Basketball player Michael Jordan and his posh mansion

Basketball player Michael Jordan and his posh mansion Michael Jordan's mansion : what is remarkable about the athlete and his luxurious house

Basketball player Michael Jordan is considered by some to be the greatest ever to come out to play, but this is certainly not the case in terms of wages. Throughout his career, the NBA champion (six times) earned only $ 94 million - that's exactly what Chandler Parsons earns on a four-year contract.

The main source of income is not the influence that he will have on the game, but his attractiveness and charisma. For a whole decade, Jordan was able to become a living symbol of basketball and an unreal embodiment of victories.

Yes, he revolutionized the NBA, and became the first small player to dominate the league of giants and whether through skill or explosive popularity, he sent the league to where everything was the brink of extinction.

Who is Michael Jordan?

Basketball star

But he was able to make the main revolution off the court - it changed both the advertising market and the relationship between NBA superstars and manufacturers. Before Jordan came along, the ad market in the league was generating little revenue for even the best stars. Basically, two factors interfered - the team nature of the game, where really hyped names were just beginning to appear, and also racial barriers - there was a stereotype that only black players could sympathize with the black population, which did not have a high paying capacity.

Very soon he became a basketball Jesus - an ideal athlete who captivates with grace, athleticism, victories and absorbing passion, as well as an ideal person who is charming with a sincere smile, charm, charisma. All of his traits helped create an image that is equally attractive to everyone - white and black, rich and poor, Americans and more.

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Michael's mansion

By the way, for more than 7 years an athlete cannot sell his incredibly posh mansion. The famous Jordan tried to reduce the cost, but the house remains in his possession. The most amazing thing is that it has everything for life. He was able to think of everything for comfort, including the pool, large playrooms and other excesses. The mansion was originally sold for $ 29 million, but Jordan even agreed to drop 50% of the cost.

For what reason does he not want to buy a luxury house?

House - outside view

Basketball player Michael Jordan and his posh mansion Even from the air, the house and the surrounding area looks like a picture. Bruce Bowers even said that it is likely that such a luxurious house will not be sold, because it literally says that it belongs to the legendary athlete. The man is sure that it will take a lot of effort to give the mansion a "new personality".But he does not despair and continues to reduce the cost, and if previously the house was worth $ 29 million, now it can be purchased for 14. 8 million.

It is better to travel from the gate to the dwelling itself by car, because the path is long enough and runs through the incredibly beautiful park. In fact, the house will hide from prying eyes, while confidentiality will be guaranteed. On the site there is also a gorgeous pool, in the middle of which there is a small island. The prospective buyer will also receive a golf lawn and patio. The site also has its own fish pond.

Interior decoration of the house

If you enter the mansion itself, the high cost will strike your eyes again. There is a piano at the entrance, and it even has a separate piano room and many living rooms. Michael Jordan's mansion is unusual, there is even a recreation room called the "big room". These are original elements taken from the world famous Plaubow mansion located in Chicago. Next is the playroom.

There is also a pool table and everything you need in order to have a good time with friends or simply take a break from fame. Guests of the house can also spend time while waiting in line for the tennis court, and where without a basketball court. It is located in the central part of the mansion. Most of the interior details have the logo of the athlete himself, and perhaps potential buyers are really afraid to touch such things, not to mention the changes.

Dining room, kitchen and cigar room

The dining area received a lot of attention.

There is a chic chandelier on the ceiling that perfectly illuminates the table in the kitchen. In one wall there is a large aquarium with beautiful fish. Interestingly, the mansion has 9 bedrooms and (!) 19 bathrooms. On the way to the cigar room, you will see a beautiful railing that speaks of the wealth of the house. There are card tables in the room itself, and it becomes clear that Dzhorzhan is a gambler.

He thought over the interior of the cigar room to the smallest detail. The star does not even hide that he previously spent a lot of time at the card table, and also prefers high stakes.

Remaining rooms and elements

Basketball player Michael Jordan and his posh mansion In addition to the usual rooms, the big house even has a gym, where the athlete works out every day to keep himself in good shape. Sometimes Djorzhan spoils himself, because his mansion has a large wine cellar. If you are not interested in wine, then you can climb higher and pick up a book for a pleasant pastime from the large library.

There is a separate TV room by the patio with a large 110 "screen. On it, guests watch new films, and in addition to such a room there are other "media rooms".

Guest House

If someone wants to stay in this mansion, there will always be a place here. This is not just a separate room, but a full-fledged three-bedroom house.We are talking about a separate kitchen, large living room and everything you need for a comfortable stay.

The basketball player himself has lived in his mansion for over 19 years, and during this time he will be able to fully furnish the house to his own taste. Some of the items in the interior look outdated, but for Michael it is an expensive memory.

Difficulties in selling

Despite the interior and exterior decoration, in 2012 the mansion and the entire territory that is adjacent to the house cannot find a new one owner. At the same time, Jordan put the house up for auction, which is the most popular in the world, and even this did not contribute to a quick sale. The basketball player hired PR people and specialists, and they found the most creative and creative approaches to selling, but nothing helped.

Three years later, the agent even offered potential buyers every sneaker from Jordan's line, and even that didn't work. The athlete took advantage of this, and also the fact that in China everyone is crazy about basketball, however, there was no buyer among the rich Chinese. Why is that? After all, Michael can boast of a large number of fans, among whom there are even very wealthy businessmen.

There are several assumptions on this score. For example, the reason may be that the mansion is not located in the area where people usually buy real estate.

The area where the mansion is located is considered "modest". For a relatively wealthy person, this is an incredibly high price tag, but for celebrities this area is not fashionable.


By the way, Michael Jordan's mansion is not the only one, and the athlete has other houses, so he does not suffer much. True, for the house in which he does not live, he still has to pay taxes, and at the same time they are quite large. For example, he has to pay about $ 100,000 a year.

It turns out that since 2012, Michael has already given $ 900,000.

Also, add home care costs here. The mansion is constantly inhabited by staff who monitor the appearance. Thanks to this, the house is not overgrown with grass and always looks well-groomed. Experts agreed that for such a range of prices and owner status, it should be much closer to Lake Michigan.

Hence the problems of the basketball player. When he bought and equipped real estate, he did not think that he would one day sell it. Perhaps once an interesting house will find its buyer, but for now the basketball player buys new houses and is sad that he once chose the wrong place for construction.