Banquets in the interior + photo

Banquets in the interior + photo Banquet in the interior - what is it and how it is used

The entrance hall is the very first room in the house. Guests constantly enter through it, you can see it when you open the door. This is a kind of visiting card, and a graceful, beautiful and comfortable bench will help make the first impression.

It helps to decorate the room, to give it a complete harmonious look. What is it, as well as what types of products are there and how to choose it correctly?

You will find further answers to questions regarding a banquet in the interior.


What It Is

The Bench is a compact seating area that is perfect for a hallway, and it is also easy to rearrange it to another convenient place. It is also used to decorate a bedroom, living room, nursery and kitchen.

A bench in the hallway is needed to:

  • Facilitate the process of taking off and putting on shoes.
  • Comfortable seating that does not require removing outer clothing.
  • Provide a comfortable seating position.

  • Aesthetics.

Regardless of whether your hallway is small or large, you can always find a suitable interior detail. They can be of different shapes, styles and sizes. High, low, with or without a back, with shelves or shoe boxes - there are many options, and you can see them in the photo.

History of appearance

Banquets in the interior + photo For the first time such seating places have noticed back in the French Middle Ages.

Around the 18th century, ladies of noble birth used furniture such as a comfortable seat near a dressing table. At the same time, they began to be used for a comfortable expectation of reception from people who were representatives of the authorities.

The earliest models of such furniture resembled a bench without a back with upholstered fabric. Later they began to appear in halls where balls were held. The first models looked like benches without a back.

Backrest options began to appear a little later, and they had soft seats upholstered in fabric.

Now such pieces of furniture can be found in an apartment, clinic, school, kindergarten, shopping center, opera, court and other public places. And the shapes, sizes and types can amaze the imagination.

Materials used for manufacturing

Natural wood is most often used for the frame, because it is a versatile material. Natural wood products will look great in the bedroom, hallway, living room and in the nursery.

They can be attributed to the classical style, country, modern and certain modern trends.

The main advantages of the material of manufacture are that:

  • The product is environmentally friendly.
  • Has a long service life.
  • Reliable and proven.
  • Beauty of texture, aesthetics.

But the main disadvantage is the cost.It will largely depend on the type of wood and the complexity of the design. There are many wood models with and without backs, as well as other nice additions. Particleboard and MDF are materials that are made from compressed shavings, waste and dust.

Products with their use are characterized by low cost, and also have an average durability.

Be sure to check the quality control certificates before purchasing. the problem is that unscrupulous manufacturers use poisonous toxic substances as a connecting element.

Metal - such products are less popular, because the metal bench in the interior of the hallway is suitable only for the Empire, Baroque and classic styles. The pieces of furniture are very durable, with beautiful and forged elements.

They are characterized by an unlimited service life and reliability.

They are also made by hand. The disadvantages include heavy weight, complexity of implementation in the interior and cost. For comfort and convenience, the seats are covered with fabric or leather. The feet should be covered with special caps to protect the flooring.



Fabric is used for upholstery, and any textiles that are used for the banquet are impregnated special compositions.

Most often they use cotton, velor, velvet, chenille and others. If there is no money for natural leather, then you can use a leather substitute that has a lower cost. It is used in budget, inexpensive options that are usually made from chipboard. For leatherette, the characteristic features will be the ease of care, cleaning, as well as a short service life.

But the most expensive wooden or forged models are sheathed with genuine leather.

They are characterized by easy maintenance, durability, good looks, wear resistance and practicality. There is also a large selection of textures and colors. Latex can be used as a filler (for premium furniture). It has a long service life, is safe and resistant to deformation. For budget options, gas-filled plastics are used, or they do not use upholstery at all.

Sizes and shapes

The size of the banquettes can be single, double, triple and even quadruple. One seat is approximately 0.6 meters per person. Banquets for 1 and 2 meta are perfect for a summer residence and a house, and for waiting rooms, schools, clinics, reception rooms, courts, kindergartens, banquets for 3 and 4 seats are ideal. They are round, rectangular, triangular and square in shape.


There are many species that differ in shape, configuration, size, material, methods of creation and purpose. The hallway bench with shoe rack is a bench with 1 to 3 shelves at the bottom.

This option is suitable for small rooms and helps save space.The seat in such models can be simple, or it can be stuffed and covered with fabric / leather for comfort and softness. Models of benches with folding shelves and seats, doors, bedside tables are available.

The material of manufacture is MDF, wood, steel, metal, iron and more.

Banquets in the interior + photo Option with bench and back. Such benches are comfortable due to the presence of back support. They create a pleasant and warm atmosphere that gives the room a homely and cozy feel. There are benches with a back and a drawer, a bedside table, shelves and even a table.

Most often the back and seat are padded for softness. With drawers - if you are a connoisseur of comfort, beautiful appearance and versatility, then this is your choice. Boxes are used to store shoes, documents, accessories, first aid kits and more. Such furniture helps to significantly save space, and the main production material is chipboard and wood.

There are pedestals-poufs, and depending on the need, they can play the role of both pedestals and banquets.

Usually they are equipped with several drawers of a pull-out type, but they can also be used as a stand for a telephone, a vase, an intercom.

Location in the bedroom

The bench in the interior is usually used in the bedroom or hallway, as mentioned earlier. In the bedroom, it is located in front of the bed or is used as a bedside table. It can be placed near the dressing table instead of an ottoman, and the location near the mirror is also considered advantageous.

Important points before buying

First, you should pay attention to the accuracy of the firmware and quality.

In no case should there be protruding threads, the seams should be in the same style around the entire perimeter. Pay attention to the thickness and quality of the threads themselves. On thin fabrics, thin threads should be used, and on coarse and thick fabrics, dense threads should be used. It is also worth deciding how often on the seat you will fold things or sit down, and whether you will store things in the bench. If you plan to use the seat frequently, then you should choose upholstery made of leather, its various substitutes or eco-leather.

If it is more like a decorative element, then chenille, velvet, velor and other similar materials are more suitable.

The type of product should be selected depending on the room for which it is required. A model with a shelf for shoes, a pouf, a forged bench, a product with a hanger or mirror is perfect for the hallway. For a summer residence, a forged product would be an ideal option. If you are looking at pieces of furniture in the bedroom, then it is worth looking at wooden items with or without a back.

When choosing, it is worth focusing on the number of family members, and if the family is small, then the single model will be appropriate. If there are a lot of household members, it is worth considering double and triple banquets.

Also, if you have small children, then it is worth choosing furniture made of leather or its substitute, which are easy to clean.The shape should be chosen based on the shape of the room. If you have a square hallway, then the bench should be the same, and if it is rectangular, then you should pay attention to oblong products.