Are we building a gazebo with a barbecue with our own hands according to ready-made projects and drawings? + Video

Are we building a gazebo with a barbecue with our own hands according to ready-made projects and drawings? + Video The gazebo is a wonderful structure for a pleasant pastime with relatives and friends on a suburban area. Very often they are built in such a way that you can not only rest and eat, but also prepare food.

Gazebos with barbecues, which are very often equipped with fireplace and stove, have become very popular. Also, buildings are widespread, under the roof of which furniture is combined, often wicker, braziers, barbecues, etc.

It turns out a kind of room in which the kitchen, living room and dining room fit.

This article will be useful for those who are going to equip a gazebo with a turnkey barbecue or with their own hands on a suburban area. The gazebo can be bought ready-made with a complex of garden furniture and a barbecue or barbecue, or you can build it yourself using the projects and drawings presented on various Internet resources in the public domain.

Gazebo with a turnkey barbecue

Design of gazebos with barbecue

Provides three types.

Open buildings

in the form of a canopy with support pillars. In such gazebos, it is pleasant to spend time outdoors in warm, calm weather, and, accordingly, without precipitation.

Suitable for installation in small suburban areas, it is often used in spring and summer. The project of a gazebo with a barbecue and drawings for it, provides for the ability to put a mobile grill, barbecue, which can be removed to the house as unnecessary, and left to wait for the next season. The furniture will fit a table with benches or chairs, as it is convenient for anyone.

Semi-closed buildings

these are classic-style gazebos with 2 or three solid walls and one open one, which, if desired, can be closed with curtains or mosquito nets. This design can be used from spring until the onset of stable cold weather.

In such a gazebo, you can install stationary barbecues and barbecues, since they will be under reliable cover, and you will not have to hide them in the house.

Covered gazebos with barbecues

Are we building a gazebo with a barbecue with our own hands according to ready-made projects and drawings? + Video This is a kind of small house with solid walls with an entrance inside. Such a gazebo can be used all year round, equipping it at your own discretion. You can arrange any furniture, even for storing dishes, put a fireplace or stove, barbecue or barbecue. For a comfortable stay in winter, the gazebo can be equipped with good thermal insulation, as well as all the necessary communications.

BBQ gazebo materials

Various are used. The choice depends on the idea and purpose of the building. For construction, they take wood, brick, metal (pipes, sheets).


Advantages of gazebos with barbecues made of wood

  • environmental friendliness;
  • high prevalence materials;
  • ease of processing and the ability to create bizarre ornate shapes;
  • ease of assembly of the structure;
  • low weight of the structure, because of this it is permissible to install on a simple base;
  • wood provides a favorable microclimate.

Disadvantages of a wooden gazebo with barbecue

  • exposure to high humidity, bark beetles, bending, mold, putrefactive processes;
  • low level of fire safety.


When building a brick gazebo with a barbecue, you need to fill in a solid and solid foundation, since the weight of the structure at the exit will turn out to be considerable. The financial costs will be higher than that of a wooden gazebo, and the construction will take longer.

Advantages of a brick gazebo with barbecue

  • A high level of fire safety, which is an important factor, because it is planned to use an open fire inside.
  • Reliability and stability of the structure, resistance to the strength of the building, reliability, resistance to negative influences from outside.
  • It is possible to carry out all the necessary communications and use the structure for a whole year.

  • Gazebos are suitable for use, both in winter and in summer, as a kitchen, dining room and resting place.

Disadvantages of brick gazebos with barbecue

  • High cost of building materials.
  • Construction work often requires the hiring of specialists.
  • The need to fill the foundation for the barbecue in the gazebo.


The design of metal barbecue gazebos provides for the presence of support posts, which are formed from shaped or round pipes, as well as ornate walls forms, often openwork forging.

Advantages of metal gazebos with barbecue

  • Are we building a gazebo with a barbecue with our own hands according to ready-made projects and drawings? + Video Resistance to large loads.
  • Long service life with proper care.
  • There is no need to pour the foundation, the rods can be installed directly on the lawn.

