Baths with a terrace and an attic + photo

Baths with a terrace and an attic + photo Baths with a terrace and an attic + photo

For a comfortable life in a private home with all the pleasures and conveniences required to place more private elements on the site, including landscape design zones and comfortable, functional buildings. This can be achieved by increasing the functionality of buildings. So, for example, a simple wooden bathhouse can be of minimum size and maximum functionality due to the second floor of the attic.

In the article you will learn about the convenience of a bath with a terrace and an attic, which material to choose, what construction stages, the choice of design solutions for buildings and what ideas there are for using the attic.

General information


The main plus of a two-level bath is that it allows you to save space on the site.

If, for example, the owners of a house want a spacious bath with a comfortable seating area, they will get this by allocating a minimum space for building. In addition, the resting place is partially or fully assigned to the attic of the building. Often such baths are built in order not to build some objects separately. For example, in the attic there might be:

  • Workshop.
  • Winter garden.

  • Billiard room.
  • Guest house.
  • Summer kitchen.

The attic above the bath room can be designed as a veranda with glazing, in which case it will act as a gazebo. In some cases, the upper level of the garage or bath is equipped as a separate home for a family member.

If you have 2 objects under one roof, you can perfectly save money on construction, supply of communications, heating and room maintenance. Another plus - such baths made of logs or timber look much more spectacular than one-story ones. High pitched roofs give them a touch of elegance. A beautiful building of a bathhouse with an attic can become a beautiful center for the composition of the landscape design on the site.


The specifics of the bath operation requires the use of materials with characteristics for its construction, the main of which is environmental friendliness.

Bath walls should not emit harmful substances even with a high degree of humidity and sudden temperature changes. In such conditions, they should not deform or collapse. Moreover, it is extremely difficult for a bath to choose the option of interior and exterior decoration. For this reason, it is better to build it from materials that need finishing. Modern timber for construction meets all conditions.

It is made using advanced technologies, which makes the material ideal for embedding bath complexes. At the moment, you can quickly and inexpensively build a log or log bath from coniferous wood (larch, cedar, fir, pine) or deciduous (oak, birch, aspen or linden).

Bath made of logs

At the moment, a log is a popular material.According to the type of processing, it is divided into several types, here are the main ones.

  1. Planed - this type of wood is made by processing with an electric plane.

    At the same time, a small layer of wood is removed, and the fiber system remains intact, which provides the material with high operating properties. But the shape of such a log will not be ideal, but conical - like the real shape of a tree trunk.

  2. Cylindrical - when creating this log, the machine saws off most of the top layer to give the log an ideal cylinder shape. Because of this, the characteristics of the material are reduced, but it becomes as convenient as possible for construction.
  3. Chipped - This treatment involves removing a minimum layer of bark.

    Such a tree will retain its natural resinousness, which will make it as durable as possible. But it is not perfect in shape, and it is difficult to lay out walls from it without tangible gaps between the crowns.

For a project of a bath with an attic and a terrace, rounded material is usually chosen, which allows you to make very high-quality log buildings without cracks and gaps. It is believed that it is better for a bath to choose a tree with natural moisture, and not dried. But not all masters agree with this opinion.

It is still worth trusting the purchase of logs to be followed by professional builders who have experience in choosing high quality timber. the peculiarity of such a bath is that it will shrink, and it is important to start operating it a year after the end of the construction process. After the walls are laid out, the log frame needs to be sanded and caulked a couple of times.


When creating a timber from an ordinary log, a tree with a rectangular or square section is obtained by sawing. The timber can also be of several types.

  1. Classic (non-profiled) - a simple bar with smooth edges is cut out of solid wood.
  2. Profiled - the edges have specialized grooves (ridges) for the most accurate fastening of the timber to each other.
  3. Glued timber - when creating it, several thin lamellas are glued together under pressure, which results in a highly technical wood material
  4. Half-bar - during manufacturing, the log is processed only from two opposite sides, which are needed for the crown connection. The other two sides will remain semicircular. Buildings made of this material have the appearance of a log cabin, but retain the technical parameters for a log frame.

Such a bath can be used almost immediately after the completion of construction. Shrinkage is 1-10% depending on the type of material. Glued laminated timber has a low shrinkage percentage. Non-profiled bars will give maximum shrinkage and caulking and finishing are needed at the end of the walls. Other types of timber can serve without caulking.


Construction stages

Consider the process of building a bath in stages from a profiled bar.The first step is to choose a location for its placement. According to the rules and regulations, it must stand at a distance of at least 3 meters from the fence, 8 meters from the house, 12 meters from the well, 8 meters from the neighboring site. By choosing a suitable site for construction, you can start planning and the construction process.


