Beautiful houses with patios and how to equip them

Beautiful houses with patios and how to equip them Beautiful houses with a patio and how to equip them

A long time ago, when the outside world carried a threat literally from all sides, people tried to protect themselves, and for this they erected houses with courtyards. It was exactly the place to be to relax, a kind of comfort zone for family members and friends.

Such open-type courtyards, but not outside the courtyard, are called patios. The home of the patio was Spain, in which Spanish and Moorish architectural styles are closely intertwined.

But in Islamic countries, courtyards were created as the main place for doing business.

There are similar courtyards in other countries, for example, in China and Japan. It was there that the courtyards became a real attribute of the tea ceremony - this is one of the most important national rituals.

General information

Of course, now the courtyard no longer has a protective function, but it is still relevant, because it allows all families to escape from the external , eternally seething life, and rest in comfort and silence, while not in a hurry. In simple life, the rather popular atrium layout is used most often during the planning of the courtyard. Its meaning is simple - all buildings are erected along the perimeter, and a beautiful courtyard is being laid out on the remaining "patch" of the square.

As a rule, buildings are usually located around or in the form of a square, or on three sides, while the fourth, free, is used as an entrance to the courtyard. In addition to the open courtyard, there are also closed varieties.

Design projects of an open courtyard

So, first of all, it is required to draw up a design project of the desired courtyard. Here you need to determine the location of the house, outbuildings and the yard. It should initially be conveniently located and perform all functions - to provide an opportunity to retire from the environment.


The dimensions of the yard will depend solely on your wishes and possibilities. It can be a small courtyard with only a gazebo for relaxation, or a large space equipped with many buildings.


When creating a project, you also need to take into account what functions the courtyard will perform. If you intend to design it as a gathering place for a family (and at the same time we are talking about a small number of people), then you should not even make it large. If in the future you plan to gather numerous friends, acquaintances and relatives in it, then in order not to be crowded, you should make it large in size.

When developing a project for a courtyard (open type), you need to decide on the choice of all building materials required in the construction process.Depending on financial capabilities and preferences, these can be materials of both natural and artificial origin. One of the options for arranging the backyard on the second floor is shown in the photo.

How to equip sites and tracks

When designing sites and tracks, it is important to take into account the relief features of the site, as well as the purpose of the tracks. When designing the design of the tracks, it is imperative to calculate the load that will affect them, and then choose the appropriate technology, as well as materials of manufacture.

Paths are:

  • Rigid - this is the case when only monolithic concrete is used as a coating.
  • Soft - for them gravel or crushed stone acts as a building material.
  • Combined - made of various bulk materials and paving slabs.

Consider other components of the courtyard.

Water features

So, how to equip a patio in a private house? A real fountain will look beautiful and unusual in the courtyard.

Please note that the design of the fountain should be planned in accordance with the entire exterior of the yard.

  1. Beautiful houses with patios and how to equip them Here you need to create a project and design of the fountain in advance, mark the placement of the backlight, shape and number fountain nozzles that will create an overall pattern of the water flow.
  2. Also decide which of the water purification systems will be used in this case, how and where the water is taken from, develop a filtration system, determine the required power and choose the type of pumps that will ensure the smooth operation of the fountain.

In order to cool off a little on a hot summer day, you should consider building a pool in the courtyard, even if it is small. The simplest option when building a personal pool is to purchase and install a water bowl.

When buying a ready-made bowl, do not forget about the climatic features of the region. Plastic structures tend to burst when the temperature changes abruptly. Strong blows are also contraindicated for such bowls. But there are acrylic containers that are ideal for areas with severe frosts, and structures can easily withstand almost all types of mechanical stress. But if you have a desire to build a pool according to your personal project, and it has an unusual configuration, then you can fill a foundation pit of a certain size and shape using concrete mortar.

You will also need to additionally think over the location of the entire required set of equipment in order to service the pool, filter the water and drainage in it.

How to plant greenery in the courtyard

When developing landscape design in the courtyard, to get a feeling of coziness and color, vertical gardening can be applied along the general perimeter, placing the so-called terraces of living plants.It is difficult to call such places complex engineering structures, which are assembled on a frame basis. Frames can be of any shape, but it is important to focus on the general drawing of the courtyard. At the entrance, the plants that are located in an arch will look beautiful.

They can also be placed on trellises, and climbing plants can be put on trellises, or simply placed along the house walls and on the border of the plot. The frame for plants can be independently assembled from improvised strong materials. For this, mounting profiles for plasterboard systems or a simple wooden bar are perfect. On top of the frame, capillary mats with a drip irrigation system are installed, on which the plants will be planted. When building such a system, it is required to correctly select the entire set of plants that decorate the yard in all the necessary parameters.

The use of forged elements for vertical terraces will catch the eye, and the plants that are located nearby can play a secondary role as an addition. The creation of a beautiful hedge on the site makes it possible to divide the courtyard into parts or will play the role of an unusual partition for dividing all kinds of functional zones. For example, a hedge like this is perfect for separating the relaxation area from the pool area. Terraces are usually installed in the spring and cleaned for the winter. With some effort, you can even do it yourself, but ideally you should turn to professionals for help.

Green terraces help add coziness and a complete look to the yard.

Furnishing in the courtyard

A rather important part of any patio is furniture. These can be:

  • Beautiful houses with patios and how to equip them Various benches, sofas.
  • Armchairs.
  • Tables.

  • Chairs.

Furniture items must be moisture resistant to prevent the possibility of rapid deterioration under the influence of precipitation. The material from which the pieces of furniture are made must be able to withstand the bright rays of the sun on hot summer days and not fade under their influence. Usually for such yards, preference is given to pieces of furniture made of vine, wood, plastic or metal. If a barbecue is provided in the project of a house with a patio, then you can spend your free time with your whole family at any time of the year and have a fragrant barbecue with homemade baked vegetables.


Lighting is important for the patio. It can be different sconces and street lamps. The latter, by the way, can be divided into two groups, differing in their functions.

  1. Some lamps will play the role of a kind oriented at night. They need to be installed along the paths to illuminate the porch and steps throughout the territory.

  2. The second group of lamps will carry an exclusively decorative function and will be used as a decoration for the yard.

Lighting devices located on the common territory of the site will give a beautiful luminous pattern, and therefore their location must be thought out and designed in advance. Outdoor spotlights and fixtures can be fixed to the walls of the house. ground luminaires allow light to flow from bottom to top and are used to illuminate other exterior elements of the garden area. Closed floor lamps and spherical lamps will be an excellent solution.

Waterproof floating balls are the perfect decoration for your pool.

Various portable types of luminaires are also convenient to use, because they can be installed very easily or can be easily carried to any secluded corner of the courtyard. When developing a complex design project for the courtyard area and bringing it to life, you will have the most favorite place to spend your free time. All friends and relatives will also be able to visit you and admire a real corner of nature right in the middle of the house.