Avoidable kitchen renovation mistakes

Avoidable kitchen renovation mistakes Errors during the repair and installation of the kitchen , which are easy to avoid. In this article I would like to talk about the key mistakes that most people make when renovating a kitchen space and buying new pieces of furniture. Usually, all this happens due to the negligence of both the owners of the apartment and the people who are directly involved in the implementation of the conceived ideas (repairmen).

A kitchen renovation itself is as difficult as a bathroom renovation, if not more. It is imperative to provide for a lot of little things, as well as decide on the style, storage space, as well as the kitchen set and many other equally important issues.

We will not search and find out who is to blame and for what, because situations are different.

We decided to put together all the most common mistakes when installing a kitchen. So, what are the most common mistakes?

Overview of wiring errors


Incorrect communications are the most popular mistake, and how As a rule, problems come from the planning stage. If you have decided on the design, then check everything in advance, because at the stage of ordering pieces of furniture and a headset, it may turn out that you have mistakes. If you do not know in advance what kind of kitchen you will have, then it is better not to start repair work at all.

Avoidable kitchen renovation mistakes It is necessary to decide on the design, the plan-project, and only then start work. But everything is usually the other way around, we go to the furniture salon, then we work out the kitchen, and we find out that the set that was planned does not suit you now, because more equipment is required, and the dishwasher should be in a completely different place.

That is why I would like to note the general rule for placing communications - there should not be them behind the equipment, and there should be open access to all communications.

Incorrect placement of zones

On this account designer Elena Ostapova expressed her opinion, who decided to talk about how to make a kitchen according to all the rules.

"There should always be a distance of at least 60 cm between the stove and the sink.

In addition, an additional 60 cm of free work surface should be provided in order to serve and serve dishes. In total, you should build production chains - washed the product - cut - chopped - put on the stove for heat treatment - removed and prepared for serving This will help to significantly reduce the cooking time, as well as reduce the number of unnecessary movements in the kitchen room. It is imperative to remember the sequence - sink, workplace, stove, etc. another tabletop. "

Also, never forget that the hob must not be adjacent to refrigeration equipment.

The location of the technique, which is inconvenient to use

This is especially true in those moments when it comes to the built-in type of technique. Positioning your coffee machine, oven, or even dishwasher too low or high can be very inconvenient. Try to place equipment items so that they are at waist level and also do not forget to proceed from the data on the average height of those living in the apartment. Before making the final decision on the placement of equipment, we recommend that you walk through the stands in the equipment store and estimate, using a real example, which height will be convenient for you.

In preparing this material, we studied many photographs showing built-in equipment and selected several examples as illustrations.

Due to the fact that the growth of some people is very small, then placing the oven at a standard height will be a mistake, and even more so you should not fence the microwave oven on top. But in the photo below you will see an example that is ideal for people of small stature. The equipment is placed in such a way that you can see what is happening both in the microwave and in the oven, but you must admit that sometimes one glance from the outside is enough to understand whether a dish is ready or not.

Capricious floor

The kitchen is the place where not only hair from the head can fall to the surface of the floor, but also a frying pan, saucepan and even small objects household appliances. A mistake when installing a kitchen will be a wooden floor or laminate in the kitchen, especially if you have children in the house or someone from your household has a poorly developed grasping reflex.

The problem is that such surfaces are unlikely to be able to maintain their original appearance for too long for a long time. one more remark - light glossy tiles (and dark ones too) are a huge mistake ... Firstly, it is slippery, and secondly, any dirt is visible; in addition, chips are very noticeable on the surface of the tile, and nothing can be done about them, there is only the option of local / complete replacement of the floor surface.

By the way, you can often hear from housewives that a rough tile covering on the floor surface is also a punishment, because it is very difficult to wash it.

Lack of lighting

So that in the evenings there is no feeling that you are cooking in some ancient dungeon, you should think over different lighting scenarios in advance - along the kitchen set , above the top cupboards and above the dining area.Believe me, there is never too much light!

Lack of sockets

Avoidable kitchen renovation mistakes No other room in a house or apartment needs as many outlets as the kitchen! Yes, you yourself calculate what sockets are required for: an electric kettle, a hob, refrigeration equipment (and sometimes more than one), a microwave oven, a food processor, a dishwasher, a multicooker, a coffee maker, a toaster ...

The list is far not complete, it can be continued for a very long time. You will need to calculate all the technique that you use, and add a couple more outlets just in case. We strongly recommend making at least 8 sockets in the kitchen, and then you will definitely not go wrong.

Poorly thought out storage of equipment

Another fairly popular problem of modern housewives is that over the years there are more and more kitchen appliances (after all, how to live without a waffle iron or a mixer), and the kitchen is getting tighter. If you are not going to display appliances along the entire length of the countertop or even on the windowsill, then you should think about the drawers inside.

At the same time, it is worth noting the fact that drawer drawers, albeit more expensive, but much more practical. The stories of the simplest people can convince that in ordinary boxes, distant space eventually turns into a black hole, where no one has been poking for a long time.

We suggest that you refuse to store small-sized household appliances on the upper drawers of the kitchen headset, because it often happens that these objects fall on a person and can cause injury, and all because the wires of the equipment cling to something and start a chain reaction.

Marble countertop

People who have opted for natural marble as a countertop material or even for floor surface decoration, unanimously say that the material is very capricious, and it is also able to absorb dirt once and for all.

Unprotected kitchen apron

The apron for the kitchen is the place that is most susceptible to dirt and constant exposure to heat, which is why it should be approached with special attention.

You do not need to glue wallpaper on the apron, but if you want to do this, then you should install a panel made of tempered glass. It is also not worth painting the apron with the simplest paint, because it will instantly stick around. The paint should be protected near the stove.

Protruding handles on drawers

Another mistake when renovating a kitchen is installing protruding handles on cupboards. Usually this is not a problem, but if such a handle is located near the cabinet, which is located near the wall, then a situation may occur when the handle rests against the wall and prevents the cabinet from opening completely.

In addition, the hips often bump against protruding and sharp handles during fast movements, and this is also unpleasant.

Warm floors throughout the kitchen

This point may seem ridiculous, but in fact, everything is very sad.Some people who independently carry out repair work in the kitchen make a warm floor around the entire perimeter and only at the very end begin to understand the fact that it simply should not be under the kitchen set and refrigerator. You should think about this in advance and not overdo it, and also think about the placement of furniture in advance.