At home there are many moths from nowhere - ways to fight

At home there are many moths from nowhere - ways to fight Where does the mole come from in the house - reasons for the appearance

Surely each of us at least once in his life was puzzled by this question: "Where does the mole come from in the house / apartment?" Believe me, even in the cleanest and most well-groomed houses, such a problem may well appear, and the appearance of a wardrobe or even a food small flying pest can cause not only moral, but even material damage.

Today we invite you to talk about what a mole is, find out the answers to exciting questions (how to get rid of a moth), and also consider the main reasons for the appearance of such a pest on your legal territory.

A little about the pest

Origin of the species

Moths belong to the order Lepidoptera (that is, to butterflies), for which a characteristic feature is the conduct of a nocturnal lifestyle. This is a very unassuming type of moth, which is usually no more than 1 cm long. Traditionally, they are pale in color with small blotches on the wings, and most often it is gray or even brown.

There are even a number of varieties of this family of insects, but in this review I would like to consider only two species that a person has to deal with most often at home.

The most popular guests of our human abode are food and paid moths. Such butterflies can be distinguished by several differences in the color of the wings. A woolen (that is, a clothes moth) has a more golden color in its faded appearance, and a grain (that is, food) moth is always gray in color and is distinguished by the presence of brown wings.

As you might guess, to the question of where a mole appears from in a dwelling, it is impossible to give an unambiguous affirmative answer, which will also be unbranched, because for each species mentioned, the causes of appearance can be very different, taking into account their diametrically opposite food preferences.

But still, there is something that unites such pests in the rooms of our homes in general or specifically in the kitchen. A mole in an apartment or house usually appears in cases where all the prerequisites for its appearance have been created in the form of an affordable and suitable food base.

Threat from insect

Please note that it is worth noting immediately the fact that the insect larvae, and not the butterflies themselves, will carry the immediate threat to provisions and wardrobe items. The fact is that adult insects will not feed on food or even fibers of natural origin (here we are talking about clothes), since for this they do not have a mouth gnawing apparatus.

Their task will be to lay eggs after mating in the most suitable places for larval development.

But the larvae will represent the nutritional stage in the development of the insect, and this will mean complete gluttony and focus on food consumption, as well as a set of required nutrients for pupation. It should be remembered that if a moth butterfly flies in the room or even in the kitchen area and you slam it, then this will not guarantee that all problems will go away with the adults. The eggs may already be lying, and checking for their presence in the house will not be superfluous at all. Next, we propose to take a closer look at what exactly can appear in the house this or that kind of almost invisible, but very harmful insects.

Reasons for the appearance


.. food moth

Before proceeding with the listing of the reasons, due to what exactly the mole begins to appear, and also what the appearance of the larvae will depend on, you should first go through the list of food units, the availability and presence of which can attract such pests to the apartment. So, food moth, or rather, its larvae, adore the following products: spices, cereals, cereals, pet food, flour products, cookies, dried fruits, pastries, chocolate, sugar, tea, potatoes, coffee. As you can substitute, food moth larvae can eat just about anything they can get to.

An exception may be spicy foods, for example, strong spices or garlic, and this is the only thing that will remain untouched by such voracious kitchen pests. And then we list all the reasons that will help you understand where the moth comes from and why insect butterflies, and eventually caterpillars, can appear in the house.

The reasons are as follows:

  • Bringing food moth larvae into the house along with products that you bought in the store / market.
  • Relocation of adult special insects through the ventilation system from neighbors throughout the house.
  • Attracting insects with excellent living conditions, no harsh odors and keeping the room dim.

  • Butterflies entering the apartment through an open door or even windows.

Immediately it is worth noting the fact that the statement that a mole appears in an apartment only in unclean people is a real fiction and stupidity.

Please note that in 4 out of 5 cases that an adult flying specimen of such an insect appeared in your home, this is precisely the dishonesty of our producers and sellers of products.

It is improper storage or non-compliance with certain storage conditions of the product and violation of the tightness of the packaging by the manufacturer or even the distributor that will be an excellent chance for such insects to get inside for laying eggs and feeding the larvae, which will definitely like the bag with dried fruits or a bag of buckwheat. In addition, you should not turn off the likelihood of such a small pest entering the house through a ventilation vent, or through an entrance door / windows.

Here a slight tilt is made towards the window opening, because it is often a source of penetration of any insects into an apartment (not only moths), because through ventilation or a door, butterflies rarely enter human habitation, although this cannot be ruled out either.

