Artificial stone countertop for the kitchen: Instruction + Video

Artificial stone countertop for the kitchen: Instruction + Video DIY artificial stone countertop. Artificial stone is an inexpensive and practical material that is often used in the decoration of apartments and for the manufacture of furniture. Such material makes it possible to give the kitchen solidity and attractiveness in appearance, while the material is strong enough, resistant and durable to moisture.

Let's look at how to make an artificial stone countertop with your own hands.

Brief description of the material

Artificial stone is a composite material that can be made from many different fillers, which must be bound by polymer resin and natural pigments .

.. The type of stone will directly depend on what kind of polymer resin is used. Acrylic stone of artificial origin, which is resistant and durable to the effects of various types of chemicals, has gained unprecedented popularity.

Several years ago, the price of such an artificial material was quite high, and working with the material created some difficulties.

At the moment, there is even liquid acrylic on sale, which is extremely simple to use and makes it possible to create high quality kitchen countertops.

Of the advantages of the material, we note the following:

  • Artificial stone countertop for the kitchen: Instruction + Video Easy to clean.
  • Complete environmental friendliness.
  • Long service life.
  • Maintainability.

  • Many shades.
  • Durability.
  • Nice price.
  • Water resistance.

But at the same time, it would be unfair not to note that the countertop made of artificial stone, namely liquid acrylic, has some drawbacks.

These include the tendency to form abrasions, chips and scratches on the surface. For this reason, you should carefully, carefully treat such a surface. By the way, if necessary, you can independently carry out repair work, which will help restore the original look of the countertop.

Peculiarities of making a countertop

The technology of making a countertop from an artificial material does not present any great difficulties, so it will not be difficult for you to do all the work yourself. This will require acrylic and a few other simple materials.

Each of us will be able to perform such work, even if you do not have the appropriate experience in performing repair work.

To make the countertop with your own hands, you will have to stock up on the following:

  • Waterproof plywood, which we will use as a substrate.
  • Two-component adhesive.
  • Sheet artificial stone.

Of the tools you need:

  • Grinder.

  • Router.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Drill.
  • Miter / circular saw.

Before starting work, you should first decide what kind of appearance the countertop will have and what size is required.

It is necessary to measure the available free space at the sink, and then make a detailed drawing with all the exact calculations.

Artificial stone countertop for the kitchen: Instruction + Video In case you use sheet materials, you can advise the following dimensions - length 0.76 meters, and width 0.6 meters. The height of the butt end should be 3.

6 cm. The sides and the backsplash should be up to 7 cm high. For the hob and sink, cutouts can be easily made using a router, and then manually sand the edges of the holes with sandpaper. Cut plywood strips with a width of about 8 cm.

They will come in handy later on during the formation of the frame.

Make a special frame out of plywood, into which the treated stone surface will be glued onto the sealant. The ends of the plate-type material must be pasted over with decorative edges or adhesive tape.

Recommends to grind the edges of the plywood with a grinder before starting to fix the tabletop, which will make it possible to remove all burrs and small damages such as chips. The manufacture of countertops from a slab of artificial material is rather complicated, so this technology is not so popular. Most owners of private houses and apartments prefer liquid acrylic, which is convenient and simple to use, and you can also do it yourself without difficulty.

Liquid stone countertop (acrylic)

Acrylic liquid stone is a fairly simple, environmentally friendly and inexpensive material that makes it possible to make countertops - original in every sense. You can buy ready-made material or make it yourself. The manufacture of countertops for artificial stone can be done in the reverse and direct way. When using the first method, you will need to make blanks of their sheets of fiberboard or chipboard, and then apply liquid stone from a pistol to the blank. The layer thickness of the material should be approximately 20 mm.

After that, you just need to wait for the material to harden, and sand it with a grinder, and at the end with fine sandpaper.

The use of the second method differs in that it is much more complicated, but at the same time it helps to significantly save material. In this case, you will also need to make a blank from a fiberboard sheet, which should be 0.6 cm larger than the size of the future countertop. Such blanks need to be glued together using epoxy glue, and then special holes for the cooking panel and sink are cut out, the blanks must be glued along the contour of plywood and processed with a grinder.

Install the finished workpiece in the kitchen, and then you can install the plumbing, cover the remaining gaps with plasticine. It remains only to spray liquid stone, and this should be done strictly according to the instructions.The finished composition will harden quickly, so act quickly and carefully. We advise you to lay fiberglass on top of the workpiece, and then spray it. This will make it possible to create the required strength for the structure.

In the future, all that remains is to grind the surface, milling the edge, and, if necessary, level the tabletop. Such work will not cause difficulties, so making such a piece of furniture with your own hands will not be difficult.

Repair work

No matter how neat person you are, over time, small chips, cracks and other damage will begin to appear on it. Repairing surfaces made of artificial stone is not difficult, and this will give a real chance to recreate the original appearance of the kitchen surface. In order to get rid of large chips and cracks, you should first degrease the damaged area, slightly widen the crack and fill it with two-component glue.

After the glue hardens, sand and hand polish the surface.

Shallow scratches and small spots can simply be sanded down with the same sandpaper. To do this, first use paper with coarse grains, and then reduce the grain. You can also additionally polish the surface with a drill with a special felt nozzle.

If you need to remove stains and swellings, then use a router to cut out the defective area, and then make a patch from the remains of liquid stone.

After that, it remains only to wait until the material hardens, to polish and polish the countertop that has been repaired.


Creating a countertop from an artificial stone is not difficult, so you can do this work yourself. Using a material such as liquid stone helps make strong, original and durable kitchen countertops. At the same time, the low cost of the material becomes a pleasant bonus, which significantly helps to reduce costs. If necessary, you can always make repairs to the coating with your own hands and restore its original appearance.

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