Baths with billiards + photo

Baths with billiards + photo Bath with billiards - project and layout

Bath with billiards is not just a luxury item, but just a great place to stay. In order to make billiards, you can only on the 2nd floor, if there is no way to build a huge building on the site.

When there are no problems with the area, you can equip the pool in the bathhouse, which will double the comfort of the guests.

Project of a sauna room with a billiard room

Baths with billiards + photo All small and large bath rooms, saunas with billiards require a project to be drawn up. The fact is that a billiard table takes up quite a lot of space, and if a room is not provided for in the project, it is extremely difficult to redevelop the finished building.

For a billiard room, it is recommended to allocate an area of ​​at least 28 square meters. Optimally, take from 34 to 40 squares. It is not advisable to install billiards inside a small room. The cramped environment is uncomfortable to play.

Good advice! If the area of ​​the site does not make it possible to have a billiard room on the first floor, the option of a two-story type bath project should be considered.

Sauna room with a pool

A bath complex with dimensions of 13 * 18 meters can not afford every owner of the site. The dimensions of this building make it possible to place all the recreation rooms on the ground floor. According to the presented project, saunas or bath rooms with billiards and a pool can even be equipped with a spa salon. All the recreation areas are large, and 34.7 square meters are allocated for the common room, the pool is 40.

5 square meters, the billiard room is also 40.5 square meters.

The project of a one-story building with a billiards

A more modest-sized bath complex without a pool can be built on an area of ​​104 square meters. Billiards is similarly located on the 1st floor, and 15.7 squares are allocated for recreation rooms.

It is reasonable to build a terrace near the bathhouse, as well as mount a barbecue. The billiard room is accessed from the side of the recreation room. An additional door can be installed from the terrace side.

Bath project with the second stage and billiards

When the plot of land does not allow building a large complex for swimming and relaxation, the bathhouse can be made two-story. The project makes it possible to accommodate all the necessary rooms inside the building, the size of which is 8 * 6 meters.

The first floor should be reserved for the target direction of the building, and on the second there is only one spacious room for the installation of billiards.

Construction of a bathhouse with a billiard room

When choosing a suitable planning project for a bathhouse with billiards, you can start construction work. the process will start with the preparation of the site and the purchase of building materials.

Conditions of placement and selection of building materials

By tradition, wood is an ideal material for building a bath room - this way the building will be durable and warm.The tongue-and-groove fixing of the logs will create structural stability.

When building walls of logs, the tree first needs to be cleaned of bark, and due to the fact that the surface layer is weak, grinder beetles begin to start in it. Perfectly cleaned logs are treated with protective impregnations.

Good advice! It will be more convenient for a bathhouse to buy ready-made logs that are treated with a protective composition.

Quite often they are equipped with a cutout lock connection. Log cabins vividly reflect the style of the Russian bathhouse, and if you want more neat buildings, admirers of aesthetics build walls from a bar.

Profiled and glued material is also suitable. The most advantage of walls made of logs or bars is that there is no need to insulate and sheathe the outside. The bathhouse looks beautiful from natural materials. A cheaper option is the construction of wall surfaces using frame technology. It is also possible to build a frame and sheathe it with boards.

It is also required to erect walls from foam blocks, bricks, gas blocks and other similar materials. The disadvantage of this building will be the need for waterproofing, insulation, wall cladding inside and out. In fact, taking into account the price of additional materials, the bath room will cost the owner much more than a wooden blockhouse.

The project of a bathhouse with a pool and billiards must be competently developed, and as for the conditions for placing a bath, it is necessary to take into account the layout of the site. If there are reservoirs of artificial origin in the yard, the building must be placed at a distance of 20 meters from it.

This is the perfect combination for a sauna, and in the summertime the reservoir will replace the pool. By itself, you can try to arrange the bath in such a way that the door is on the south side. In winter, there will be less snow around the entrance. Windows should ideally be designed to face west. This is especially beneficial for billiard rooms.

The building will be lit by daylight from the inside until the evening.

How to build a foundation

It is required to equip a high-strength base for a bath room if billiards on the 2nd floor is thought out. Depending on the quality of the soil, it is required to erect a pile, columnar or even a strip base. The foundation must be strong because it will be affected by a huge amount of moisture. Most often, concrete tape is chosen.

Good advice! The construction of bath walls begins at least 3 months after the foundation is poured. The concrete base must definitely settle and get stronger.

The main requirement will be reliable waterproofing. It doesn't matter what material the walls of the bath room with billiards are made of, in any case they will start to draw moisture from the concrete base. Blocks will quickly collapse and wood will rot.

For waterproofing, the top of the concrete tape is poured with heated bitumen, and a couple of layers of roofing material are glued to it. If a log house is chosen for a sauna room with a billiards, the lower crowns should be treated as best as possible with an antiseptic. The impregnation will protect the wood from moisture.

Bath walls

Building a bath room with a billiard room begins with the installation of the first crowns. On the base on top of the waterproofing layer, slats with a thickness of 1.

