Assembly diagram and drawings - Overview + Video

Assembly diagram and drawings - Overview + Video How to make a wooden gate in a garage with your own hands ? Many men who own a private home pay enough attention to how to equip the house from the inside, as well as the surrounding area and provide protection. Such people are inclined to believe that the best is handmade.

One of the things that you can also not buy, but make yourself, is a wooden garage door.

This is the easiest option instead of buying such a structure for fabulous sums.

General information about wood

Wood is an ideal material in terms of cost, which lends itself perfectly to processing and, with proper care, will last for a very long time.

The main advantages are:

  • Assembly diagram and drawings - Overview + Video High popularity and low cost of the material. You can buy wooden beams and boards of a certain size in the construction market or in a specialized store. Compared to other materials that are used to make gates, the price of wood will surprise you in a pleasant way.
  • Convenience of processing. You can easily prepare a tree for future gates with your own hands in the best way.

    Unlike metal, wood can always be corrected even with simple woodworking tools that every home craftsman has. But for the processing of metal products, more serious electrical devices and tools are used, for example, a grinder or an electric hawk.

  • Practical and reliable. With proper care, wooden garage doors will last a long time. It, unlike metal, will not rust, but it can still wear out after a certain period of time.

    For this reason, you will sometimes need to treat the product with certain strengthening fluids, and sometimes tint in the right places. From a practical point of view, if one side of the canvas is damaged, you can replace it with other boards, and not change the entire structure.

Depending on your preferences, you can make any kind of garage door with your own hands. It may be a sliding gate made of wood, or it may be a model equipped with a lifting mechanism - it all depends on your imagination, skills and desire!

Please note that it is considered a universal option swing gates. This is such a simple wooden structure that even a person who does not have only basic construction skills can make it.

The main thing is that when working alone, you pay attention to all the nuances, for example, take accurate measurements and properly prepare all the necessary material.

Do-it-yourself wooden gate

Preparing tools and materials for work

Before start preparing all the necessary tools and materials, you should draw up a drawing of your gate and measure the places where you will install them. When you go through these two most important planning stages, you yourself will understand how to make a garage door with your own hands, and you will not resort to the help of professional workers.

If you want to make a gate yourself, then you need to measure the entrance opening, and if you want to install the same gate in the yard, you should determine the exact length between the armholes in the fence. Now you can start sketching.

For convenience, we recommend using a standard drawing that will be understandable for you.

Based on the found image, you can put all the measurement data on it. When creating such a sketch, it will be easier for you to navigate and buy the required number of elements.

To make wooden garage doors, you need the following materials and accessories:

  • Wooden boards, the thickness of which is 2.5 cm and the width 10 cm.

  • Wooden blocks with a diameter of at least 5 * 5 cm, you can use metal pipes or profiles with a diameter of 5 cm.
  • Hacksaw for wood.
  • Metal hinges.
  • A number of measuring instruments - tape measure, building level and corner, meter.
  • Hacksaw for metal (can be replaced with an electric jigsaw).

  • Mechanical or electric drill and drill set.
  • Chisel.
  • Plane.
  • Dowels and screws.
  • Screwdriver.

  • Sanding paper.
  • Primer.
  • Anchor or dowel.
  • Welding machine (if required).
  • Brushes.

  • Wood varnish / oil paint.

When manufacturing, in addition to wooden garage doors, you should also provide for the presence of special support pillars. But if you don't have one, you can make them yourself. To do this, use two metal pipes or oak bars with a diameter of 15 cm.

They need to be cut to a certain length, and then dig two holes in the space allocated for them, and adhering to the desired distance, and the depth should be about 1 m, and the diameter is more than 15 cm than the original section of the racks.

Here the rule " the deeper the supports, the more stable and durable the structure will be at the exit". To ensure maximum strength, you need to add some rubble to the bottom of the recess, and then tamp the bottom.

Tip: If you are using wooden beams, you should take care to prevent decay. To do this, treat the part that will be underground with a special bituminous mastic (you can use a liquid resin).

After the supports are installed, the vertical should be fixed at a level and filled with rubble in the pit.

Ideally, you can also concrete it with cement mortar. For reliability, use bricks to overlay the support and make it stronger and more beautiful. Assembly diagram and drawings - Overview + Video

Drawings of wooden gates

Assembly diagram and drawings - Overview + Video Assembly diagram and drawings - Overview + Video Assembly diagram and drawings - Overview + Video Assembly diagram and drawings - Overview + Video

Making the gate

When you finish the preparation materials and elements, you can start making the gate itself. Since you have decided to make a wooden garage door, the frame will need to be assembled by hand. To do this, you use the measurements of the entrance opening, cut the wooden blocks to the desired size and lay them out on a perfectly flat surface so that you get a rectangle or square.

Next, you need to check the evenness of the diagonals and reinforce the corners with self-tapping screws and metal corners. In the role of a frame, you can also use angular profiles or metal pipes, but in this case you need a welding machine to fix it. The finished frame must be fixed in the opening with anchors or large dowels.

  1. Now we will make a frame for future doors with our own hands. To do this, you need to saw the wooden beams into several pieces of the required dimensions, treat the surface with a plane and spread it out in accordance with the drawing.

    It should be noted that the front side of the gate should protrude about 15 cm beyond the frame limit. To protect them from the external environment and its negative effects, cover the parts with an antiseptic liquid.

  2. Assembly diagram and drawings - Overview + Video Now you need to check that all the diagonals are equal, fix the joints with self-tapping screws or make holes with an electric drill and insert there pins that will make the product strong and durable. Next, in the center of the resulting structure, we install cross beams, which, ideally, should be placed crosswise. At the ends of the beams, we make bevels of 45 degrees.

    At the ends, the parts must be fixed with self-tapping screws.

  3. The resulting sashes can now be mounted on the frame. It is not difficult to make a wooden garage door on a metal frame, you just need to do the same steps as with beams and wood, but this time use welding as a fastening.
  4. The fourth stage is the preparation and processing of the cladding elements for the front side of our sashes. It is required to take a sufficient number of boards and cut them with a jigsaw to the desired size.

    Ideally, you need to use parts made of pine, since it is lightweight and perfectly protected from the negative effects of the environment. The boards must be placed close to each other and will strengthen the contact points of the screws with the frame. At the end, you should trim the irregularities and grind the surface with dense sandpaper.

  5. When the gate is almost ready, all that remains is to install the metal hinges. To attach them to a garage door made of wood, they should be welded to special places in the frame, but for a courtyard gate they are attached to poles.

    Now take the leaves and you can put the gate on the hinges.

  6. Finally, you will need to prime the entire surface of the gate with your own hands using a protective liquid, and then paint. If you don't want to use paint, you can use wood stain to add an interesting hue. When it dries, cover the gate with wood varnish in several layers. To decorate your creation, use unusual forged parts - they can be attached to the front.

  7. Next, we attach handles, bolts and locks to the ready-made collars. In the role of a bolt, you can use metal rods, which will fix the sash. In the ground, you will need to dig grooves to secure it.

Please note, that on the basis of this article, you can easily make a garage door with your own hands. The main thing is that all measurements are accurate, you do everything in a clear sequence, use high-quality materials and take care of the creation of your own hands.


Caring for the tree is very important, so do not be lazy from time to time to paint over old places, and if they creak hinges, grease them with grease.