Bathroom Design Ideas 2020: Review + Video

Bathroom Design Ideas 2020: Review + Video Modern ideas for the bathroom 2020 + photo. Surely everyone dreams of having a luxurious bathroom where they can relax after working hard days. But not every person has a large room and they have to adapt to what they have.

Let's look at modern ideas for the bathroom in 2020, photos will be presented below.

General information


Choosing one of a thousand ideas and the option of decorating a bathroom interior is quite difficult process.

It doesn't matter what the ideas are about - an apartment or a private house. The problem is that rooms are often small and the bathroom must combine functionality and beauty. There are many really useful tips and tricks for bathroom design that can help you create the perfect design even in small apartments.

Please note, h that the bathroom, which will have an original design, will help to emphasize the individuality of the owner of an apartment or private house. By choosing the right finishing materials and decorative details, you will be able to style the room like rooms from centuries past, eras, or even a ship's compartment.

This will provide an opportunity to showcase your personal passions to guests in such an extraordinary way.

Do-it-yourself repairs in such a room as a whole will not be difficult. But with planning the design, it is best to turn to an experienced designer for help so that all ideas are implemented as competently as possible, and the selected materials are able to withstand temperature changes and high levels of humidity.

Layout variations

In order to choose the right bathroom design, it is worth planning everything right first. That being said, keep in mind that a typical bathroom is usually not more than 4 square meters in area.

For this reason, before drawing up a plan, you should decide the following for yourself:

  • Do you need a combined version of a sanitary unit, since in this case the area can be will increase due to the fact that the partition will be demolished.
  • Will you have a shower stall or a standard bathtub, and what kind of plumbing fixtures will be used.
  • Is it possible to install a washing machine in the kitchen so that there is as much free space in the bathroom as possible.

Good advice! A truly optimal solution for a small bathroom would be to combine it with a sanitary unit. This will make it possible to install a toilet, a washing machine, and a washbasin.

But in an apartment or a private house that a large family with small children lives, one cannot do without a separate sanitary unit. For this reason, you will have to forget about the idea of ​​combining a sanitary unit.To place everything in a small space, you need to work hard and think over everything competently.

Helpful Hints

How to organize a 4 square meter space

In a room with such an area, you can organize a small area combined type of sanitary unit. The main task is to visually increase the space and create functionality.

To do this, you will need to install far more than one light source, and if you apply the ideas for renovating a bathroom in 2020, you will need to place 2 mirrors opposite each other. Furniture items should be light shades. This will allow the room to appear more spacious. You can also use hanging pieces of furniture.

For such a bathroom, you can choose two types of finishing materials at once.

For example, ceramic tiles are perfect for the bathing area, and the rest of the space can not be sheathed with plastic panels, but painted with waterproof paint. It will be enough to choose atypical colors and tiles that will have an original texture, and in this case the room will already look much more interesting.

How to play with 3 square meter spaces

Bathroom Design Ideas 2020: Review + Video Since the room is extremely small, its layout must be well thought out. In order for the toilet to be placed here, you will need to sacrifice the desire to install a large bathtub and install a corner-type shower stall. Wall decoration can be done with ceramic tiles, or ceiling and walls can be decorated with plastic panels.

If you plan to use other materials in a similar room where the humidity level is high, it can lead to mold or even mildew.

Projects for bathrooms of 5 square meters

If you have a bathroom area of ​​exactly 5 square meters, then it will be much easier to arrange the premises ... It will fit a toilet bowl, a washing machine, and all the necessary pieces of furniture.

Still, the room is small, so it will be impossible to fit a large bath in the middle of the room. For this reason, both the design of the room and the finishes must be matched to the design of a small bathroom. It can be light shades, small bathroom models and a small number of decor items, i.e. accessories.

Combination of shades

In order to decorate a bathroom, there are many quite interesting ways to combine colors. So you can combine both dark and light shades harmoniously, so that everything looks beautiful. Their contrast will make it possible to emphasize the ideality of the room. Alternatively, you can combine bright colors with neutrals. To do this, you can use light-colored tiles and mosaics that are made in silver or gold.

The most traditional finish for the bathroom has become the nautical theme, but you have the right to choose whatever you like.

It is interesting, that if you choose snow-white sanitary ware and make a lilac finish, it will look spectacular, unusual.

If you plan to use finishing materials only in light shades, you should add some original decor items to order. This will help make the room cozy and original. You can also use original moisture-loving plants and shells.

Combination of finishing materials

When carrying out repairs in the bathroom, remember that finishing materials should be not only like that, to protect the surface from temperature extremes and high levels of humidity, but also to be practical in terms of maintenance. The other side of finishing is aesthetics. We are talking now about the creative combination of different finishing materials. Masonry of tile material with imitation of brick, which will perfectly combine with thematic drawings, has gained incredibly great popularity. Also, mosaic, which first appeared in ancient times and still does not give up, is not going out of fashion.

Mosaic masonry can be bright or calm. You can even decorate your bathroom with mosaics. Skilled craftsmen will be able to create for you a whole underwater world that will be extraordinarily beautiful.

Please note, h if we talk about modern bathroom design ideas in 2020, then as an alternative to ceramic tiles, you can use equally popular and modern moisture-resistant materials. Often they are replaced with raw materials of natural origin, which are made from environmentally friendly materials


Selection of pieces of furniture

The furniture that is required in the bathroom must be moisture resistant. Here you can use materials such as chipboard and MDF. For such a room, the ideal idea would be a built-in wardrobe that reaches up to the ceiling. If he also has mirrored walls, then this will definitely help to visually increase the space. In addition, you can even use a rack that has open shelves or doors that slide open.

