Arrangement of a small hallway in an apartment: Overview + Video

Arrangement of a small hallway in an apartment: Overview + Video Arrangement of a small hallway in Khrushchev: photos, ideas. The first thing people notice when they enter a house or an apartment is the entrance hall. It is she who helps to create the first impression of the apartment's furnishings, and also tells about the character of the owners. It can even be called the hallmark of the house with all the boldness. In addition to aesthetic responsibilities, it is also functional.

The hallway usually contains everything for a short, but comfortable stay.

Let's look at how to arrange a small hallway in an apartment.


Correctly arranging stylish items and making the hallway roomy is quite realistic, if you use the recommendations from experts.

  1. Arrangement of a small hallway in an apartment: Overview + Video Choose suitable pieces of furniture for a small space, models that will not be wide and with depth 0. 4 meters.

    Despite the shallow depth, the hanger can be placed frontally, and all outerwear can easily fit. It's quite possible to compensate for the width if you increase the height. As a rule, in rooms of similar size, cabinets are made to fit the ceiling.

  2. Cabinets can also be with swing doors (they take up much less space in a closed video due to the fact that there are no roller guides), but when open, the doors can take up almost all the space. But sliding wardrobes help to save space when opened due to the peculiarities of the opening mechanism (in a single plane with the wall), but in a state of "calm" they will take up a little more space than swing models.

    If you plan to use a wardrobe that does not have a back wall, then there will be a little more free space. But which option to choose is just a taste of the taste, as well as the features of the hallway space.

  3. Rejection of open shelves. With a large number of different shelves and all sorts of little things that are constantly in sight, the room may seem cluttered, and even unkempt. To do this, it is best to identify places for small items in closed boxes.

  4. A rather bold solution would be to use a cabinet instead of an adjacent wall with a room, and its door will also be the door to the room at the same time. Thus, you will be able to save the maximum amount of space.
  5. Do not forget how it is sometimes effective to use the corners of the hallway of the room. Corner cabinets are great examples of this.
  6. The use of modular hallway patterns will be especially relevant for a square hallway located near the toilet.

    For a rectangular room with a closed layout, you can use "mobile" models of furniture items, and the modules can be replaced, which is very convenient.

  7. For a narrow and small corridor with a bench, it is best to use an open type of hanger.Also, in combination, you can use closed shoe racks with drawers for small things, and it will not take up much space, but at the same time it will decently save an already small amount of usable space.

Almost any kind of raw material can be used as the main material. Wood - The material is environmentally friendly, heavy and durable, which means it will definitely be sustainable.

However, it is also distinguished by its high cost, which often turns out to be even overpriced.

Wood of the following species is popular:

  • Wenge - has a dense texture of dark color.
  • Ebony - is distinguished by black or dark striped wood.
  • Oak - It can be immediately identified by its clear beams in the form of a core.
  • Alder - the breed is soft, does not have a pronounced texture.

  • Ash - furniture made of ash, characterized by light colors and subtle core rays.
  • Pine - has a white or beige cut with small pink stains.

There are other materials for arranging a small hallway:

  • Chipboard / MDF / Fiberboard / Chipboard - slabs are the most popular material, which is quite economical and makes it possible to imitate almost all wood textures. It is imperative to pay attention to the fact that such raw materials have all the necessary documents that can confirm all quality standards.
  • Plastic - by using it, you can create almost any pattern, texture or color, for which people often make a choice in its favor and do not buy too expensive materials.

  • Metal is strong and reliable, and open hangers are often made from it. They can even be minimalistic or ideological models. It should be immediately noted that sometimes you can find real masterpieces.
  • Glass - cabinets made of this material look very unusual, and models of this type are rarely found. A special feature is special care and careful handling.

  • Fabric - is usually leather, or more often a substitute. Such a hallway seems expensive, and will definitely be remembered by guests.
  • Combined option. Most often there are models that include 2 or more types of materials. It can be solid elements, or a model that will be sheathed with lining, accompanied by mirrors or even without them.

The size of the hallway can be very different. You can order individually defined models, take into account every centimeter of the room, or choose a ready-made set that will perfectly fit into the overall interior. Usually, manufacturers analyze the small-sized market segment and try to take into account the standard parameters of small hallways.There are also completely non-standard areas in size (in smart apartments or Khrushchev houses, for example), and for such miniature rooms it is even more difficult to choose pieces of furniture, but still it is real.

Which colors to choose

For rooms with a small area, it is recommended to choose colors that expand the surrounding space.

As you know, dark colors are able to "eat up" the area, just as when decorating in light colors, space and air are added. Particularly "expanding" colors are beige and white in all shades. You can use bright accents in oranges, greens, yellows, blues, pinks and even turquoise tones, and because of them, the hallway will not seem so faceless and empty.

Style direction

From the photo of the arrangement of a small hallway, it can be seen that even small corridors can be decorated in a modern and stylish way, so you shouldn't give up an interesting design ahead of time. Despite the small area, different styles are applied to the hallway.

  1. K lassic style. It is characterized by a certain rigor and brevity. The predominance of shades of natural wood (black, brown and beige), as well as the presence of regular shapes and straight lines are features in the classic style.
  2. Provence. For French design, simple, but at the same time, atmospheric furniture in light colors with embossed legs, wood texture and balusters will be most appropriate.

    The color scheme should be in lavender, blue, cream, white or herbal shades.

  3. Scandinavian style. It is characterized by a light breeze and can be recreated with a palette of blue and white, and various themed accessories will help to complete ideas.
  4. Minimalism. Freedom and clarity from unnecessary details.

    The minimum number of elements and the maximum possible amount of free space.

