Assembling a wooden staircase with your own hands + photos and videos

Assembling a wooden staircase with your own hands + photos and videos DIY wooden staircase + drawings and assembly features

People who have a country house at some time think about expanding the space, and also about organizing the second floor in the room, whether it be an extension or an attic of a full-fledged additional tier. In such a case, steps are definitely needed that will lead to the upper floor,

... and a drawing of a wooden staircase with your own hands helps to install such a structure safely and efficiently.

Features of wood stairs

Carved wood stairs are the ideal choice. It is not surprising, because they have an aesthetically beautiful appearance and this is beneficial in terms of pricing policy.


Such structures have many advantages that will open up incredible opportunities for the owners of country cottages:

  1. You can choose a variety of design solutions in order to carry out the work with your own hands. Naturally, the more difficult the scheme is, the more skills are required. This also applies to the process of drawing drawings on paper, and direct structural placement inside the room.

  2. Assembling a wooden staircase with your own hands + photos and videos The material is environmentally friendly - it helps to transform the space without risk to the health of households.
  3. Favorable price policy - if a person lives near the forest, then to implement the plan, you will not need to spend finances on the material. You can simply agree with the foresters or do it yourself (if you have permission) the required tree. This material option helps to spend the minimum amount of materials with the maximum benefit for "strength".
  4. Different design variations - if a person who makes a project and installation of a staircase with his own hands has woodcarving, then you can make real masterpieces that complements and transforms the room.

  5. Ease of installation - compared to metal stairs, glass and other materials, wooden structures are simple to arrange. According to the instructions taken from the Internet or a magazine, you can easily accomplish your plan.

Further cons.


Consideration should be given to the disadvantages of the material that can be encountered through imprudence and improper preparation.

  • Insects - if the surface is not properly processed, or the wood is poorly dried, if there is a risk of breeding harmful insects in the structural slots of the stairs.

    As you know, this is harmful and can lead to destruction of the structure as a whole, which leads to the upper floors. For this reason, you should buy a tool in advance that will protect against malicious tree lovers.

  • Flaking - burrs may appear on the surface of the wood, which bring discomfort when walking, which bring splinters under the skin.To avoid such a disadvantage, it is required to sand the coating as best as possible and cover it with a varnish.

These are the most popular disadvantages of wood products, and yet, if you know about them, you will be able to warn yourself and get exclusively benefit from the idea.

How to draw a diagram of a house staircase with your own hand

If you want, you can draw a diagram yourself, you need to know about certain features that you should pay attention to. You should have on hand:

  • Construction tape.
  • Chalk or felt-tip pen, which will be used to mark the surface of walls and floors.
  • Pencil or pen.
  • Paper sheet.

  • Compasses.
  • Ruler.

These accessories are enough to make the required drawings for a staircase made of wood in a private house.

Step-by-step algorithm for drawing drawings

When hands reach and a person begins to draw drawings of wooden stairs to the second floor on a paper sheet, it is required to act step by step:

  1. Assembling a wooden staircase with your own hands + photos and videos First, decide what kind of stairs you will need for the structure. Although sometimes such a process will be fully completed after taking measurements.

    It happens that the structure does not fit into the required space, or vice versa, something that was not expected. And yet, before starting, you need to understand what it will be like.

  2. After that, decide what the inclined angle for the structure will be, and 35 degrees will be ideal.
  3. Next, it is important to measure the distance from the floor to the level of the steps. Depending on which design is chosen for installation, this indicator may differ.

  4. It is also important to determine how wide each of the steps will be. Ideally, they should be from 0.25-0. 35 meters so that the leg can be freely placed on the surface.
  5. Measure with a tape measure the distance from the wall to the extreme point of the baluster, as well as the stair rail.

    It is difficult to say what it should be maximum, because it all depends on the design. But its distance should not be less than 0.8 meters, and with such a decision, people when moving in different directions will be able to miss each other.

  6. Remember to measure the distance from the highest step to the ceiling surface. This is extremely important, and the length should not be less than human height.

    If there are people with tall stature in the house, then adjust the parameters for them. ideally, it should be at least 2 meters.

  7. Stepped space in height varies from 0. 15 to 0. 2 meters, and everything will depend on what kind of staircase you are planning.

  8. Then it is required to transfer all measurements to a sheet of Whatman paper or paper, and here it is important to be extremely careful when indicating the results. It is required to clearly prescribe the proportions, numbers, width and height of the product so as not to encounter difficulties during installation.
  9. Therefore, after the plan of the future structure has been drawn, you can proceed to direct installation.

