automatic or electronic? Review + Video

automatic or electronic? Review + Video Which multimeter to choose? It depends on the number of tasks that you want to solve with this device, and the price will depend on the desired features.

Which multimeter to choose for home and car + rating of the best models

automatic or electronic? Review + Video If you need this device sometimes to check the voltage in the outlet or the fuse, the basic device is enough for you.

For DIYers or radio technicians in , a combined device with wider functionality is useful in operation.

A device from well-known brands is worth paying attention to if you use it for professional purposes.

Which multimeter is best for you, we will help you determine in this article.

Basic level: which multimeter is better for home?

Ma st eu h МАS838

Rating: 9.4 / 10.

Price: from 920 rubles.

For those who once tried to work with electronics and electrical at least at the basic level, the number 838 is perfectly familiar - remember those angular testers that began to appear in radio stores in the 90s?

automatic or electronic? Review + Video Well, our beloved multimeter M-838 is still popular and is produced, but under different brands. Of course, from now it costs not 100 rubles, as before, but everything is also relatively inexpensive, and in the performance of Masteh MAS838 it has become much more convenient.

It's still the same rectangular case, but it's more streamlined and comes with a stand case. The design of the device is close to the more expensive models of the manufacturer: the sockets for the probes are now located at the bottom horizontally, and there is a "Nold" button to fix the readings. Now the panel for measuring the coeff. amplification of bipolar transistors is linear, and not round as before, which is more convenient for use.

There is simply no point in describing all the functions separately - the device works as before for a solid five.

And the main thing is that he survives the user's mistakes well, the only exception can be the measurement of the current in the outlet.

Advantages :

  • The case is equipped with a cover, ergonomics.
  • Excellent readable 3.5 ”screen.

Disadvantages :

  • The probes are weak, when buying it is worth replacing them with better ones.


Rating: 9.3 / 10.

Price: from 750 rubles.

The well-known manufacturer UNI-T is included in the basic line of the simplest and best multimeters for the home. This model compares favorably with its counterparts.

automatic or electronic? Review + Video This device has a range selection when measuring resistance and voltage in automatic mode, while in other models it is available manual switching only. In addition, this multimeter has a panel for testing transistors, which is not in other devices.

On the one hand, this modification does not have the function of saving measured readings and screen backlighting. But this device can measure temperature using an external thermocouple, which is included in the kit. Also, this device can generate a test signal in the form of a rectangle.

Advantages :

  • Saving readings using a dedicated button.
  • Screen backlight.
  • Possibility to test three types of batteries.
  • Good quality for a reasonable price.
  • Comes with a convenient stand and a silicone case.

Disadvantages :

  • Nutrition only from the crown.
  • Transistors can only be tested in A modification.

Victо r V C 830L

Rating: 9.2 / 10.

Price: from 720 rubles.

automatic or electronic? Review + Video Not everyone needs a device that has a huge list of possibilities. If you want to buy an inexpensive and high-quality multimeter that perfectly performs basic functions, you should pay attention to this model.

Its main advantage is a reasonable price, a small basic error (for this type of device) and a bright screen with large numbers that are perfectly visible from different angles. The advantage of this device is its high overvoltage category (according to the IEC SAT ||| standard).

This model is constantly released under various brands, which may have its own characteristics.

By the way, the multimeter is of the same model, but from the manufacturer. The synometer has a button for backlighting the screen and saving the current reading, which makes the device more convenient to use.

Advantages :

  • Large numbers that are visible from any angle.
  • Comfortable stand.

High electrical safety.

Disadvantages :

  • No protective case included.
  • Food from the crown only.

CEM DТ-101

Rating: 8.3 / 10.

Price: from 600 rubles.

This is the simplest model of a multimeter, but is that bad? For example, even those who rarely tinker with electronics can hardly remember the last time he tested transistors.

For this reason, the budget model DT-101, which is made on the principle of "nothing more", will become for many a good device for basic checks and measurements. It's easy to figure it out: there are only two sockets for probes, you don't have to switch red.

automatic or electronic? Review + Video The power switch is brought out separately here, which is a big plus for a cheap device - the contacts go deep into the printed circuit board, and you will have to constantly scroll the selector in all directions to turn on / off the device, which will lead to rapid wear of the contact surface.

This is the best multimeter for the home in the sense that it has a rubberized case, which is useful in case of a fall.

But in this case it is worth worrying about the slots for the probes: here they are not displayed on the digital panel, as in many similar models, but on the lower part of the case. But the probes themselves are all here and very decent for such a low price.