5 cm are laid out. Between the elements, it is required to maintain a distance of 0.3 meters. The slats form a gap between the bath crown and the base, and additionally protect against wall moisture. It is required to lay a bar on the slats, creating the first crown.

It can be attached to the base with anchors only after careful alignment. In some cases, the masters refuse to fix it, arguing that the huge mass of the bath will reliably press the structure to the ground.

Good advice! It is easier to replace the unattached bottom bath crown to the base for the future when the wood decays.

The gap formed by the slats between the bath crown and the foundation must be filled with foam. The rest of the rows of timber must be laid with the laying of insulation material.

Jute or tow is laid out in such a way that ends with a length of 10 cm hang down beyond the timber limits.In the future, they are required for caulking, and the bath crowns are fastened together by means of dowels. Holes are drilled in the bars, it is required to drive in a wooden element. Window and doorways of a bathhouse with a billiards table can be made simultaneously with the construction of the walls. the disadvantage of the method is the need to create a bar with end cuts and grooves.

It is easier when laying the crowns to provide technical clearances that form the opening contour. When the bath wall is erected, the site needs to be cut out with a gasoline saw.

The built walls of the bathhouse with billiards are left to stand for at least six months. During this time period, it will begin to sag, and the walls of the bath are covered with a canopy made of slate and boards. The wood should be ventilated but protected from rain.

After the drawdown, you need to start caulking the cracks. The gaps between the timber need to be pushed in with the protruding ends of the insulation material. All excess needs to be removed, and the quality of caulking will depend on the preservation of heat in the bath with billiards.

How to bring communications

Communications are brought into a one-story bath with billiards, and this is a supply and drainage system, electrical wiring and ventilation. Drainage is required to be organized even during the construction of the base, and under the foundation of the bath room it is required to lay a sewer pipe.

If a pouring floor is provided in the steam room, the space under the floor must be poured with a concrete screed, waterproofed with bitumen, membrane or roofing material. From the washing compartment, the drain is taken out in tubes, the floor is finished with a tile.If a swimming pool is provided in the sauna room with billiards, you need to think about where to divert a huge amount of water. In no case should you connect a drain to the sewerage system, because not a single cesspool or septic tank is able to cope with a huge amount of water.

It is optimal to supply water to a bath with a billiards, and storage tanks are appropriate in the absence of a pool, and then they will be inconvenient to use.

The water supply to the bathhouse will be organized from a well, a well, or connected to a centralized water supply. The first two options require pumping equipment. Ideally, you should have a gasoline generator in case the electrical power goes out for uninterrupted water supply. The pipeline for the bath room is laid underground, and the plastic pipes are deepened into the trench below the level of freezing of the earth. Internal wiring is required to be made of plastic thin pipes.

To maintain good water pressure, the system is equipped with a hydraulic accumulator.

The electrical wiring in the wood sauna with billiards must be laid in an open type. The cable must be attached to the wall surface in a corrugated sleeve, and only those lamps are mounted that are protected against moisture ingress. Switches and sockets in the steam room and washing room should not be installed, and it is better to hang glass shades, which have a steel holder. In each room of the bath, it is required to equip ventilation, air inlets must be cut in the wall at a height of 0.

3 meters. Hoods should be located on the upper wall part, and vents should be provided in the base for ventilation. The holes are placed on opposite basement sides opposite each other.

Internal type of decoration

Baths with billiards + photo For interior decoration in the steam room, only wooden lining, and aspen or linden boards are great. Inside the room for washing in the bath, the floors are laid out with tiles.

Walls can be tiled or sheathed with plastic panels.

Plastic is perfect for the ceiling surface, and the locker room, billiard room and other rooms need to be finished with any materials you like. The exception is laminate and MDF. Every bathroom has a high level of humidity even with excellent ventilation. Finishing materials deteriorate when saturated with moisture.

Inside the planked steam room, shelves are knocked down, and to save space they are made in 2-3 tiers. A bench for sitting is installed near the wall, and the shelves are made with a width of 0.6-0. 8 meters, leaving a gap of 0.1 meter between the boards.

The ideal length of the lounger is 1.8 meters, and for soaring in a seated state they are made with a length of 1 meter.

Interior partitions in the bathhouse with billiards are made thin. Warming up walls will help spread heat in the room.Bearing-type walls made of logs or timber do not require additional insulation, and if a different material was used during the construction of the bath, the walls need to be insulated with mineral wool, covered with foil-clad steam insulation, and cladding is attached on top.

Ceilings are insulated using the same method. A stove with a fire door will optimally lead to the dressing room. Inside the steam room, only one wall or a common rear part will protrude. On the stove, a niche is provided for heating stones and a bucket of water. the chimney is led out as a tube through the ceiling surface and the roof of the bath.

The walls around the stove are lined with non-combustible building material.

Good advice! If space permits, a small room for firewood should be provided in the bay. In winter, it is more comfortable to have dry wood on hand.


Bathrooms with billiards require serious capital investments. But the bathhouse will become a favorite vacation spot for the family as a whole.

In addition, a billiards table is an entertainment for guests.