Also, do not leave a jar of sugar, a container with wheat or any other flour, stocks of cereals open for a long time, and thereby attract insects. Here you can really blame the negligent owners of the apartment, who themselves invited the pests into their homes. In addition, you need to periodically ventilate and allow the sun's rays to get inside the room where all the supplies are. The moth is not able to withstand bright sunlight, drafts, so you should not allow a state of stagnation in your warehouse.

Stuffy and dusty closets in the twilight with food will be a real paradise for food moths.

Why does a clothes moth appear

Next, we suggest that you find out exactly where a clothes moth appears in the house. Here, too, the debunking of the myth about the failure of the owners should be supported if such a pest as a moth appears in the house. But about the reasons a little later. To begin with, you should tell, as it was decided earlier, about objects and food sources that can be perceived by the wool moth as an excellent incubator for its own future offspring.

The clothing moth will prefer the following food sources, specifically:

  • Garments that are made from materials of natural origin, more specifically from wool and fur.
  • Articles of furniture with natural upholstery.
  • Real wool carpets.
  • Items of footwear, which contain natural woolen fibers (felt boots, for example).
  • Stuffed animals / birds.

Clothes moth larvae eat even synthetic materials and fabrics, but this can only happen with a shortage of natural raw materials, and to a greater extent only harms the caterpillars. When looking for natural fibers, such voracious creatures are ways to spoil even the covers of books.

If there are a lot of moths at home from nowhere, then it is worth worrying, since the harm that the caterpillars of the clothes moth inflict on human property is difficult to compare with the troubles that "food" colleagues can bring. The sight of an expensive, spoiled fur coat or furniture upholstered by insects can cause any person to have a heart attack.

The reasons why such unfortunate pests appear in the house are as follows:

Very often, the appearance of a wardrobe poly in an apartment will indicate that she came to you along with recently purchased things that have replenished your wardrobe. And there are no guarantees when buying shoes or clothes, even in the most expensive boutiques or brand stores. Such small pests are capable of laying eggs in garments that are sold in a market stall and in an expensive boutique.

Insects will not look at the logos and the price tag of things, they are always looking for only the place where they will be better.

Please note that there is a high probability of bringing butterfly larvae into the house along with purchased pieces of furniture, and especially if you buy used furniture.

Here we are talking about interior items that are equipped with natural upholstery. Although here, too, as with clothes, there is no guarantee that if you buy new furniture in a company store, it will not be eggs laid by moths. This is a matter of attentiveness and, to some extent, even luck.

It is also very likely that such a pest will appear in the house through pets with thick hair. Most types of cats and dogs have a thick coat, and in its depths the eggs of various insects can settle, which is why the pest will be introduced into the house with the pet after walking.

Ways to control insects

First, it's worth talking about safety and prevention measures, namely:

  • You should always inspect food products even in the store before you buy them, for the presence of cobwebs in the package, and if there is one, then this will already indicate that someone has been in the pack before you and left his footprints.
  • Carefully inspect purchased items of furniture and clothing for the presence of the same cobwebs.
  • The use of folk remedies for the prevention and repelling of harmful insects - for this you need to place bags with dried lavender or tansy in places where moths may appear, as well as peels from citrus fruits (orange / lemon, cloves of garlic.

  • Clean your pets' fur after a walk.

Getting rid of food moths will require a complete audit of all supplies and locate the source of the "contagion." Find a bag or jar of food containing there are unwanted guests, throw out the contents, and sift the surviving food (cereals, pasta), dry it, sort it out, and if possible, warm it up in the oven or microwave. Next, it remains to store everything in tightly sealed jars and containers. , use fir oil, lavender, and for the summer be sure to seal the most valuable things from the encroachments of moths in special sealed covers for fur coats.

Chemical agents for scaring away moths

At home there are many moths from nowhere - ways to fight If we are talking about the case when there are a lot of moths at home, then resort to using chemicals, fortunately, there are a lot of such drugs, but not all of them are effective and safe for human health.The oldest way to fight moths will be dichlorvos and naphthalene, but modern moths are unlikely to be penetrated with naphthalene, and with dichlorvos you will most likely kill yourself, but not the moth.

For this reason, do not skimp and buy in bulk special plates (or a repellent liquid composition) for the fumigator, which after 5-7 days will exhaust all the moth in your home. In addition to these proposed solutions to the problem, you can get rid of unpleasant butterflies with the help of insecticidal sections and aerosols, but remember that no matter what drug you choose, there is always an instruction to it, and you should read it in advance, before you go to warpath with moths.


As you can see, dealing with such unpleasant "guests" is not so difficult.

And you also know the reasons for the appearance of such insects at home and how to deal with them. Being attentive and applying the knowledge gained will help prevent unpleasant problems from arising.

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