The package is simple: a blister with a multimeter, probes and simple instructions. However, the latter is unlikely to be useful to you due to the simple interface, where everything is already clear.

As a minus, we can safely take the battery from which the devices work - together with the standard "Crown", only a small 12-volt A23 is suitable here.

But to some extent this is a plus for the garage master - just connect the cigarette lighter, and you don't have to think about replacing the batteries.

Advantages :

  • There is a case on the case.
  • The power switch is brought out separately, and not as usual on the "spinner".

Disadvantages :

  • The battery is not the most suitable one.

The best multimeters for radio amateurs

T e stо 760-1

Rating: 9.

9 / 10.

Price: from 5100 rubles.

This model is the leader among similar devices. All this is due to the fact that the multimeter is of the highest class and fully automatic, thanks to which it was awarded the entry into the State Register.

automatic or electronic? Review + Video

If you are not a fan of the rotary mode selector, this smart device will help you out.

To work, you only need to select 1 of 3 modes ("current", "voltage", "everything else"), and then the device will do all the work for you.

Scale width and measurement accuracy in test mode will suit almost any job. The tester, in addition to the basic functions, will measure you capacitance from 10 nF to 100 μF, as well as a frequency from 0.001 Hz to 512,000 Hz. The case has a decent class of protection against dust and moisture - IP64.

I was especially pleased with the ergonomics of the case and the simplicity of the informative presentation on the display - yes, this device is very easy to work with.

Advantages :

  • The multimeter of this model is included in the State Register.
  • Auto-ranging function with additional overload protection.
  • Ergonomic.

Disadvantages :

  • There is no transistor test mode.

Flukе 106

Rating: 9.5 / 10.

Price: from 3800 rubles.

If you are thinking about which multimeter is better for radio amateurs, then this model is for you.

automatic or electronic? Review + Video Outwardly, the device looks minimalistic for a multimeter with a rotary selector - and in general, it does not need to have a lot designations, since it automatically selects the range.

Although ideally there could be an Up / Down button for manual settings, it was not installed (which is a pity), but this does not affect the work in general.

The 106th model is not only simple, but also compact: it does not take up much space, it is easy to carry in the glove compartment or carry it in your pocket. Now even many smartphones are much larger in size than this multimeter.

And now the main question - why is this baby so expensive? That's right, this is another model, which, due to the accuracy of measurements, entered the State Register of Measurement Equipment, and all testers are checked at the factory. Trust me, it's worth the money.

Advantages :

  • Accuracy awarded to the entry into the State Register.
  • Automatic range setting.
  • Compact (even smaller than your smartphone!).

Disadvantages :

  • Small frequency range when measuring.


Rating: 9.

5 / 10.

Price: from 5120 rubles .

This device is versatile in its kind and represents a miniature laboratory that makes it possible to study the environment in numbers. In addition to the main characteristics, the Dt-61 multimeter can measure temperature contactlessly, and even quite high values.

automatic or electronic? Review + Video In addition, the device can be used to measure the level of humidity, noise, lighting, and for this reason it is convenient to use for checking buildings and premises for compliance with the norms established by law.

Using the device, you can perform both direct and relative measurements, there is a data freeze mode, the selection of the desired range occurs in automatic mode, it can automatically turn off after a certain idle time and has a bright display.

The design features of the device meet all electrical safety requirements for category IV for non-contact search for electricity (static) with voltage up to 1000V, and III for contact measurements.

Advantages :

  • Located in the State Register of Measuring Instruments.
  • Built-in overload protection.
  • Shockproof and rubberized body.

  • Stand included for convenience.

Disadvantages :

  • Meals only from the "crown".
  • Not very large capacitance measurement limits.
  • The backlight cannot be turned off automatically.

Маstes h М S 8260 E

Rating: 9.

1 / 10.

Price: from 2100 rubles.

automatic or electronic? Review + Video Mastek is a combined device that, in addition to the basic characteristics, can also measure the inductance of chokes and coils for you ...

Only this Mastek model has such capabilities, other modifications have slightly different distinctive features.

For example, measure temperature, frequency or extended range. This device has a module for testing transistors (bipolar only), can test diodes and test the circuit for a short circuit.

Ranges can be manually switched, and you can save values ​​and turn on the backlight.

Advantages :

  • The presence of a special button to turn on the power.

  • Incorrect connection protection.
  • The fuse is located in a convenient place.
  • The basic configuration includes a module for testing transistors.

Disadvantages :

  • The battery is only "crown".

CEM DT-2008

Rating: 8.

9 / 10.

