Basic concepts + Video and Photo

Basic concepts + Video and Photo SketchUp is a free 3D modeling app for home design. This application is owned by Google. Has a large number of plugins and extensions.

Features of SketchUp: The simulator does not allow building large projects. The entire project consists of lines and points.

In general, the surface consists of lines. And volumes are formed from surfaces. To prevent lines from sticking to each other, the application uses the principle of grouping into groups and components. And the process of working in SketchUp is similar to the process of building a house. In the application, markings are made, straps are indicated, floor logs are designed, etc.

Plugin is a software module that works in conjunction with the main program, supplements it or makes it possible to use its hidden capabilities.

Plugin types

  • Basic concepts + Video and Photo The Bezier Spline plugin is a set of tools for creating Bezier curves. It makes work easier by presenting a palette of 13 tools.
  • The most common plugin in this series is "Classic Bezier Curve". It allows you to set control points and control the curve.

  • "Polyline Arc Corners" is a tool that allows you to create a curve from straight segments. This will round off the corners to the specified radius.
  • Polyline T-Bone Corners Tool - When designing, allows you to place a circle at the corners between curve segments.
  • The Bezier Spline plugin has a very interesting function that allows you to modify the created curves. For this feature, there is an Edit tool on the menu.

In addition to all the above tools, the plug-in of this series has tools for automatic curve closing. This plugin is Close Loop Nicely and Close Loop With a Line. The latter makes it possible to close the loop with a straight line. Snapping tools work only in edit mode.

There is only one drawback of this plugin.

It can only create curves in one plane.

The Weld plugin is a simple and effective tool for connecting individual segments into one common complex line (curve). This process is very important when importing drawings or objects from other programs (AutoCAD).

For the convenience of using this tool, it is recommended to set a keyboard shortcut to shorten or exclude frequent transitions to the tool menu.

The Simplify Contours plugin, created by an unknown author, is used to simplify contours.

It is publicly available for download. With this plug-in, you can also combine into one solid curve, initially consisting of separate segments.

When working with this plugin, you can configure the parameters of the future curve and specify the number of segments of which it will consist.With the Simplify Contours plugin, you can simplify your model by reducing the number of segments and making it easier to work with. Weld Plugin and Simplify Contours are free and available on developer sites.

Plugin DXF Export is used to export finished 3D models in DXF file format. It mainly works with SketchUp 8 and AutoCAD 2010. By ungrouping and regrouping, it simplifies the model when designing. Among the disadvantages of this plug-in, one can single out the fact that when transferring a model, it exports only faces and segments. And sometimes it happens that the orientation of the elements also changes.

Despite this, the DXF Export plugin will be very helpful in synchronizing the created projects with AutoCAD and other platforms.

The "Make Faces " plugin is a decent tool for simplifying work with drawings and diagrams imported from AutoCAD.

This plug-in, when designing to give volume, outlines the contours of surfaces, thereby forming planes and surfaces. It creates surfaces from the imported schematic by itself. That makes it possible to immediately work with them.

One of the disadvantages of this plug-in is that it does not clearly close the faces and forms surfaces in complex drawings. And when shaping surfaces, it leaves unnecessary edges that complicate the future 3D model.

Attention! To work with the "Make Faces" plugin, you must first install the "Progress Bar" plugin.

Round Corner Plugin 2. 3a is a tool for rounding corners in finished models in SketchUp.

According to its work, the plug-in contains three possibilities:

  • "Round corners";
  • "Sharp corners" - rounds corners located in different planes;
  • "Beveled edges and corners".

The plugin is understandable and has a number of settings. With its help, you can monitor the process of smoothing corners, rounding radii. And you can also influence the choice of the number of segments that form a fillet in the selected area. The main thing is to adapt to working with this plugin.

In order to start working with this plug-in, you need to download the new version of the LibFredo6 library 3. 7.

The Joint Push Pull plugin used for indentation or extrusion of elements on complex or uneven surfaces, circles.

The plugin contains:

  • - Joint Push Pull - it allows you to push or pull, respecting the geometric proportions of the original surface. As a result of the operation of this tool, the surface of the created element will repeat the geometric parameters of the source;
  • - Vector Push Pull - pulls the selected element according to the initially specified parameters, while maintaining the original surface geometry;
  • - Normal Push Pull - Extrudes a complex surface and calculates all its segments.

The Building Structure Tool Plugin is a useful tool for construction professionals.It allows you to create steel and concrete purlins, beams, columns. Easily fits and connects them together using the existing tool kit.

Due to the fact that the developer of this plugin is from Japan, the plugin lacks some options for standard elements, and it is also not possible to create new constructive elements.

The "Pen Tool +" plug-in comes as a functional application to the Pen Tool and contains a number of additional tools.

Version 1.4 of the "Pen Tool +" plugin contains such functions as:

  • Soft Draw - allows you to create soft, smoothed lines. Functions like the Eraser (with the Ctrl key) to smooth surfaces. To do this, just trace the existing lines;
  • Hide Draw - the tool allows you to create hidden lines that will not be visible when the function of displaying hidden geometry is turned off;
  • Guide Draw - designing guide lines;
  • Weld Draw - helps to plan connected lines;
  • Edge Draw - allows you to sketch an object schematically, without surfaces. Creates model faces without forming surfaces;
  • Point Draw - projects control points.

The Pen Tool + plugin is a great tool for knowledgeable SketchUp users to speed up the design process a lot.

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