Arrangement of a reservoir in the country or near the house with your own hands? The main stages of work + Video

Arrangement of a reservoir in the country or near the house with your own hands? The main stages of work + Video Reservoirs at a dacha of any type can decorate a suburban area.

Water has a unique ability to pacify and calm a person.

What could be better than lying in a hammock near a pond or pool, or maybe even a decorative fountain.

The reservoir can be made by hand, without the involvement of specialists. The main thing is to make a drawing and learn the main stages of work.

Decorative reservoirs. General information

Types of decorative reservoirs in the country

Depending on the form and stylistic direction, reservoirs are divided into:

Clear reservoirs geometric shape

Arrangement of a reservoir in the country or near the house with your own hands? The main stages of work + Video Such structures have clear lines that can form a diamond-shaped, rectangular reservoir. For cladding, tiles or bricks are taken, which allow you to create strict lines and shapes.

Landscape reservoirs of free geometric form.

The structure of reservoirs of this type resembles those described above, but are characterized by smoother, curved lines, reminiscent of the natural curves of lakes and rivers.

By the level of water filling

  • elevated;
  • deepened.

Elevated artificial reservoirs in the country have the function of decorating the area, in particular, they are constructed of the correct geometric shape. Water is poured along the sides, the pit itself is not digging deeply. The advantage of such ponds is the relative cheapness and low labor costs. The disadvantage is complete freezing in cold weather, so they are suitable for breeding annual plants, and you can completely forget about fish.

In order to build a buried reservoir, you will need to dig a hole and cover it with waterproofing materials. These ponds are suitable for fish farming and plant cultivation.

How to choose a place for decorating a reservoir in the country with your own hands?

Arrangement of a reservoir in the country or near the house with your own hands? The main stages of work + Video How easy it will be for you to care for your pond depends on the location of the pond. Decorative structures are best placed near a house or gazebo. Thus, you can lie in a hammock, sip lemonade through a straw and gaze at the water surface sparkling in the sun.

Or without leaving your home, watch from the window how the ducks are splashing in the water.

Install ponds and reservoirs in the country house on an open area, so that there are no deciduous trees nearby. Because in the fall, you will be tortured to remove fallen leaves from the water, and the root system will damage the base of the pond. Also, the area must be calm, otherwise, you will not be able to grow plants on the pond.

Consider also natural light .

In order for the living creatures in the pond to function normally, the sun's rays must illuminate it for no more than 10 hours. Otherwise, bacteria will multiply in the water, and the pond will overgrow with mud. With insufficient light, plants growing at depth will not be able to develop.

Tip.At the initial stage of building a reservoir in the country, think over all possible nuances, otherwise the result will not please you.

Instead of a clean pond, you can get a swamp with toads and mosquitoes.

The water in the ponds must be filled with ozone and have its own acid balance. This will make the pond dwellers feel great.

Bowls for reservoirs in the country

The easiest way to make a pond in the country is to take a bowl as a basis. Based on the volumes and materials, the bowls are divided into:

Polyethylene bowls with a volume of 150 - 900 liters.

If your summer cottage is small, this option will suit you best. The shape and color of the bowl can be absolutely any. The term of use is about 3 years.

Plastic reservoirs in the country with bowls of 1200 - 1600 liters. It is one of the best materials, its service life is approximately 10 years.

Arrangement of a reservoir in the country or near the house with your own hands? The main stages of work + Video Fiberglass or propylene bowls with a volume of 5000 - 6000 liters. Such containers allow you to build on a suburban area, a pond with an area of ​​more than 10 m², at a depth of about 1.5 m. Such structures have a long service life, which is about 30 years, and also allows for repair work, if necessary.


In the absence of funds to buy a bowl, having a great desire to have a pond in the country, some craftsmen use for reservoirs from old baths in the country.

The order of work on the construction of the reservoir

If you have decided on the place of arrangement of the pond of the reservoir in the country, you can start work. The first step is to dig a pit. To do this, you need to make a markup. The bowl is turned upside down, laid on the ground and marked along the contour.

Then you need to drive in the pegs, at a distance of 15 cm from the edges of the marking, completely repeating the contours.

Then, it is the turn of the foundation pit. It must be dug taking into account the shape of the bowl, and the depth should be done with a margin of 25 cm, for embedding a pillow of sand. The bottom must be cleaned of roots and stones and leveled. Place the bowl inside to see if more work is needed or if it's worth stopping.

