Assembling a frame house correctly with your own hands - step by step instructions: Overview + Video

Assembling a frame house correctly with your own hands - step by step instructions: Overview + Video At present, frame houses have become increasingly famous and popular in Russia. Moreover, the choice of technology during construction does not matter much. Both Canadian and Finnish technologies are used with equal frequency. During the construction of a low-rise frame house, it is possible to fairly efficiently use the most modern building materials and the latest achievements in industries.

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The need for the construction of such houses has grown very recently, so many decide to start building a frame house on their own.

Because the technology of its construction is not too complicated.

Insulation and its options

When planning the construction of a good frame house for your family, firstly, they are determined with its purpose. You need to clearly know what time of the year the family will live in it, all year round or only in the spring-summer season. The way to insulate it will depend on this choice. Initially, a frame house is an elementary simple structure consisting of vertical posts and a certain number of horizontal straps, which must be carefully and efficiently insulated.

During the construction process, all detected voids are filled with special materials with low thermal conductivity. And then, already when facing internal and external walls, they use different building materials.

Assembling a frame house correctly with your own hands - step by step instructions: Overview + Video

Based on this, we conclude that the appropriate type of insulation will directly depend on the operating time at home and on the weather conditions under which this frame house will be built. Polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, glass wool or mineral wool are used as insulation for walls and floors - these are versatile materials.

Work on the foundation

As a rule, a frame house is built no higher than 2 floors.

Moreover, it should be noted that the second floor is of the attic type. Therefore, it makes no sense for such houses to build a deep foundation. The best way for a frame house would be the construction of a shallow strip foundation, prefabricated from reinforced concrete blocks.

Assembling a frame house correctly with your own hands - step by step instructions: Overview + Video All these types of foundations perfectly fulfill their main function: creating a strong and rigid frame. When laying a strip foundation, this is achieved due to rigid and reliable reinforcement, in column-type foundations - thanks to a monolithic grillage, and a prefabricated foundation is sufficiently firmly attached to the blocks of the lower strapping.

The frame of the house and its assembly

The frame house is usually made of structures that are made of metal or wood. It should be noted that the cost of a metal base will cost you much more (from 30 to 45%). That is why few decide to build a metal frame house on their own. But at the same time, the costs of making the foundation can be reduced, since the weight of the metal frame is relatively small.To build a wooden frame house with your own hands, most often they use an oak base.

A bar with a section of 150x150 mm, from other hardwoods, is also often used, but the main indicator should be high quality. The corner joints of the entire frame are connected using a tenon groove or a metal plate, while adjusting them so that not even the slightest gap remains.

Assembling a frame house correctly with your own hands - step by step instructions: Overview + Video

When building a frame house with your own hands, it is not recommended to use metal fasteners. This can be explained very simply: when wood comes into contact with metal (nail, self-tapping screw, etc.), intense rotting may begin, and this will significantly weaken the connection in this place and will contribute to the subsequent loosening of the connection.

Therefore, for a long service life, it is customary to use connections such as wooden dowels, but this is ideal.

When building a house with your own hands, you cannot do without unfastening the frame with braces. After that, you can safely lay the insulation in the wall cavities between the braces.

Assembling a frame house correctly with your own hands - step by step instructions: Overview + Video

After all, it is with their help that the spatial strength and rigidity of the structure is created, its preservation from distortion and subsequent destruction under the influence of external mechanical loads. For the production of braces, the same material is used as for the main struts of the house.

From the outside, the frame is sheathed with clapboard or tongue-and-groove board, while the slope should be from 30 to 60 °.

Floor arrangement in a frame house

When building a frame house, one should not forget about laying the floor. This is a rather important technological process. Starting to work, first of all, you need to put roofing material on the foundation base and cover it on top with a special impregnation: an antiseptic. Roofing material can be fixed using anchor bolts at regular intervals of length (1.

5-2 meters).

The second stage is the location along the entire perimeter of a wooden beam with a section of 150x50 mm. Next, you need to set the corners very accurately using a special building level. The misalignment tolerance must not exceed 10 mm. When building a frame house with your own hands, we recommend that you use the same materials for the manufacture of walls, floors and supporting structures in order to avoid subsequent distortion.

The subfloor is made from raw board, as it is the most affordable of the cheap materials. After installing the lag (between which the insulation is spread), boards are laid on top. After the floor has been laid, feel free to start building the walls.

Assembling a frame house correctly with your own hands - step by step instructions: Overview + Video

  1. Floor beam

2. Rough block


Sub-floor boards

4. Waterproof deck

5. Chips or sawdust backfill

6. Filling with lime milk "text"

7.Finishing floor boards

Installation of walls, roofs and windows

When building a house, assemble the frame on a dry and flat surface, otherwise the walls of your house will warp over time.

To assemble the wall frame, it is customary to use vertical boards of the same size. By their length, you can determine the height of your house under construction.

It is not necessary, when building a frame house with your own hands, to choose a standard height (2 m 275 mm). The amount of air and optimal temperature conditions depend on the height of the selected ceilings.

If you want to save on material, choose a wall height of at least 2400 mm.

In rooms with such a height, you experience discomfort, it seems that the ceiling literally presses on you. But when installing a ceiling on the second floor, which will correspond to the slope of the roof, you can significantly save on the main material. As a result of the work, you will receive a mansard-type room, which, if desired, can be very stylishly decorated. After assembling the main frame and the wall frame, you can proceed to the main cladding of the house.

Assembling a frame house correctly with your own hands - step by step instructions: Overview + Video In the final calculation of the number, as well as the width of the wall sections, you must take into account all possible mechanical loads on the floor of the building.

Beams are usually installed in increments of 30 cm to 60 cm. The choice of the width of the boards is selected in accordance with the finishing material. When cladding with siding, a distance (20-30 cm) is needed due to the plasticity of this material and the inability to withstand an insignificant load. Moreover, if you will sheathe with chipboard sheets, then the distance can be increased to 35-60 cm.

When installing windows (https: // domsdelat.

ru / okna_i_dveri / ustanovka-okon-v-karkasnom-dome. html) when building a frame house with your own hands, you must comply with the exact building codes. First, the window area should occupy 18% of the entire wall area. Secondly, in a house where you plan to live only in the spring and summer period, there will be enough single-glazed frames. For year-round stays, use double or triple glazing frames.

The final stage of construction is the device and installation of the frame roof. In addition to external beauty, the role of distributing significant external loads falls on the roof. Here are the main elements of the supporting roof - rafters and rafter legs, they are divided into hanging and inclined, diagonal ties, ridge girder. With with building a frame house with your own hands, sooner or later you will think about the material for the roof. Currently, a wide range of necessary materials is available on the construction markets.

Let's summarize: building a frame house with your own hands is not an easy matter! The main rule is that when assembling the structure, strictly follow the building codes and established rules. And then your frame house will delight you and your descendants.

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