Balcony glazing with aluminum profile, balcony glazing with aluminum profile price, balcony with aluminum profile

Balcony glazing with aluminum profile, balcony glazing with aluminum profile price, balcony with aluminum profile Which aluminum profile is better for a balcony?

Most people associate a balcony only with an open warehouse of unnecessary of things. But why create from such a cozy extension, which can be a place for rest, a warm pantry or a home workshop, a traitor? Naturally, the ventilated area can hardly be called cozy, so you can understand the desire of many apartment owners to glaze the balcony with an aluminum profile.

Materials and tools

The traditional way to cover a balcony is to use a wooden structure with hinged doors. The wood itself does not tolerate changes in weather conditions, so this system requires annual maintenance and painting in order to maintain its aesthetic appearance and protective properties. An alternative option would be plastic.

It will better withstand bad weather, but the strength of a structure made of such a material is much worse than that of a tree.

Now the use of aluminum profiles for glazing is replacing wood and plastic.

This option has a huge number of undeniable advantages that follow from the properties of the material:

Now it's worth choosing which profile is better.

Cold or warm - that is the question

Glazing of a balcony with an aluminum profile can be both warm and cold. The second type got its name due to the fact that aluminum, as a metal, has a high conductivity. As a result, in winter it will play the role of a conductor for the cold, which will begin to penetrate into the glazed space.

Metallic cold glazing is inexpensive and helps provide excellent protection against dust, noise and weather. Such frames are distinguished by simple configuration, and their small thickness makes it possible to push the windows apart without much effort.

But in winter, such a solution will significantly limit the use of the glazed room. Is it another matter if you use warm glazing with aluminum frames? In this case, a double frame and a special profile with an insert of heat-insulating material are used. Such a frame, when combined with a double-glazed window in many layers, turns out to be thicker, but this helps to turn the balcony into a full-fledged housing that can be used regardless of the weather outside the window.

Remember that such a solution will cost several times more than cold glazing.

Selecting a manufacturer

You should be extremely responsible when choosing a company for the production of aluminum profiles for loggias and balconies, since they will depend on durability and reliability of the window surface. It is also worth paying attention to manufacturers who have been present in the construction market for a long time and have been confirming the quality of products for several years. It is also important that there are guarantees for use and repair, which are provided by good firms. If a defect is discovered during operation, this will be your guarantee that you will receive appropriate and free service.

If a company is self-confident and produces good products, it will also be able to interest you with a wide assortment. At first glance, aluminum glazing may seem like a standard product, but in fact it has incredible scope for constructive implementation of creative ideas. A varied and large catalog will help to best characterize the company's ability to meet the needs of even the most fastidious customers.

When glazing a balcony using a profile, it will be better if the company itself deals with the entire cycle completely, namely, taking measurements, making a frame and performing installation. But the customer can ask for a frame to be made for him, and if he is confident in himself, he can personally do the installation with his own hands.


An important part of every installation work is measurements. Specifically, in the case of aluminum glazing, high measurement accuracy is required in order to create a thin profile fit for the construction of a loggia or balcony. Only in this way will you be able to achieve high protective and strength qualities.

Often, before starting measurements, additional work should be carried out to prepare the room for the installation of an aluminum profile. You should first completely get rid of the old window, if any, and also replace the roof completely, unless, of course, it is made of a reinforced concrete base plate of the neighbor's balcony.

It is often required to change the fence and install an additional frame on which the profile will be fixed.

Even before starting installation work, you can need to understand the external method of facing the fence. If necessary, it should be done before you start glazing, otherwise the cladding process will be associated with huge inconveniences, and it will also be fraught with damage to the aluminum profile.


When all measurements have been completed and you have already selected all the required configuration, you can start direct installation. In this case, 3 stages should be distinguished:

  • Making a support and installing window sills.

  • Carrying out assembly work from structural elements.
  • Settings and regulation of fittings.

The main features of the profile installation are connected with the type of fencing.If you have a metal fence, the window frame will be installed on a special frame, and the gap between the window and the fence should be closed with an apron made of galvanized steel sheets. If the side is made of concrete, then the frame can be installed directly on it, or on timber beams, which will be fixed to the concrete level.

An aluminum profile for a balcony is usually fixed with anchor fasteners, as this is the most durable and reliable way of fastening. Anchor bolts are used below and above the frame, and the frame is fixed to the walls on the sides using anchor plates. Additional tightness can be achieved with polyurethane foam.

After the reliable fixation of the profile is performed, the ebb should be fixed and the installation of the window sashes should be started. This is the most important step that requires high precision from the installer.

Each sash should be strictly level, because if this is not done, the user will face the problem of arbitrary opening and closing of swing windows.

Attention! For accurate operation of the window mechanism, it is necessary to carry out the initial adjustment. A home craftsman cannot cope with this task, therefore it is better to entrust such work to an experienced specialist who can give a guarantee for the durability and reliability of the windows.

A visor can be installed to protect against precipitation. Its length must necessarily correspond to the size of the balcony, and the slope must ensure the natural slope of snow and water.

Even during the installation process, it is imperative to seal all joints. This will help provide additional protection against dust and moisture.

Please note, that the best manufacturers of component parts for windows are the following companies - VEKA (aluminum profile), G-U (accessories), Guardian GŠ°lss (glass). Windows assembled from these high-quality components will serve you for 50 and more years!

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