Basement siding - panel sizes

Basement siding - panel sizes Basement siding: sizes, types, application in construction. To reliably protect the basement of the building from the negative effects of the environment and possible mechanical damage, home owners often opt for basement siding, the dimensions of which depend on the type. Siding is presented in the form of panels imitating natural and artificial materials.

It should be taken into account that the dimensions of the plinth siding are universal, so there should be no serious problems when installing the panels. Everything is easy to do with your own hands, without using special and expensive tools.

Despite the external fragility, such a siding, according to the manufacturer's assurance, can last 40 or 50 years.

Material and its features

It is interesting that today, with the help of PVC panels, houses are finished not only in middle latitude, but even in the far north, where increased requirements are imposed on building materials and finishes in the form of high resistance to weather conditions and temperature changes.

First of all, we note that the thickness of the siding panels is ideal for finishing in the lower part of the house. This advantage is fully manifested when the finishing of the plinth is required, which they managed to finish with other materials. Often, noticeable imperfections remain on the surface that are difficult or even impossible to correct with plaster or cladding materials with a small thickness.

So, how can the advantages be highlighted in this material?

These indicators cannot but rejoice, and it remains only to be glad that in modern industry there are ways to create such durable materials.

Dimensions of siding panels

… from Alta-Profile

Each collection has separate components. Each set contains 10 items, regardless of the model.

This manufacturer has several main collections:

  • "Stone" collection. This set is quite popular and in demand, so most people choose this material for decorating a country house.

    The dimensions of the basement siding panels from the "Stone" series are quite convenient (1.135 * 0.474 * 0.022 m) for repair and installation, with a minimum of waste.

  • Basement siding - panel sizes The "Brick" collection.

    In this selection, the models stand out from the rest by the severity of style and the variety of shades (from snow-white to red). Basement siding of this type has a specific structure that is capable of completely copying a brick. The collection models have dimensions of 1.13 * 0.468 * 0.

    017 meters.

  • Facade tiles. This type of siding has stiffening ribs. The appearance is perfect and looks like dolomite, onyx or basalt. The dimensions of the panels are 1.

    1152 * 0.446 meters.

  • Rocky Stone. In this collection, models will amaze you with a variety of shades, as well as incredibly beautiful relief. Dimensions - 1.

    168 * 0.448 * 0.023 meters.

  • Brick-Antique . In this case, all models imitate brick, which was used in ancient times.

    This material is also reinforced with stiffeners. In addition, the coating has an extraordinary relief. The dimensions of the panels are 1.168 * 0.448 * 0.

    017 meters.

  • Canyon . The models are available in several decors. The siding relief lines are refined, and this gives the plinth an extraordinary appearance.
  • Granite .

    These are the most durable models in the collection. Dimensions - 1.134 * 0.474 * 0.023 meters.

    Despite the fact that this collection is recommended to be used on a plinth, the models are also suitable for finishing the facade.

… from Vox

Since the manufacturer's lineup has many types, the sizes of the basement siding are different here and will suit any home. Siding under a stone and under a brick from a German manufacturer has gained immense popularity.

From the main collections, we will single out the two best:

  • Solid Moore. This collection has become traditional, and it is in demand not only in Europe, but also in the CIS countries.

    Dimensions 1.11 * 0.46 * 0.025 meters. Do not think that the last indicator (thickness) is a typo, since the manufacturer creates the material on the most modern panel equipment with exactly this thickness.

  • Solid Stone. In this case, the dimensions are similar to Solid Moore, the only differences are in width (0.477 meters). The thickness is the same, which makes it possible to use the material in almost any conditions.

Despite the fact that the thickness is minimal, the panels can be used in all climatic conditions.

In addition, they can withstand severe shock, physical and push loads. We recommend using this type of material not only in the plinth, but also for the entire facade.

… from Decke

The manufacturer Decke has been replenishing the construction market with new collections of domestic production for a long time, so it managed to gain popularity not exactly among those , who are engaged in private construction, but even corporate clients, among which there are large construction firms.

This Decke siding has long been associated with durability, high quality and beautiful shades in which the material is made. The production of the material is carried out on good equipment, and this allows it to be used in any weather conditions (even in the northern regions).

Among the best collections, we single out:

  • Basement siding - panel sizes Berg. This is a siding that mimics brickwork. The panels are of high quality, which are ideal for cladding the building in the basement and the rest of the facade of the country house. The size of the Berg basement siding is 1.127 * 0.

    461 meters, which is quite convenient for transportation and installation.

  • Stein. A unique collection that imitates stone and masonry. The patterns are common, often found in both southern and northern regions. It is for this reason that the material is recognized as universal.

    Dimensions 1.196 * 0.426 meters.

Novik dimensions for a torn stone

High-quality siding from Novik made using a special technology imitates a stone surface. The dimensions of the panels are 1.

15 * 0.52 meters, which will not cause difficulties during installation.

In addition, you will need to buy profiles, starter rail and basement siding corners, the dimensions of which are ideal for the panels. This siding is of high quality, imitates stone and can be purchased at an affordable price, which, together with its performance and performance characteristics, makes it the most popular in the construction market.

Each of the panels presented has its own unique pattern, so with the help of such siding you can create an original and high-quality finish of the basement of the house.

In addition, the "stone-like" finish looks attractive and monolithic, giving the structure a numb look.

… from Weinstein

If we talk about the quality that the manufacturer Weinstein is proud of, then according to this characteristic, German-made models surpass most of those materials which are commercially available.

Basement siding - panel sizes The main advantage is the panel manufacturing technology, and it is improved every year. In addition, modern German precision equipment is used in the work, which makes it possible to obtain panels that are ideal in size and characteristics.

Dimensions are smaller than standard models - 0.

795 * 0.595 meters, but it is even more convenient to install. In this case, the waste will be much less, because you do not need to buy material for stock, especially since the price, most often, "bites",

The manufacturer assures that siding under a brick or stone can last as long there is a house. This has been confirmed by many buyers who bought this panel several decades ago and still successfully use it in various climates.

The manufacturer's models are presented in several collections, but they all have the same dimensions.

Weinstein is especially good at creating materials that mimic stone.


Basement siding is ideal for finishing at the bottom of a building. It has many advantages over other cladding materials.The main advantage is that the basement siding successfully hides surface defects, and also gives the house a finished and attractive look. When considering which material to buy, pay attention to the size of the base.

It should be measured before you arrive at the building materials store. This will make it possible to buy panels in the quantity in which they are needed. In addition, when buying basement siding through the online store, check with the sales consultants for the dimensions.


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