One of the typical projects developed by professional architects can be used to build a bath.

If you wish, you can order an individual bath project 6 * 6, the layout of which will fully meet all the requirements. When designing a compact bath, it is required to conveniently place all the necessary premises. It should have a washing room, a steam room, a sanitary unit, and a rest room. It is also worth having a small vestibule for effectively keeping the temperature and a room where things can lie.


A simple bath can be built on a strip lightweight foundation.

But for the construction of a bath with an attic, in certain cases, they make a choice in favor of a strip-pile foundation. The choice will depend on the soil conditions at the site. The weaker the ground, the more justified the use of a strip pile foundation.

How to assemble a blockhouse

Baths with a terrace and an attic + photo The timber can be purchased as a simple material according to the designer's calculations. Or you can buy a ready-made house kit, which is an unusual constructor with elements of the required parameters.

The assembly of the house kit is quick and simple, but when building a bathhouse with an attic and a 6 * 6 terrace, working with ordinary beams is also not difficult, because their length is exactly 6 meters. Before starting the process, it is required to lay additional slats on the base of the foundation. They should be placed at a distance of 0.25 meters, and the thickness should be 5-10 cm. After installation, such a structure must be filled with foam or other insulating material.

Before laying, it is important to carefully process all the bars with an antiseptic, which protects them from the influence of moisture and insects, and also gives the wood fire-fighting qualities. If linden or pine is used for the log house, for the first crown, which is in contact with the base of the structure, it is worth using aspen or larch bars.


In order for the log walls to be very warm, when building them, it is necessary to lay seams with jute. You can use other types of insulation, but the use of jute is much less costly and is done as quickly as possible.


It is very important to cover it with a roof as soon as possible after the construction of the log house.

The roofing cake should be from all the layers that are needed to build the attic. It must be insulated, insulated from moisture, and it must also have a roof ventilation system.

How to equip a steam room

In a steam room, all surfaces should be additionally insulated, and walls can be sewn up with moisture-resistant and fire-resistant mineral moisture. Walls must be insulated with foil-clad material for vapor insulation. The floor in the steam room must be made higher than the installation level of the stove.

This is required in order to protect the wooden floors from excess moisture, as well as for the fastest and high-quality heating.


A bath with an attic room can have different types of layout. There are really not so many options, because there are certain rules for designing a bath complex. But it is the presence of an attic that will reveal wider possibilities for distributing the area in the building. What are the features of the construction of houses and hand-cut baths? How to choose wisely, and what else is important to pay attention to?

Project of a bath 6 * 6 with an attic

Option of a bath layout, where the whole room of the bath complex are located on the lower level, shown in the photo.

The attic will have two rooms that can be equipped at the discretion of the owners. At the first stage, there is a small corner terrace, but there is enough space for all the architectural elements. As can be seen from the example, the layout of the bath can include not only mandatory, but also additional architectural details.

Insulated attic project

Baths with a terrace and an attic + photo B In this version, the staircase for the second floor is located in the hall. This planning process allows you to use the attic without entering the bath complex.

On the second floor there will be 3 rooms, and if one of them is organized as a living room combined with a kitchen, and the second as a sanitary unit, the bath attic will become a separate isolated dwelling.

Project of a bath 6 * 6 with a dressing room

In such a project, a passage room is provided, which will be a dressing room. There are 3 rooms allocated for the recreation area at once, and 2 of them are located in the attic. One of the attic rooms can be converted into a home bar or billiard room. Sauna with a size of 6 * 6 meters with a project, which has several rooms for relaxation, extremely convenient for large companies.

Project with a terrace and a balcony

An example of such a development with dimensions of 5 * 8 meters will show how, by changing the proportions of a building, additional elements of architectural significance can be placed - balcony and terrace. The originality of the project lies in the fact that the terrace here is slightly "recessed" into the structure of the building, which will make it possible to have a fairly large room in the attic floor.

Sauna project 6 * 8

Such a bath with an attic and a terrace can also be a summer kitchen, for which there is definitely a place. On the second floor, the balcony is a great place to have tea with guests or family.An isolated attic room is ideal for setting up a workshop, office, or launching other ideas for using an attic floor.


A private bath on the site greatly increases the level of convenience of suburban living. But you should build a 6 * 6 bath with additions, you can, with minimal spending, get the most useful structure that adorns the landscape composition of home ownership as a whole.

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