Next comes the turn of laying the waterproofing film, and pour the sand with a layer of 20 - 25 cm.

After the above work, you can install the bowl. Check if it plunged evenly into the pit. If no defects are found, you can start filling the pit with sand. In parallel, the bowl must be filled with water.

Types of waterproofing film for reservoirs in the country

For large ponds, it is advisable to use flexible waterproofing material. This will allow you to choose any shape of a pond or fountain.

  • Polyethylene film is suitable for the construction of temporary ponds. This is due to the fact that the film is not reliable and tears easily, and its life is no more than 3 years.
  • Polyvinyl chloride is often used for lining the bottom of water bodies.

    Its popularity is due to its strength, strength and long service life, about 10 - 15 years.

  • Rubber is considered to be a good material for the construction of artificial reservoirs. The material is durable, reliable, not exposed to low temperatures and direct sunlight. The term of use is long - 30 - 50 years.

How to arrange a bowl of a reservoir in the country?

Having laid the film for waterproofing, you can start pouring water.

The bottom can be tiled or bricked for greater impact. At an angle of inclination of no more than 30 °, the laying materials can be laid by the floating method without bonding, and the gaps can simply be covered with clay. Otherwise, the material is placed on cement.

DIY design of reservoirs in the country

Arrangement of a reservoir in the country or near the house with your own hands? The main stages of work + Video This is the most interesting and exciting stage. Here you can show your imagination or use ready-made solutions by looking at the options on the Internet.

The coastline can be laid out with pebbles, natural stone, tiles. For large stones, it is imperative to fill the foundation, otherwise they will simply slide.

A pond with a waterfall at the dacha and streams, alpine slides, looks stunning. Floating fountains can be purchased already complete with equipment, and it is easy to connect them, just plug into a power outlet. Also, cascading waterfalls look very impressive.

To decorate the pond with plants, give preference to reeds, ferns, feces, irises, lake reeds. To plant them, purchase plastic pots and coat with clay. This way, the water will not wash out nutrients from the soil.

The foliage and flowers of plants in the water must be on the surface. Water lilies are planted at a depth of 100 - 130 cm, arrowhead at 10 - 20 cm.

Note. Oxygen generators are aquatic plants that produce oxygen and prevent the development of unnecessary algae.

Purification of reservoirs in the country

Filtration of water in ponds is one of the important factors in keeping water clean. In order to build a purification system, you will need plastic pipes and reinforcing hoses. Purchase a pump for reservoirs in the country and filters, taking into account the size of the reservoir.

Weir helps to keep track of the water level in the pond. For example, during periods of prolonged rains, in spring, when the snow melts. The weir is a deepened section at the bottom, which is filled with pebbles, pipes for drainage are brought in, removing excess water.

Pond lighting

Lighting and various illumination will make your pond even more attractive. It can be dotted, and then the water surface will play with highlights and colors, taking on stunning outlines.

Arrangement of a reservoir in the country or near the house with your own hands? The main stages of work + Video Lighting lamps can be placed on the bottom or lamps with weights can be installed, which will sway on the water surface. I position the lamps on the fountain so that they can illuminate every gushing stream.

Note. All products used for lighting on water must be marked to indicate that they can be used in the appropriate location.

What you need to know for the successful construction of a reservoir in the country?

  • The depth of the reservoir should be at least 5 m, if the area of ​​the reservoir is 15 m2.

  • To maintain the balance of the ecological system, the water should not be changed.
  • Plant plants close to the coastline.
  • The plant to water ratio must be within 1: 4.
  • Do not use limestone on the bottom and sides of the pond, as it tends to create alkali in it, which will be detrimental to fish.
  • The turbidity of the first water in the reservoir should not alarm you.

    Thus, the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the reservoir is carried out. When everything is back to normal, the water will become transparent.

Taking care of the pond at the dacha

In the spring and summer, clean the water from filamentous algae and weeds. In the absence of a water purification system, chemicals can be used to saturate the water with oxygen. If the water evaporates, especially in summer, replenish the pond level.

In autumn, it is necessary to clean the water surface from fallen leaves. Plants for ponds in the country that cannot withstand sub-zero temperatures must be transferred to the house for wintering. Also, thin out overgrown plants as needed. To protect the water from debris and dirt, you can stretch a special mesh over it.

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