But do not forget that all materials must be treated with special antiseptic agents so that there is no formation of fungal bacteria.

If we are talking about apartments in Khrushchevs or studios, then every square centimeter must be properly used. It is very important that you buy modern furniture that is as functional as possible. For example, if you use hanging models of sinks and even toilet bowls for installation, you will significantly save space.

Good advice! You can install a special cabinet for the washing machine, which will make it possible not only to close it, but also to use the free space in order to store bath accessories and towels.

The same can be done for the basket, where the laundry is stored for washing.

Please note that the mirror must be wall-mounted, and at the same time the maximum size allowed. The ideal option is a full-length mirror, and you can also mirror the entire wall. This will help visually increase the space.

The choice of sanitary components

The most important role in the design of the bathroom rightfully belongs to the choice of plumbing.

This is both a washbasin and a shower room. And if the toilet and bathroom are combined into a single sanitary unit, then you should pick up a toilet. A selection of creative bath models will be the best, and also the simplest solution for a small bathroom. This will not only be a highlight of the design in the room, but it will also help replace any other accessories. Moreover, with the help of the original shape of the bathroom, you can adjust it to any room parameters.

Hanging washbasins and toilets on the installation will help you save space in your bathroom interior. The purchase of models will also depend on what style you choose. For example, it can be an antique mixer or ceramic accessories that are trendy today.


An equally important point is how the lighting in the bathroom will be. Even if the room is very small, then you definitely cannot do with one lighting device.

You can add spotlights on the ceiling or make a strip type of lighting around the entire perimeter. By the way, lighting near the mirror would be an appropriate option. Candlesticks and LEDs can be used as such lighting. In a small bathroom, lighting will help visually expand the space.

Please note, that if the ceiling in the bathroom is high, then in this case you can use a hanging type of lamps, which, in addition to the lighting function, will play the role of decorative objects.

In addition, even candles can be used as decor, which will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.


In order to properly equip and choose the best bathroom idea, you should heed the tips and tricks from real professionals.

  1. Materials for the bathroom must be of high quality.
  2. Be sure to adhere to a single style when decorating a small bathroom, which is combined with a sanitary unit.
  3. It is imperative that there is an extractor hood in the room, as the high humidity levels can cause fungus.

  4. An important role is assigned to the tiled coating.It is from its color and quality that not only mood, but even longevity will depend.
  5. Never forget to use additional details to help create a cozy environment.
  6. Do not forget about the places where you will store different things.
  7. Avoid using too many accessories, otherwise the room will seem cramped.

  8. If you plan to re-equip communications, then you should make a new project for the bathroom.

Some of the life hacks will help you simplify the use of various household items.

  1. A retractable step will be an excellent accessory for small children, which will help to easily get the necessary hygiene items. And the chair will not clutter up the room, which is already cramped.
  2. Dirty laundry basket can be placed on the bottom drawer under the sink.

  3. The use of mirrored cabinets is a great addition to the bathroom. The fact is that in them mirrors will be located not only inside, but even outside. This will make it possible to see yourself both from the side and from behind.
  4. Bathroom Design Ideas 2020: Review + Video The pull-out mechanism of the dryer will be a cool life hack.
  5. Placing a mirror in the corner of the bathroom will help to visually enlarge the space as well as add light to the room.

  6. If you paste over the walls with panoramic wallpaper, then you can shine to a minimum the feeling of cramped. And if over time you get bored with such an idea, then you can re-stick everything at any time.
  7. The holder can also be made with your own hands, using three rings and a regular rope.
  8. Bathroom chairs are best bought from the furniture department for summer residents.
  9. You can also attach shelves to the ceiling, which are arranged in several tiers.

    They can be made of metal or wood elements. Such a composition will immediately attract attention and become the accent of the bathroom.

  10. For those who like to take a bath and read in the meantime, you can make a stand from a board for the width of the bathroom, where it will be convenient to read books, put candles, and a glass of wine / mug of tea.
  11. A small ladder can be used both as a hanger and as a stand for all the necessary little things.
  12. To provide as much space as possible, built-in cupboards can be used instead of floor-standing cabinets.

    They can be all over the wall.

Such a master class will help you to properly equip any room oriented towards a bathroom, as well as create an interior that will fully reflect the lifestyle and hobbies of the apartment owners

Interesting examples

When carrying out repairs in the bathroom, most property owners do not want to equip a minimal comfortable room according to a typical project and try to create something unique, original.In order not to turn to designers for help and advice, you can get acquainted with especially interesting projects, as well as use them for inspiration.

A bright room with a mirror

A small bathroom will visually appear larger with a light finish. a large mirror above the sink can also increase the space, and also makes the room much brighter.

Under the washbasin, in the cabinet, you can place everything you need. Together the baths, make a small shower, which will be closed with a glass partition. A toilet is located next to it, and there is also a towel holder.

Design with a corner bath

Such a bathroom, where a corner bath is installed, looks no less interesting. The room also has built-in shelves in which you can place all the necessary things and even a photo.

In addition, they help to save space, and a custom hot tub will not take up much space.


In a small bathroom, in fact, you can embody all the most non-standard ideas, and the area will not matter. Modern plumbing items and finishing materials will help make a real masterpiece out of a small room, where the owners of an apartment or house can relax and enjoy both bathing and the beautiful appearance of the room.


rating, reviews, prices- Review + Video
rating, reviews, prices- Review + Video

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