Auto paint black chameleon - advantages, disadvantages

Chameleon car paints - cost, properties, unique features

Auto paint black chameleon - advantages, disadvantages A great way to give your car an exclusive look is to apply chameleon paint. It is named after an animal that can change colors.

This extraordinary paint is capable of incorporating artificial pigments. The effect is based on the reflection and refraction of light rays with different wavelengths at different angles on a painted surface.

The pigment layers will include particles of a fine-grained type of about 1 micron, which are located at different levels.

The principle of the coating operation

It turns out something like a hamburger from several thin layers:

  1. Auto paint black chameleon - advantages, disadvantages Central, this is the main color based on aluminum oxides and chromium, and this is the toner / substrate - this is the color that will be refracted by the microscopic layers applied after ...
  2. Basic, which can produce an iridescent tone effect in different lighting conditions and from different angles. By the way, the position of the microscopic particles also matters.

  3. The quality of car varnish, which will be applied in 2-3 coats over painted parts of personal vehicles.

Combining transparent layers with semi-transparent layers will give the desired mirror effect. The wavelengths will be determined by the thickness of the toner layer based on the metal oxide, and the nature of the reflection will also depend on it - it will be suppressed or reflected, that is, such shades will be visually perceived by people from different angles of view. As a rule, white and black colors are selected as toner. But experiments with more noticeable and brighter shades will be allowed.

Please note that due to the mixing of different pigments, as well as the different thickness of the layers, the colors will be varied - it can be red, green, purple, blue, cyan, yellow, gray and white, and also other colors with incredible shade combinations.


Advantages of chameleon paint

Automotive type of chameleon coating has the following properties:

  • Helps to create protection for the surface of the car, like the simplest enamel.
  • Advantageously able to highlight the car, and turn it into an exclusive piece of art.
  • Increases the degree of security (a car that changes color, and is also very noticeable and thus rather low-attractive for car thieves). If you, by the nature of your activity or just at will, you need to make an unforgettable impression on others, you cannot think of a better option.

Now let's look at the assortment.

Assortment of the color palette

The most popular colors are as follows:

  1. Bronze - shaded soft transitions from deep red to golden (T 10-00).
  2. Violet - shades of ways change from the original deep blue, silver and deep green (T 10-01).
  3. Arctic - it seems that we are talking about a play of tones that imitate the northern lights (from turquoise to silver, and also golden and bright red (T 10-05)).
  4. Autumn - the car will change colors like an autumn leaf (from bright green color turns into reddish-golden-red).

  5. Tropics - here again there is a transition from green to silver, red and orange. The difference from the "autumn" version will be the presence of silvery tones and sparkles in the composition (T 10-08).

And now a little about the application technology.

Application method

Before using paint for a car, you need to prepare certain tools, as well as the car itself :

  • The box or garage must be warm and clean, and also require excellent ventilation or airing.
  • It will be important to install bright lighting - it is enough to combine a pair of halogen lamps and one fluorescent lamp.

  • For painting, you may need a gun (paint sprayer), or even better, take a professional one, which is equipped with a good compressor.
  • It is required to remove the old coating, align and putty the working area to perfect smoothness and impeccable cleanliness, and also prime everything properly.
  • The future working front should be washed and degreased.

The price of chameleon paint for a car is considerable, and it is better to take care of creating the ideal surface for its application. The chameleon will shimmer most effectively on streamlined surfaces, as well as on corners.

The smoother the lines are in the car, the more beautiful everything will look in the painted form. It is worth considering the fact that the promised color is designed for the use of a black substrate. Another type of toner will give the rest of the shades.

Step-by-step painting looks like this:

  1. Apply a layer of toner evenly, holding the gun (set the pressure from 2.1 to 3.

    2 bar) at a distance from 0. 3 to 0. 4 meters from the working area. Try to do the job quickly, confidently, without any streaks - the substrate will dry out in 10-15 minutes.

  2. While the toner is still wet, spray on the chameleon base coat.

  3. After 2-5 minutes after the base has dried, the following layers can be applied, and each should be dried for 5-7 minutes. You can apply from 2 to 7 layers, depending on the desired effect.
  4. After the chameleon dries, it is worth covering the surface of the car with a high-quality car varnish 2-3 times. It is worth taking 10 to 15 minutes to dry it.

Both the base and further thin layers should be applied - thick ones can spoil the effect.

The varnish can be used as a protection, and now your personal vehicle will not be afraid of the effects of chemical detergents for car washes.

Helpful hints

Approximate cost of painting

The price will increase in proportion to the area of ​​the painted surface. The cheapest way is to paint the exterior mirrors - from 2,000 rubles. Painting the front panel costs from 4,500 rubles, and the wings from 5,000 rubles each (while the rear panel will cost more), and the hood costs from 8,000 rubles. Full coloring (and the cost of preliminary work) from 87,000 to 150,000 rubles.

If work is required urgently, the surcharge ranges from 30 to 50%.

Do-it-yourself paint

All that is required to make chameleon-type paint is transparent paint (binder or base) and powder components (pigmentation). It is worth considering that most are designed to be applied over black toner (it makes it possible to create the most vivid effect). If the base is meant to be white, as indicated in the instructions attached to certain powders. The toner should be applied evenly and not overlooked hard-to-reach areas.

Then add the required amount of pigment to the binder and mix everything thoroughly. If you do not have a special mixer, use a screwdriver, on which you should put on a special attachment (for high-quality mixing, start mixing at a number of revolutions from 300 to 400). The chameleon paint will be ready.

Purchase of pigment

Auto paint black chameleon - advantages, disadvantages You can buy sets of 50 grams of Chinese brand chameleons Нli is available on the Aliexpress trading platform. The cost for 50 grams ranges from $ 35 to $ 39.

How to choose the right powder pigments

Auto paint black chameleon in the form of powder pigment is added to the base, and it's easy. The lower its concentration in the binder, the easier it will be to carry out the staining process, and even the lower the likelihood of unnecessary stripes appearing on the surface to be painted. For example, when added to a binder with a volume of 5 liters, 0.2 kg of powder pigment should be applied to the body with 2 layers of saturated flowers of the opaque type (1.25 liters per layer).

If you take the same 0.2 kg of powder per 200 liters of base, you get 4 even layers. It is recommended to use a lower concentration per 1 liter and apply a large number of layers - the final effect will be more beautiful and high quality.

If you have never dealt with even the simplest car dyeing, it is advisable to entrust chameleon dyeing to professionals. They are able to simulate the result on a computer, and correctly determine the type of coating, as well as the required number of layers, and competently prepare the car for painting, use professional equipment.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can get the money back.


So, you can apply paint to the surface of cars either with your own hands at home, or use the services of professional auto repairmen.The price of paint will directly depend on the type of paint and varnish, as well as the color effect and size of the car body. To save money, you can paint the car yourself, but familiarize yourself with all the theoretical and practical nuances of painting work in advance. You will also need special equipment, which must be configured correctly, and a spray booth is also required.

Observing the recommendations from the article and following the instructions, the staining will go well, and the car will become original and beautiful.


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