Beautiful and unusual kitchen with a white apron: Review + Video

Beautiful and unusual kitchen with a white apron: Review + Video Practical and fashionable aprons for the white kitchen - the features of choice. The choice of a kitchen apron for finishing the surface of the walls near the work area in white is quite simple and complicated at the same time. Eyes start to run up from incredible opportunities. At the same time, aprons for a white kitchen can become one of the most important elements of the room decor,

and will also set the tone for the rest of the design, as well as the choice of accessories.

Features of choice and decoration

White kitchen is the choice of a truly confident person, and even in foreign scientific studies it has been proven that white color helps to positively influence the psycho-emotional state of a person, and also enhances self-esteem, and helps unleash the creativity of each person.

Note, that surrounding everything in a snow-white form helps to give a feeling of freshness as well as novelty. The room becomes, though visually, but wider, and the ceiling seems higher. A kitchen in light shades will look organic both in the apartment and in the cottage.

If we are talking about the design field, then white is a truly universal color. It is he who is an excellent base for decoration, and can also become an independent decorative element.

If plain kitchens of a light shade may seem insipid, but the decision in favor of white will be unshakable, then you can add colors using an unconventionally decorated kitchen apron near the work area. When designing a kitchen unit with an apron, you should definitely pay attention to the correct choice of materials for finishing.

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How to select material

Beautiful and unusual kitchen with a white apron: Review + Video The fact is that it is such a kitchen element as an apron that is the most vulnerable place to pollution. The coating must be resistant to constant contact with water, fat deposits, as well as high temperatures. Durability is also far from last among the criteria for choosing a material for finishing the apron area.

The Ka type of tile is the best choice for facing a kitchen backsplash. It will perfectly protect the surface of the walls from grease, water and high temperatures. The surface is easy to maintain, but it will take some effort to clean the joints between the tiles.

Interesting fact! Although it is possible that for someone the tile will be associated with echoes of "coincidence", in fact, the modern interpretation of such material makes it possible to use it in absolutely every type of interior. An incredibly rich color range helps to create very beautiful designer aprons.

It will also be very important to note that tile materials have an incredibly wide range of sizes. There are also small sizes, when the tile is made in the form of small squares of 6 * 6 cm, and there are also bulky rectangular shapes measuring 24 * 48 cm.In addition, in addition to the usual rectangles and squares, there are very original shapes of the tile itself, for example, diamond, triangular, hexagons, or pentagons.

But an apron for a white kitchen still needs to be made. Installation of a tile covering is a rather laborious process that requires careful preparation, but believe me, the result will be worth the effort.

The use of non-standard methods for laying tile material (for example, diagonally or "herringbone") will help to make even a very simple option a bright enough decoration for the kitchen. To add accent, contrast grout can be applied between the joints.

Mosaic is a separate type of small size tile material ( from 1 * 1 cm to 5 * 5 cm). It can be fixed to a special grid or applied as separate elements. The peculiarity of installing mosaic material will be that it will be perfectly attached to various relief surfaces.

This will make it possible to beautifully decorate walls in an imperfect condition, corner projections, or even use various curved-type designs for the design of a kitchen apron.

Note that choosing a mosaic color helps to enhance the effect of a glossy or matte surface.

Plastic will be additional material options, which can also be used to create an apron. In addition, PVC panels, acrylic glass, and ABS plastic are often used for such purposes. This design option is not the most durable, but it is relatively inexpensive and quite practical, which is also important.

Installation does not require much effort, and the choice of shades is unlimited, and you can even apply photo printing. The disadvantage of such an apron is the period of its use.

Perfectly flat and flawless glass skinale surface will perfectly fit into any kitchen set. Panels should not be made of ordinary, but of a special toughened type of impact-resistant glass, which is very afraid of water, dirt or heat. Frosted glass, mirrored or glossy, patterned or not, is a great decoration for your kitchen backsplash.

The cost of such a sheathing will cost you a round sum, the installation is simple, but you still need certain skills.

An apron made of stone of natural origin can serve for a very, very long time. Depending on the customer's preferences, the apron can be marble, quartz or slate, and can also be made from other rocks. Such materials, in turn, can be in several shades to choose from. The stone is exactly the material that is resistant and durable to dirt.

As a rule, when choosing, for example, marble for finishing an apron, it is also used to make a countertop. The only real limitation may be cost, but there is a certain trick here - you can use a stone of artificial origin. Even if it is not so durable, its cost will be much inferior to the stone of natural origin.

