metal siding for exterior decoration

This type of facing materials is made from galvanized sheets. The exterior design can be different, for example, natural wood.To protect the material from corrosion, it is coated with polymeric substances.

This is done in order to prevent the impact of negative phenomena from the outside. Metal siding sheets are equipped with a lock connection, which makes it easy to install the material.

Note. Exterior metal siding has a lifespan of about 50 years, with proper care and proper installation.

Experts recommend that you regularly inspect the surface of the material to identify and remove scratches, cracks, various deformations and defects.

Ceramic siding for outdoor cladding

Are types of siding used for exterior wall decoration of a private house? + Video This type of material for outdoor cladding walls are not yet as popular as this is a new material. Experts say that the performance characteristics of ceramic siding are capable of making it popular in the near future. One of its advantages is its reasonable price and high quality.

Clay is used for the production of sheets, so the product has a high level of environmental friendliness. Ceramic siding also comes in a variety of textures that make it look interesting.

Cement siding for outdoor decoration

Cement is such a versatile product that it can be used not only in construction work, but also as a material for facing siding. The fragility of cement as the basis for external wall sheathing material makes it very fragile and requires careful handling.

To compensate for this disadvantage, cellulose fiber is added to the composition, which provides the siding with the necessary strength and reliability. The cost of this material is quite high, but its technical qualities correspond. Installation of cement siding is similar to the types described above.

Wooden siding for outdoor decoration

This type of facing materials belongs to the high price segment, which is understandable, because wood itself cannot cost cheap. The second name for such siding is block house, which is made from rounded logs. A board or false beam is made from whole pieces of wood and glued beams.

Are types of siding used for exterior wall decoration of a private house? + Video The attractiveness of wood siding is not able to compensate for the costs of money and effort to care for it. Indeed, with a certain frequency, you will have to treat wood with fire retardants, antiseptics and other protective impregnations and paints and varnishes.

The tree does not like excessive moisture, but bark beetles like it very much, which are able to destroy it in a short time.

Basement siding

This type of cladding is a separate category of siding for wall decoration outside the house. Its main function is to protect the base from destruction and the harmful effects of moisture. Sheets with a thickness of at least 3 cm have optimal protective qualities. The dimensions of the siding for the basement are comparatively smaller than the dimensions of the wall sheets.

The main purpose of such production is convenience for subsequent installation, the ability to get to hard-to-reach places. The weight of the siding for finishing the foundation is more than that of the wall, the color palette is also varied. There are also types that imitate natural stone or brick.

Note. Often, basement siding is used together with facing bricks.

For the manufacture of this material, extra strong components are used that can make it durable and reliable. The sheets are able to withstand the influence of atmospheric phenomena, as well as mechanical stress, for example, blows from various objects.

Where to buy siding and what is the price?

Are types of siding used for exterior wall decoration of a private house? + Video