When performing step-by-step actions, follow the order, it will not be difficult to make a drawing of stairs from wood.

What is important to pay attention to

When measuring, be sure to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • The construction height must be drawn from taking into account the width and height of the ceiling, above which the house space will be, and it will not be correct to calculate the distance only to the ceiling beginning of the lower tier of the room.

  • In the drawing, it is important to calculate the number of steps with high accuracy in order to be able to prepare for installation. This is easy to do, you just need to divide the width of each step by the total figure of the structural height.
  • For convenience, you can draw a paper sheet into blocks that indicate the real height and spatial width. Naturally, such an action is performed in a scale format that is independently determined depending on the dimensions of the paper to which the staircase will be transferred.

Given such details, there is a chance of drawing up to the maximum of an accurate drawing of the staircase that leads to the upper floor.

Wooden street structures

To assemble a wooden staircase with your own hands, you need to prepare. To climb the last tier of the building, you can use the ladders of the attached type, fixed on the house base. This is inconvenient and dangerous, and therefore, if the entrance to the level of the 2nd floor is planned to be organized not in the house, but outside, then it is required to choose the most appropriate design of the stairs from the street. In this case, it is required to adhere to certain rules, and therefore being in an open space, a staircase made of wood will be highly influenced by natural factors.

It is for this reason:

  1. Think over a closed version of the staircase opening to the maximum, for example, you can equip the structure under a house canopy or roof.

  2. Regardless of the location of the ladder, it is important to carefully handle it with special-purpose agents (protect from rodents, insects, sun rays, wetness and moisture). In any case, the acquisition of all funds, without exception, will be cheaper than installing the staircase opening in the house space.
  3. For outdoor use, it is required to choose a material that is resistant to decay and damage to natural material. It can be pine and oak. Raw materials are minimally prone to spoilage and destruction.

    Despite the fact that the material is accustomed to natural influences, in its unusual application it must be protected at a high level.

  4. Consider the structural shape - steps and other elements must be equipped so that sediments begin to drain from the surface and not be absorbed into it.

For this reason, if you made drawings with your own hands, then be sure to consider this factor. This action will minimize the risk of material decay.


Those who decide to place a staircase made of wood on the street can highlight many advantages for themselves:

  • Due to the fact that there is a large place in the open space, you can use your imagination entirely and equip a variety of staircase structures.

  • On the street, it is not required to adjust the structural design to the overall interior picture.
  • When it comes to staircase installation, it's much easier to be outdoors than in a dusty, enclosed space. Naturally, it is important to choose a day for installation with climate conditions that are most suitable.
  • Ladder drawings for outdoor structures are much easier to carry out than a stepped scheme for climbing to the upper floor inside the building.

In this case, small errors are allowed, because the fact that the staircase will turn out to be a little longer or wider plays a role in the house, and not outside.

For this reason, measurements should be made, but not all indicators are needed. For example, for the street, it is not required to measure the space from ceiling to step, which must be done in the house. This is not the whole list of dignity, each owner of the dacha will single out his own. And yet, along with positive qualities, there are also negative sides.


The disadvantages are:

  • Exposure to the influence of natural factors.

  • A wooden staircase outside needs good maintenance.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages, all home owners will be able to determine for themselves whether to rely on staircase installation in an open space or not.

What kind of construction stairs can be

Ka and all items for the safety of the house, stairs have certain designs and structures. They are chosen depending on the space that is allocated for the equipment. The assembly diagram can be of three types.


A video of the assembly of wooden stairs is presented below. A marching type design is often chosen for arrangement, and a drawing for such an option can be made as simply as possible. It can also be done by a person with his own hands, who has not previously encountered such tasks. These can be swivel and straight stairs that lead to the second dwelling tier. When choosing a particular design, it is required based on what area in the room is allocated for the stairs.


This design helps to save a lot of space inside the building, and it looks very beautiful and harmonious. There is one drawback that stops people who do the drawing of drawings and the installation of spiral steps with their own hands. It is rather difficult to make measurements and implement the installation of a screw structure. This requires at least minimal experience in this area.


This ladder will help in a home where space is limited.

In this case, the steps are attached to the walls, a railing is placed on the side.For implementation, it is enough to calculate the number of steps and have a screwdriver with a drill. Everything needs to be fixed at the right points, and the only thing, before choosing such a structure, it is important to pay attention to wall strength. It is they who will bear the main load when walking to the first or second floor. Each person, if he wants to make drawings of a house staircase with his own hands, will certainly be able to do this.

The most important thing is to adhere to the sequence, rules and clarity of actions.