If, according to a design idea, it is required to design an apron in the kitchen "like wood", then for this it will be possible to use wood panels, MDF or lining. Naturally, such an apron will have to be handled with extreme care, and it requires additional protection in the form of a special impregnation from fungus and moisture.

Such a coating should be delicately cleaned of dirt, and the high flammability of the material will limit its use over the hob. A white kitchen with a wooden apron will look non-standard and fashionable. Stainless steel is an excellent example of fire and moisture resistant material. It can be an exclusive material for an apron in every kitchen. To care for the surface, you need special means for cleaning the metal, and if they come into contact with some substances during oxidation, they will leave unaesthetic smudges.

What colors to combine with

When choosing the design of the kitchen apron, it is important to remember that all the small details (let it be a drawing on tile surfaces, tile size or photo printing on the skin) will help to visually expand the walls even in small kitchens. Decorating with large elements will look impressive in very spacious rooms.

Note, that the saturation of the kitchen with sunlight must be taken into account. The light side will look better in cold shades, and the shadow side, on the contrary, should be "warmed up" with a warm palette.

It would be a good idea to use tiles or any other material in white to decorate an apron in a white kitchen.

A tile with beautiful reliefs, or in the form of honeycombs, helps to make the color textured, and in this case, a monochromatic kitchen will acquire its unusual character. Beige helps soften the freshness of white kitchens and make them warmer, more comfortable. At the same time, the idea of ​​a light, spacious room will be preserved, and to add comfort, use beige in combination with brown shades.

Beautiful and unusual kitchen with a white apron: Review + Video If you use the white with blue tones, you can create a cool interior. For a sunny and hot kitchen, this is a great way to visually harmonize the room.

Headsets with a turquoise apron will remind of the gentle waves and the salty sea to those who really miss the summer carefree days. It would be a great idea to decorate the apron using photo printing with bright accents.The image should be selected taking into account the general style of the kitchen, and it can be fruits, flowers, landscapes, as well as space themes. Combining a kitchen space with yellow tones, especially an apron, will help make the room invigorating. A sunny accent can distract from the overall ideal whiteness, and individual tiles can be yellow or photo printing on tempered glass in the form of beautiful lemons on a white / black background.

The idea with a combination of white and blue will help give the interior a Greek motive, as well as add harmony to the design.

Finishing the apron with a colored mosaic with a gray gradient will look stylish and unusual. White in combination with gray will become much richer. A glossy black and white or red and white kitchen is a great addition to classic interiors. The combination of white and a bright accent will help make the design more interesting and textured.

A non-standard combination of white with dark shades is popular with lovers of loft or hi-tech. Contrasting colors help to brightly emphasize the whiteness of the kitchen set, and the option of using lilac, blue, burgundy and brown tones would be appropriate. Both matte and glossy coatings look great in such shades. A delicate combination of white with a mint or lavender hue is well suited for kitchens that are decorated in Provence style.

Important! Do not forget to consider the presence of a pendant type backlight for the apron.

With its help, you can make the selected colors look new in the light of LED strips or spotlights.

Variations of the style solution

If you have a white kitchen, then which apron to choose depending on what style of decoration you have rooms? A properly chosen apron helps to emphasize the uniqueness of the kitchen style. It is imperative to take into account the individual characteristics in the design of different design directions. C modern style trends in the form of hi-tech and minimalism are usually not overloaded with many colors and decorative elements. Straight and clean lines, minimum gloss, maximum space and uniformity are the main characteristics that are characteristic of this direction.

For a harmonious combination, it is important to use tiles, tempered glass or steel in the decoration of the apron.

Baroque is a rather fanciful style, and it is distinguished from the rest by its many curved forms, as well as a heap of decorative elements. For a beautiful design of an apron, use only calm shades, and it is best to finish it with smooth stone, tile or even snow-white brick. The Art Nouveau style is characterized by straight lines and smooth surfaces. For an apron, it is best to use glass, metal or tile, and for this style, solid shades are most suitable.

Eco-style is "eco" because it uses natural materials - natural stone or wood facing. One of the options for this design would be a wood apron and a table top, which is made in a shade of bleached oak combined with snow-white facades. The Scandinavian style is completely ideal for white furniture, and it will not be superfluous to use white tiles of unusual shapes for the apron when combined with black grout. A variant of white brickwork against a background of wood countertops is ideal for a Scandinavian interior. Loft decoration is a fairly popular trend for modern design, and a snow-white kitchen against a background of red bricks is suitable for implementation.

Stainless steel aprons will help complete an already daring look.

Beautiful examples

We suggest you look at photo examples in order to get inspired and, perhaps, choose the right option for yourself, and in the video you can choose the right apron for the kitchen.

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