Bad taste in the interior 2020

Bad taste in the interior 2020 Examples of bad taste in the interior and photos - in no case do this

The designer is not a person who asserts himself at the expense of the client, but an assistant and friend. Someone who will promptly convince not to make this or that mistake and even help, or at least be able to make predictions of costs.

Don't be overconfident and think design is a discipline that can be handled very easily. A lot of time, nerves and money will be spent, and also the result will not be what we would like.

We decided to make a special selection for those who still think that a designer is not needed.

These are examples of bad taste in the interior, photos of which will help convince you otherwise.

Styling a loft in typical apartments

How to make a loft-style interior? You can glue artificial brick to the surface of the walls, and the rest of the pieces to the furniture ... In fact, everything is not so simple.

The main feature of the loft is the lack of decoration, namely brick walls and plaster. We are also talking about tall windows, industrial elements and simple pieces of furniture that are made from natural materials.

What to do if you are in the loft and have already bought brick-like wallpaper?

  1. Return the wallpaper to the store where you are from bought (this can be done within 21 days).
  2. Learn the details of the style.
  3. The next step is to create the relationship between expectation and reality.

    Perhaps the loft style will not fit into your apartment at all. For this reason, you should not do it according to the principle "let it be any, but it will be", loft elements can be in decor and furniture.

May the designer's power be with you!

Many shades of the same color

Most people mistakenly believe that better "before than not". In fact, oversaturation with color will only cause lack of sleep, because it will be impossible to be in such a room, and even more so to have pleasant dreams. It is at home that everyone wants to feel calm, comfortable and free.

But how can you breathe deeply if you do not have an apartment, but a house for a barbie?

Please note that it is worth remembering the golden rule of color balance, namely "60,30 and 10". In each room, the ratio should be observed, at which there will be 60% of the main color, another 30% of the additional and only 10% of the accent color. The main thing is that the first two values ​​are neutral shades and only 10% bright.

Competent planning and arrangement of pieces of furniture

The placement of furniture for some people is associated with a game of Tetris - the wall must be covered, and completely, otherwise something will happen that's terrible. It doesn't matter at all that all the necessary furniture is placed on one side, and the rest of the room is empty.

The main thing is that space is saved and perfect adhesion to the wall is obtained ...

It is worth using the area wisely, and at the same time they are not afraid to use the center of the room.The optimal distance between pieces of furniture should be from 0.

3 to 1 meter. It is worth avoiding unnecessary details, for example, chairs that stand along the wall, or doors.

Zoning literally

Bad taste in the interior 2020 Moving from an ordinary room to the real Narnia will not be zoning. Nobody canceled the concept of the unity of style, color compatibility and rationality. To make the room harmonious, and none of your friends took a photo of your apartment for another collection of examples of bad taste in the interior, you should choose harmonious and calm shades.

And for dividing into functional zones, it is worth using pieces of furniture, not shock therapy. Use other techniques to keep the room harmonious. You can choose a single color scheme for the ceiling, walls and floor, and highlight individual areas with accents. You can also use functional partitions, or highlight each zone by means of light sources (put the floor lamp in the recreation area, add the sconces to the decorative elements).

"Alice Through the Looking Glass"

Believe it or not, but a mirrored wardrobe has long gone out of fashion, and such a product will not increase the space by half a room due to mirrors as much as you like.

To increase the space, you can use mirrored decor items and furniture, or mirrors instead of panels / paintings. If different options for unusual mirrors - "splinter" to make panels, crooked mirrors, or that are deliberately aged; polished surfaces of steel, aluminum, silver and copper dishes to a perfect shine. By the way, if you really want a mirrored wall, then you can use panels that can be purchased inexpensively even at IKEE,

Busting with multi-level ceilings and the magic of drywall

Where did the incredible love of drywall carving come from? all artificial structures look bulky, but you can impress guests in a different way. In fact, bulky drywall structures do not save space in any way, but only steal it. If you sincerely believed that you would get a beautiful decor, then alas and oh, but without knowledge, everything often turns out awful.

Eats other details, for example, paintings, stucco moldings, textiles, niches with a specific functional purpose. They will help make the space interesting, bright, but they will definitely not steal it.


The photo shows an example of lamps that are placed in two lines along the ceiling. It turns out some kind of runway. It is not worthwhile to mount spotlights everywhere in an apartment, and they will be good only for the kitchen, and even then not in all cases.

Lighting in the room should be general, working and decorative. The general thing is chandeliers, and the worker will allocate a certain area in the room - floor lamps near the recreation area, table lamps, sconces, and so on. Decorative - these are ribbons with LEDs, spotlights for accessories and decorative items.Such luminaires are relevant when it is required to highlight certain zones, to divide the lighting into levels.


Bad taste in the interior 2020 The photo of the paradise island will look great on the photo, but not on the walls of your room.

This will reduce the cost of the interior, and create a real halo of bad taste around you. It is worth hanging a picture, a beautiful poster with a theme that you like, using decorative items and accessories that will remind you of your dream, but everything should be in moderation. Decorate your home wisely!


This is the perfect example of all examples. This is when in one room there is both a bed and a sofa, bar counters, wardrobes, as well as carved drywall, spotlights and a suspended ceiling!

This is an overloaded room. In the interior, the following is important:

  1. Maintaining balance and harmony between size, shape, colors and structure of objects.

  2. Emphasizing accents (one or even a couple of elements that are striking, but not on all objects). The accent can be done through a group of furniture or by highlighting a non-standard element.
  3. Be friends with proportions (this is the ratio with parts of compositions) and scale. For example, if you fill rooms with large objects, you will get a giant's lair, no matter whether the area of ​​the room is 10 or 30 m 2 .

And of course, you shouldn't deal with the combination of the incompatible.

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