Disadvantages of metal gazebos with barbecue

  • The metal heats up quite strongly in direct sunlight, which can adversely affect the well-being of people in the gazebo.
  • The metal structure must be painted with anti-corrosion agents at regular intervals.

Combination of materials

You can build a gazebo with a combined type barbecue using different materials: wood, brick and metal. The area for cooking over an open fire is built with bricks, since it is able to withstand high temperatures. For a recreation area, wood will become an ideal material, and openings are decorated with metal elements with forging or wood gratings.

Note.When choosing material for a gazebo with a kitchen and barbecue, an important point is the speed and flexibility of assembly.

Wooden and metal structures can be assembled and disassembled many times, moving them on the ground at your discretion.

Stylistic solutions for decorating a gazebo with a barbecue in the country

The design of a gazebo with a barbecue sets the general stylistic direction of the summer cottage and at least should be in harmony with the house. After all, if your house is built in the classic style, and you suddenly want a modern gazebo, it will not look very attractive.

  • Are we building a gazebo with a barbecue with our own hands according to ready-made projects and drawings? + Video Classic style provides for the use of correct proportions, simple configuration without decorative frills.
  • Country style has many variations, and the most popular for our country is the style of the Russian village.

  • Eastern style allows you to use elements of decor and arrangement of Eastern countries (Japan, India, etc.)
  • Scandinavian style is characterized by an abundance of light and pastel colors, loves coldness and a certain airiness in design.
  • Provence is one of the most romantic destinations. White color, an abundance of floral plants, wooden elements and curtains made from natural fabrics - that's what it's all about.
  • Hi-tech and modern solutions.

    Clarity of lines, metal and a minimum of decor - this characterizes these directions.


The shape of a gazebo with a turnkey barbecue or barbecue can be very diverse, and do not obey the strictness of the lines. Round, square, rectangular - it all depends on your desires and capabilities. As for the sizes, there are also no clear indications here. Focus on the size of your suburban area, as well as the number of guests you are able to receive and place in your country house.

  • The site where you are going to install a gazebo for a summer house with a barbecue with your own hands must meet the following requirements:
  • The terrain must be flat, this will save you the need to remove layers soil and level. This is important when it comes to a brick gazebo, under which the foundation needs to be poured.
  • If there are rivers, lakes, streams on the territory, you can include them in the general design of the gazebo project, otherwise, if there is no such need, the reservoir is drained.
  • For easy access to the gazebo, lay out paths from tiles, natural stone, or make bridges from wood.
  • Clear trees or overhanging branches from the gazebo.

What are barbecues and barbecues really like? These are special devices for cooking food on an open fire, but they have some differences. The brazier has a rectangular shape, made of metal of different thickness. A skewer or lattice with meat, fish, vegetables, bread is laid on top of the structure. The barbecue is in the shape of a cylinder, and a grate with food is placed on the edges.

Barbecues or grills are installed in gazebos, both mobile and stationary.

Refractory bricks or cast iron are suitable for this job. Stationary barbecue grills allow you to keep warm inside the structure for a long time for high-quality cooking.

Safety precautions for using open fire in gazebos

  • Open fire is always unsafe and must be handled with care.
  • Do not place ovens or braziers near residential buildings.
  • Clear dry bushes, twigs and trees from the BBQ area.

  • Barbecues or barbecues must be thoroughly treated with fire retardants.
  • Do not store flammable substances and liquids near gazebos.
  • Electrical connections must be carried out in accordance with safety regulations.

Drawings and dimensions of the gazebo with barbecue Are we building a gazebo with a barbecue with our own hands according to ready-made projects and drawings? + Video Are we building a gazebo with a barbecue with our own hands according to ready-made projects and drawings? + Video

Are we building a gazebo with a barbecue with our own hands according to ready-made projects and drawings? + Video

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