  5. Loft. The industrial era has a distinctly industrial rhythm that can be immediately recognized by the bricks of different shades, as well as the special decorations in the form of chairs, couches and lighting fixtures.
  6. Art Deco. The nobility of this style is able to charm with its own uniqueness and impeccable taste.

    Notes of classicism with elements from the baroque can be perfectly combined in almost every color scheme.

  7. Ecletics. This is a particular style that may include things that at first glance seem incompatible. But you should definitely be careful and not overdo it, otherwise there will be no trace of the idea of ​​style, and chaos will reign everywhere.
  8. Ethnic.

    Yes, it can be a hot safari, or exotic of the East, and a little accents will be enough for a small hallway.

  9. Eco - wood grain in combination with living plants will help to make the space a real paradise.

Additional decoration

Lighting requires special attention. Only a few people can boast that they have a window in the hallway, and most often such rooms are quite dark. To avoid darkness, you should choose the right lamp and place it in the corridor, since it is with the help of lighting devices that you can create a completely different atmosphere in the same room.

It is advisable to do everything so that the light spreads evenly throughout the space, is not dim or does not give the wrong light (pink, yellow).

Ideally, it is worth installing a fluorescent lamp in the hallway, because it is almost equal to the rays of the sun. Before leaving, you will know exactly what you look like and that exactly how people on the street will see you, and you will be able to see in advance all the fluff on clothes or other unpleasant little things that are not visible in dim lighting. Agree that considering yourself on the street will be at least strange. Additionally, attention should be paid to finishing the ceiling surface, for example, to make a stretch ceiling.

It can be decorative elements that will match the overall decor, or different colors that perfectly complement the decor. The floors are also an important part of the interior, and it will be inadmissible to throw off the flooring below with a bill.

E There are several ways how to arrange a small hallway, and the floor in it:

  • To match the pieces of furniture.
  • To match the ceiling surface.
  • Different from the entire interior as a whole, since in this case attention must necessarily be concentrated only on it, otherwise the interior will seem overloaded.

Now let's talk about furniture.

How to choose furniture

Sometimes it is not enough just to install a cabinet in the hallway. You can dilute the interior with the help of such useful elements:

  1. Pouf or armchair. This will look like a pretty stylish entrance hall with an armchair. Such a useful piece of furniture where you can sit down to put on / take off your shoes or just relax after a hard day's work for a couple of minutes.

    It can be chosen in the color of the interior or you can choose a contrasting and bright color, but in this case, the surrounding space must necessarily be neutral, otherwise there will be a continuous pun and an incredibly strong design overload.

  2. Shelves. Great decoration for the interior, and one or two shelves for small items will be enough. But hanging them in large quantities is strongly discouraged, as it may give the impression of a cluttered space.
  3. Ladder.

    You can use it with benefit, and make a miniature wardrobe for outerwear at its end, or turn on your own imagination and paint it in different colors (lay a path or choose paints), and then it will definitely become a bright accent.

  4. Bench. The option, although minimalistic, is not devoid of taste. It can also be an additional place in which things will be stored.
  5. Hangers.

    The open type of hangers creates an atmosphere of lightness and airiness, and if they are made in an unusual style, then a fashionable and modern design will be provided.

And what about the design itself?

Types of design

Arrangement of a small hallway in an apartment: Overview + Video There are a lot of ideas for arranging small hallways, and the standard design assumes the use of a cabinet or hanger with the addition of accessories. For example, if you use calm tones, then they will be conducive to relaxation and a moderate atmosphere, and a vase of flowers will give vitality and relieve the interior of emptiness. A spacious corner cabinet will help you hide everything you need, and you can store a notebook and keys on the shelves.

Please note that you can make a special design with a chandelier.

She is unpretentious and at the same time the main accent.

A corner wardrobe in white with niches for shoes at the bottom and accessories located on top will look simple and at the same time stylish if you add everything to a matching sofa and bright textiles. A small table with a gold frame will add coziness and warmth. The small corridor space can be compensated for with a functional bench and open hangers, as well as built-in drawers of various sizes. The zoning was carried out competently - the floor, ceiling, door and part of the mirrors, which are made to look like wood, help to make the atmosphere warm.

A shallow closet will blend in perfectly with the wall and won't attract too much attention.

Also, it will not be superfluous to consider interesting novelties for arranging the entrance space in a house or apartment. The minimalistic style is made in cold colors, and the wall is decorated with artificial panels for stone tiles, the floor in a light shade will create contrast, and at the same time expand the space, and the hanger will be the main element of the decor. Its color scheme is a continuation of the flooring, and the metal rod matches the wall perfectly.

Useful little things

These include many items, and here it is worth listing key hooks, hanging notebooks, as well as bulky items that help save space (storage systems shoes, for example).

All examples of the little things that are located between them should be considered:

  1. Chandelier - such a lighting object will play a big role when making a design. But it is better to refuse bulky models, because they are useless in small rooms, it is better to choose not massive and lightweight samples.
  2. Rugs - the purpose of use is clear (to collect street dirt and dust to the maximum). The best examples are made from fuzzy, rubber, foam and latex materials. Sizes and colors can be chosen according to personal preference.

  3. Tables. Small or even miniature models help to refresh the interior. If you place fresh flowers on it, then the stay in the hallway will be more pleasant.
  4. Hangers with legs. Sometimes they are called a mobile wardrobe, and all because it can be rearranged to absolutely any place.

    The main thing is that it is matched to the style.

  5. Shoe racks - can be open type, or made in the form of a narrow chest of drawers. Naturally, color, material and idea should be determined by interior preferences.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to equip a small hallway even in a Khrushchev building.

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