Price: from 2600 rubles.

automatic or electronic? Review + Video The display of this model definitely has no complaints about readability: the numbers here are large, in contrast, plus the presence of backlight ...

The case for DT-2008 is created by the method of double casting, which is why the soft shell is not a removable accessory, but a part of the case itself, while it goes over the corners of the front panel so far as to completely protect the tester from falls.

Despite the fact that outwardly there are no "bells and whistles", the functionality is quite interesting - in addition to the standard set, it is also possible to measure the capacitance of capacitors, as well as the temperature and frequency of signals. For the convenience of measuring voltage, the input resistance was expanded to 10 MΩ (for basic models it is usually 1 MΩ).

Advantages :

  • Large screen, backlight.
  • Excellent anti-shock system (thanks to the double casting method).

Disadvantages :

  • Manual range setting only.

Which multimeter is best for professionals

Fluke 233

Rating: 9.8 / 10 ...

Price: from 27 600 rubles.

automatic or electronic? Review + Video At first glance it may seem that the device is broken, but not. This interesting solution makes it possible to separate the screen from the measuring base, the access radius of which will be 10 meters.

As a professional, have you ever had to pull your neck in one place while testing something else? Then you can understand how convenient and practical this solution is.

Such a device can do a lot - measure current and voltage with a small error, calculate the root mean square, can measure capacitance up to 10,000 μF and much more.

If we talk about a professional device from Fluk, it's silly to talk about the simple capabilities of the device, when you can work with an external current clamp, pressure and vacuum meter.

Advantages :

  • Module design.
  • Measurement accuracy.

Disadvantages :

  • You need to use 5 batteries at once (3 for measuring processes, and 2 for the display).

APPA 107 N

Rating: 9.

7 / 10.

Price: from 18 300 rubles.

automatic or electronic? Review + Video This is an expensive, but the best multimeter for home and car with excellent performance.

The protection class of the device case is IP64, which means that it does not care about splashes, dust, burning. The device is also equipped with a fuse and overvoltage resistors.

The accuracy of measurements in a circuit with an irregular sine wave is high due to the calculation of the rms value from a set of values ​​- this function is very useful when servicing PWM nodes and thyistor converters.

Multimutr can store up to 1500 last measurements in memory and work with computers. There are several modes of holding values, and the readings are displayed not only in symbols and numbers, but also on a 42-segment scale.

Advantages :

  • Is in the list of the State Register by measuring instruments.
  • Very small error.

  • Can store up to 1500 last readings.
  • Can be connected to PC.
  • There is an auto backlight off.
  • Beep when the probe is incorrectly connected.

Disadvantages :

  • Meals only from the "crown".

  • Quite a high price.


Rating: 9 , 5/10.

Price: from 12 200 rubles.

The package bundle of the device is unusual, but most of all we were interested in something that should be plugged into a socket with one end, and with the other end into the sockets for a probe. In fact, everything is very simple - we connect a multimeter between an electrical device and a socket to measure electricity consumption.

automatic or electronic? Review + Video Next to the box there is an infrared adapter with a USB connector, which allows you to connect this device model to a PC with 100% galvanic isolation ... You can even write logos and draw up graphs, while saving data in any format using the native software that comes with the bundle on a CD.

But the multimeter itself has a special memory (it can work in the mode of calculating the true root mean square calculation) and fixes the received data in the clipboard.

Taking into account the mode of operation with alternating current, the limiting frequency here can only be 100,000 Hz. When measuring frequencies, the top of the range is 200 MHz!

With these functions and the breadth of possibilities, the multimeter no longer seems so expensive. But the price points to the main drawback - the device did not reach the standards of the State Register.

Advantages :

  • Communication with PC.
  • Wide range of functions.

Disadvantages :

  • Average accuracy.

Fluk e 17B +

Rating: 9.5 / 10.

Price: from 10 500 rubles.

automatic or electronic? Review + Video Multimeters from Fluk are considered to be the standard among measuring instruments and as a distinctive feature they have high reliability and professional level.

Among the functions of this model - measurement of alternating and direct voltage (up to 1000 V), resistance, capacitance, frequency, current and temperature. You can also check the diodes with the device and check the circuits for a short circuit.

The range is automatic, but you can scale the results using manual control. You can also take relative measurements and record readings. Using the included thermocouple, the multimeter determines the temperature in the most suitable range.

It can rightfully be called the best multimeter for home and cars.

Advantages :

  • Is in the State Register.
  • Build quality.
  • The measurement accuracy is high
  • The batteries are finger-type.

Disadvantages :

  • High price.

  • Small range for capacitance and frequency measurements.